“Good Sin” – Episode 1 – Where is your God?


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Agyemang and Mum’s Marriage, Elton Nana Amoah comes another educative story “Good Sin”
Many at times, friendship that has existed for a long time is usually the best of friendship. With Eva and Dzifa, time was not relevant; they only became friends after Eva moved into the city some few months ago. Dzifa was actually the first person Eva came into contact with when she arrived. She had lost her way and just when she got stressed up, Dzifa came to her aid.
Though they had nothing in common, their friendship was just one of a kind. Dzifa was very rooted in the Christian faith and a devoted one, but Eva on the other hand lived her life by her own principles and does what pleases her. Eva has just been transferred into the city to commence with her national service.
After their first encounter, they exchanged contacts and began talking. Dzifa visited and sometimes, spent the night at Eva’s place. Though Dzifa knew it will be a difficult task, she did everything in her power to convince Eva to follow her to church service just for a day.
But Eva’s response had always been the same, either she brushes her off or totally ignore her. Well, not that Eva didn’t believe in the existence of Christ, she was just not the church type. In her own way, she believed in Jesus Christ alright, but her principles taught her that, one only needs Jesus Christ for salvation and not for success. If she has to be successful, it has to be through her own way not by going to church or something. She was just weird.
The only thing that was common between them was that, Eva and Dzifa had no intention of getting into any serious relationship with any guy until they both felt they are ready.
It was almost 9:00pm and Eva was getting ready to sleep when the doorbell rang. She laid on the sofa, reading a novel. That was what Eva did every night before she goes to bed, but the sound of the doorbell was enough to distract her. She felt a bit strange, because she wasn’t expecting anyone. To her surprise, it was her own friend Dzifa. She was dressed up in a decent attire and looked like she was on her way to church.
“Is everything alright, what are you doing here at this hour” Eva asked.
“You are going to church with me, whether you like it or not” Dzifa answered. That was the last thing Eva wanted to hear. She would have even considered if she had the option to go to a pub for a drink, but to go to church at this time of the night, that was way beyond her limit.
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“You must be kidding me, I am not going anywhere, trust me. You should know me better by now” She answered and went back to lay on the sofa.
She then picked up the novel again to read, but to her surprise, Dzifa snatched the novel from her hand insisting that Eva goes to church with her.
Her persistent attitude this time around was just too much, Eva had never seen her in that way. She was beginning to get irritated by Dzifa’s actions.
“What is the meaning of this? why this attitude? you already know my stand, I am not a church goer and am not ready to be one. I am not going anywhere period.” She spoke out on top of her voice.
That was not enough to put Dzifa away, she switched on the Television Set and turned the volume up to the maximum level just to disturb Eva.
Eva couldn’t take it anymore, even though she complained that much, she just got fed up with Dzifa’s attitude.
“Fine, you win. I will go with you, but this is going to be the first and last time, I mean it” She said. Based on that condition, she quickly took a shower, freshen up and set off with Dzifa.
It was a 3 hour church service and by 12:00am they had already closed. Dzifa seemed to had have a wonderful time, but Eva on the other hand thought this was just one of those moments where people will boycott their precious sleep all in the name of worshiping God.
She was even glad that the service was finally over, the just 3 hours service to her was like the whole night service. Eva didn’t waste any more time when the church service was over. Usually, Dzifa would have stayed a bit longer to interact with other church members, but she had to see to it that she gets Eva home safely. Besides, she was the reason she even came to church in the first place.
They both left the church premises and hurriedly headed to Eva’s place. Just about some few metres away from Eva’s place, three masked, heavily built men came out from nowhere and surrounded them. One stood behind them with a heavy iron rod and the other two attacked them from their front.
The entire street seemed empty with no one passing by. They were alone with the masked armed men. Eva and Dzifa were both frightened and looked helpless. They began to rob them of all their valuables, including their phones and money. To Eva’s surprise, Dzifa tried escaping without taking her into consideration. Her plan failed, Dzifa was held by the armed man from behind, and just when Eva tried shouting for help she was slapped. Dzifa felt she was the reason behind this calamity. She was shivering with fear and panic and all she could say was..
“I’m sorry for putting you through this Eva” Dzifa cried out.
Eva was feeling dizzy from that slap and that moment there seemed to be no help, she only had a question to ask Dzifa.
“Where is your God? She asked. This was the time they needed HIM most.
As if that wasn’t enough, one of them who seemed to be the gang leader found Eva attractive; he then dragged her to the nearby bush where he eventually tortured and rapped her. All this while, Dzifa was gagged, she couldn’t shout for help or even run away, she was made to watch her friend being raped.
To Be Continued Tomorrow.
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