One Call Away Episode 6


I woke up the next day to the opening of the door of my room.

” mom ” I grunted as I stretched my hands and yawned lazily.

” good morning my jewel ” she greeted me smiling with a cup which was emitting steam from its top in her hand.

” good morning mom ” I greeted back as I rose up from the bed and sat down.

” how was the night ” she asked me as she pulled out a cushion from under the bed and placed the cup which contained tea on it.

” I was yet to wake up, you disrupted my sleep ” I said as I felt my eye itching me.

” oh my dear ” she gasped ” I totally forgot and I even thought you should have woken up by this time ” she added remorsefully.

” only a day mom and you’ve forgotten about my allergy, what more are you going to forget mom as we spend more days here ” I asked her as I got my hand on my eye to ease the itchiness.

” I’m sorry, I just want you to use your drugs early as it was prescribed to be used ” she said with a sad countenance.

” it was a joke mom, why take it serious ” I said smiling to brighten her. Tho I wasn’t joking when I made the statement and I meant it, I just don’t want her to feel bad.

” that’s good to hear, you almost made me feel bad ” she said smiling as she handed me some drugs which she popped out of their sachets.

She handed me the tea and I sipped little quantity before putting the drugs into my mouth then sailed them down my throat with the assistant of the tea.

” I hope it’s not itching you much” she asked referring to my eye.

” it’s not critical, I should be over it and I don’t think the effect will be severe because I was already closer to waking up ” I replied her.

” I’m sorry ” she said making me to wonder if she was sorry again for marrying dad’s friend without informing me or for triggering my allergy.

” I promise not to do that again ” she added staring at me.

” why will you remarry again ” I said feigning a confused expression.

” Ben ” she called out almost screaming my name.

” I was talking about triggering your allergy ” she added with a serious face.

” I know ” I said laughing.

” I was just pulling your leg ” I added still laughing in a mocking manner.

” you’re not serious, such a naughty boy ” she said smiling, feebly hitting my leg.

Even tho I hardly smile when I’m in school or with my neighbors but I was a different being when I’m with my mom.. I made a comment earlier about not having a best friend, that was a mistake because my mom was my closest friend. I shared everything with her, even about my crush on Tope in GSCAB, she knew about her and always advice me to try to ask her out.

We pull each other’s leg and my best moments in badagry all revolved around her.

I could fervently remember the first of April last year, I woke up early in the morning and got some waste, took it to the front of her container and set them ablaze.

When the fumes erupting from it had gotten thicker, I ran inside and woke her up to tell her that her container was on fire, she was lucky to have her nightie on or else she would have ran outside naked.

Mom had already broken into tears when she got to the compound and saw the smoke erupting from the waste I was burning in the front of her container. Her movement suddenly metamorphosed into slow motion as she head to the rusted gate of our house and opened it.

” april fool ” I screamed behind her as she got outside and saw the burning refuse.

It was a funny event I would live to remember for the rest of my life as she got the look of a businesswoman who was just got scammed of all her fortune.

If she had gun with her, she would have shot me before she remember that I was her son.

I smile a lot around her and it was fun between us when we were in Badagry and I would really love to go back to those moment rather than the one she just introduced me to.

What the one room did to us and we’re oblivious of it was the connection it created. We shared everything, talked about everything and we tend to be more closer to ourselves than we are when dad was alive.

” so how is your head, hope it’s not paining you again ” she asked me.

” the pain has subsided, I have even forgotten that I was hit with something there ” I replied her smiling.

” you won’t change ” she said smiling.

” I checked on you yesterday before I went to sleep but you were not in tho, I later saw you inside the kitchen with Susan and you seemed to be having a nice time together, that’s why I decided not to spoil the mood and left to sleep ” she said to me staring at me like a jealous housewife.

” why do you look llike someone who saw her husband with another woman ” I asked her smiling.

” because I’m jealous, I’ve never seen you laugh freely with anyone apart from me, the way you’re laughing with her, it was like you two have known each other for a long period of time before now ” she replied me smiling.

” she’s nice and we kinda have some hidden connection between the two of us ” I said to her.

” it’s good seeing you getting along with someone else apart from me , it will also help foster your relationship with the other kids in the house ” she said collecting the cup in my hand which I refused to drop ever since I’ve finished the content in it.

” I’m even thinking of dating her ” I dropped the bomb and mom’s eyeballs almost popped out of their socket.

” you said ” she asked looking at me weirdly.

” stop been dramatic mom, you heard me right ” I retorted changing my expression.

” tho Susan is a nice girl and also pretty but you’re just barely sixteen and she’s twenty one,, the age difference is much for the two of you to be together ” mom protested.

” but love is blind ” I said sounding innocent.

” and you’re still small to see around the blindness ” she retorted getting serious.

” why getting serious mom ” I said as I suddenly bursted into laughter.

” are you pulling my leg again ” she asked staring at me in awe and I laughed more that tears escaped my eye

” God will deliver me from you and won’t let you give me high blood pressure ” mom added feebly hitting me on my chest.

I really enjoyed my chat with Susan, she was the first person that I conversed with for such a long time apart from my mom. We spoke over three hours and she’s very lively. We even talked about how I’m feeling about what my mom did. I decided not to add her in my payback plan again because she’s too pure and innocent to be used. She’s even in a healthy relationship with a guy which she only see on Sunday which she claimed was her off day from the house.

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” you can’t even ask about your siblings ” she said and my expression suddenly changed but I didn’t give any comment about it

” they’ve gone to school, I mean your future school ” mom said smiling as she noticed the change in my mood.

” when am I starting school ” I asked her.

” that should be on Monday ” mom replied me.

” and do you know the exciting scenario about it ” she asked me smiling.

” what’s it ” I asked sounding indifferently.

” you’re going to be in the same class with Happy ” she replied amd seemed excited about it.

” why ” I asked looking surprised. ” and why are you even excited about it, I’m practically going to be in the same class with my junior sister and you’re excited about this ” I said as my expression suddenly turned sour.

” answering your first question, she’s also attending Hibiscus Valley, she’s in ss2 and also an Art student , and who told you that you’re older than her ” she asked staring at me.

” if she’s in ss2, that means she’s fifteen years of age or closer to fifteen and I heard it clearly when Mr Tokunbo said I’m older than her yesterday ” I replied her.

” Ben ” mom called out dramatically ” calling him dad instead of Mr Tokunbo won’t pull out all your front teeth ” she added staring at me.

” yeah I know but I also need time to process all this ” I said to her.

” you’re right ” she said as she swiftly run her hand through my hair.

” and you’re almost the same age with Happy, just a month and half difference between your age and she’s in ss2 because she missed a whole session when they all traveled abroad to take care of their mom, so the two of you case is very similar to each other ” mom explicated.

” okay mom, enough of the talk, I need to use the rest room ” I said to her as I got down from the bed.

” you’re stylishly chasing me away abi ” she said with a sulking expression.

” anything you like you term it to, me I’m sha going to the bathroom abi you’ll follow me inside ” I asked her smiling.

” come and pull me inside na, un serious fellow ” she said smiling as she made for the doorway and I head for the bathroom .

” I’ll get you yeast for your eye when you’re through ” I heard her scream before she exited my room.

Happy’s P.O.V

I couldn’t get a good night sleep because of him. I was the most excited on hearing that dad was planning to get remarried to Mrs Salako, Ben’s mom. Marrying her means that I’ll get to see Ben everyday. Say that I’m childish but he’s been my only crush since I was twelve years old when his dad brought him over to spend the holiday with us.

It’s a story for another day but I always remember what he said that he love me. It was awkward as it was the first time someone apart from my dad or mom will tell me that he love me .

It might be a childish statement which was made without any weight attached to it by him but I wasn’t able to get the statement out of my head but I’ve been the only one who seemed to remember about everything. He didn’t even remember my face not to talk of the love profess.
Some part of me like it that he’s forgotten about me and I felt like leaving it like that but my heart wouldn’t let me be. I couldn’t even concentrate in class, I was absent minded all through and I can boastfully boast of gaining nothing in school.

His mom and dad might be married but my heart doesn’t seem to care about it, all I know was that I’ve loved him since I was younger and I wasn’t ready to stop now even if it was now complicated.