One Call Away Episode 5


” I’ve got a request to make ” I uttered gaining everyone’s attention after the introduction was fully done.

” what’s that ” mom asked staring at me. I knew her heart would have skipped a beat when I uttered the statement .

” I want to retain my dad’s name ” I said also staring back at mom. Mom shifted her gaze to Mr Tokunbo expecting him to give reply to what I said.

” it’s alright son, you’re free to do that ” Mr Tokunbo replied smiling.

” thank you ” I appreciated.

” anything for my boy ” he said smiling.

” since everyone is happy, let’s celebrate this new union over dinner ” mom said also smiling.

” dinner ” I murmured quite loudly.” what’s the time ” I asked.

” the time is six thirty two” Mr Tokunbo replied as he checked the time from the wristwatch in his hand.

” for how long was I unconscious ” I asked looking surprised.

” I don’t know for how long but you slept for a long time ” my mom replied.

” I think you’ll all have to celebrate without me, I’m very tired now ” I said to discard joining them to celebrate over my woe.

” are you feeling any pain ” my mom asked moving closer to me as she placed her palm on my forehead to check my temperature.

” I’m feeling slight pain ” I said touching the spot where I was hit.
I felt a plaster on it. ” but mom said it was just a slight injury, why apply plaster ” I asked myself inwardly.

” maybe you should rest, we’ll celebrate it when you’re fully okay ” mom said as she withdrew her hand from my forehead.

” that’s a nice suggestion ” I said as I laid my back on the bed.

” what are you going to eat ” mom asked me. ” you should be hungry ” she added.

” anything is alright mom ” I said in a low tone.

” okay, I’ll get something for you soon ” she said as she pecked my forehead before they all exited the room.

After they’re all out, I stood up from the bed to check out the room.

It was designed to my taste. A forty inches flat screen TV hung on the wall with a dstv and ps4 game console plus its controller on the mini glass shelf beneath the TV .

On the left side near the bed was a decorated door knobs protruding from the wall. I wondered what the door knobs was doing there as I moved over to check it. I grabbed it and pulled it towards me and a door opened. It was a shelf but it was built in such a way that it blend in totally with the wall except if it’s opened. The clothes mom got for me and some other clothes were neatly arranged inside it

” thought she said all our loads has been returned into the car ” I said to myself shaking my head. Below it was a shoe rack which contained some dope sneakers, and some other types of fine shoes and boot.

I noticed a school uniform among the clothes which I was sure was Hibiscus Valley group of school own.

. ” not bad” I said to myself as I shut the door of the wardrobe.

I saw another door different from the exit door at the other side of the bed, I was sure it was the bathroom and suddenly felt the urge to urinate.

My assumption was right as I opened the door. It was the bathroom and the toilet built together. It was beautiful even tho it was two in one. The bathtub inside it was neat and beautiful, I would have mistaken it for a Jacuzzi if I didn’t know different between the two. The water cistern was secluded at an angle inside the bathroom.

I moved closer to it, brought out my penis and urinated inside it. Instead of a handle, it was a button that was fixed to it which I pressed and water got released from it to flush away the urine.

I heard a knock on the door from the room and I exited the bathroom.

” come in ” I said as the knock was repeated on the door and sat down on the bed.

The door opened revealing a strange young lady. She looked more older than me and in her hand was a trolley which I was sure contained my food. A tablecloth covered the content on the trolley.

She pushed it in smiling awkwardly at me.

” I’m Susan, the housekeeper for this house ” she introduced herself to me as she got closer to me. ” madam said I should bring your food to you ” she said uncovering the contents on the trolley revealing two covered dishes. ” please can you take your leg ” she asked politely making me to wonder why she wanted me to move my leg but I raised my legs up.

She placed her hand beneath the bed and dragged out a cushion, she placed her hand on another side and pulled out another one. She placed the two beside themselves and dropped the two covered dishes on it. A cold bottled water and a glass cup plus full set of cutlery accompanied it.

” please summon me when you’re through ” she said before she pushed the trolley out.

I uncovered one of the dishes and saw my favorite food in it. Rice and beans but it was missing fried plantain. I opened the second dish and there it was,but it wasn’t only fried plantain, their was four grilled drumsticks and they all looked mouth watering. On seeing the meal, the anger boiling inside my stomach melt away at once to create space for the meal.

I picked the spoon as I started devouring the food like a hungry lion.

I didn’t take up to twenty minutes to finish everything inside the two dishes which hit me as a surprise.

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After I was through with the meal, I didn’t know how to summon the housekeeper to come for the plates.
After waiting for more than ten minutes without seeing her, I decided to clear the plates myself. I arranged the four dishes on each other and placed the cutlery and cup on it.

I opened the door and got introduced into a large passage with another door opposite mine. I wondered who could be staying inside but my curiosity was swiftly quenched as the door opened, and Happy came out of the room, she also had dishes in her hand.

She was shocked to see me and almost dropped the plates in her hand if not for quickly getting hold of herself.

” hi ” she said shyly without getting a reply from me.” are you taking that to the kitchen ” she said pointing to the plates in my hand.

” yes ” I replied without emotion.

” let me help you take that ” she said offering to take the plates from me but I declined.

” lead the way , I’ll follow behind you ” I said after declining her help to take the plates to the kitchen.

” okay, I’m Happiness ” she said now staring at me and I started feeling uncomfortable with her.

” your dad did the introduction earlier ” I said trying to be rude to make her know I’m not in to ensue in a conversation with her.

” it look like you don’t recognize and probably forgotten and that’s okay by me ” she said as she started heading towards the exit.

I found her words perplexing bUt didn’t bother asking her what she meant as I followed behind her. The structure of the house was strange after we made entrance into the large living room.

From start the house was a modern bungalow because mom has phobia for high places, so the house was built as a storey building with a single unit.
But when I alighted from the car earlier in the day, the house was more larger than it was when dad was still alive, it looked like a three storey building from the exterior while the interior was just a floor.

” Mr Tokunbo must really be well acquainted with mom to know that she’s terrified of height ” I thought within myself as I followed behind Happy to the kitchen.

Getting my brain to think about how the house was built and where every one’s room is situated might make me develop brain tumor because everything looked complicated, so I erased the thought of thinking about it from my head.

” thought I told you to summon me when you’re through ” Susan said as she saw me behind Happy. She was separating green beans from its husk

” I didn’t see the magic kettle ” I said trying to be sarcastic. I thought it will be cool to have someone to relate with in a no man’s land and I found the person in Susan.

” you’re funny ” Susan commended laughing. I saw Happy also smiling as she dropped her plates and exited the kitchen.

” I don’t hear that frequently ” I replied her as I dropped the dishes in my hand at the same spot Happy dropped hers.

” the magic kettle is beside your bed in the form of a land phone, just that my own genie grant more than three wishes ” she said smiling.

” I didn’t notice it ” I said as I got closer to where she was sitting down separating the beans and sat down beside her. ” and I don’t need you clearing my dish after eating, I can do that myself ” I added as I also picked one of the green beans husk and tried doing it.

” you’re just like Happy ” she said staring at me. ” she doesn’t like eating anywhere apart from her room and wouldn’t allow me clear her plate too ” she said smiling as she returned her gaze back to the beans she was doing. I didn’t make any statement regarding what she said because I didn’t feel like knowing anything about anyone related to the family.

I would prefer been a lone wolf, the pack can hunt on theirown while I do mine alone, maybe in the company of Susan.

An idea suddenly struck my mind again, if I try to make Susan fall for me and date her openly, my mom might get a little portion out of the pain she inflicted on me. Susan, tho she’s older , she’s pretty with a nice shape and a small physique which was exactly my type of girl.

” so since when have you been working here ” I asked her smiling awkwardly as the payback plan kept repeating in my head.