One Call Away Episode 4


I opened my eye blurrily, my head was laden as I felt it aching me. I placed my palm on my head as I sat down in the bed. My view was now clearer and I could see everywhere clearly. I was inside a room which was beautifully decorated. I buried my face inside my palms as the incident that happened earlier in the day graced my memory. I wished I had woken up inside our one room apartment than in the fancy room I woke up to find myself. Everything could have easily qualify for a dream like that.

An idea suddenly struck my mind, I was sure I was in one of the room inside the house which the gateman had hit me something on my head which I was certained was the club in his hand.

If I could beg them to allow me stay with them, maybe work as a house boy, and save all my salary till it’s enough to sponsor my education. I was still thinking about my plan when the door suddenly opened, I raised my head towards the doorway to check who it was.

We locked eye and both stared at ourselves for some seconds..

“He’s awake ” she suddenly said exitedly before she swiftly exited the room.

The girl looked familiar and I swiftly consulted with my last memory drive to remember where it was I had seen her.

she wasn’t the lady I was about to introduce myself to before I was hit with a club in my head, I was certained of that because of her stature.

” feck ” I cursed under my breath as I remembered who she was.

” how is this possible ” I asked myself as I looked petrified. ” how could I disappear back to the house, no this wasn’t right, am I dreaming ” different thought battled with themselves in my head as I couldn’t get any perfect explanation for the incident.

” Ben ” mum called out as she ran into the room. She looked unkempt, like someone who’s passed through a lot in few days.

Behind her was Mr Tokunbo, his daughter who had earlier checked on me and his son. The three of them stood at the doorway while only mom came closer to me and sat beside me on the bed. I frowned my face instantly amd rested my back on the bed as I shut my eye.

” how are you feeling ” Mr Tokunbo asked from the doorway but I acted deaf to it without opening my eye.

” please leave us for now ” mom said, probably referring to Mr Tokunbo and his family.

” Ben ” she called my name passionately as she held my hand. ” I’m sorry for hurting you ” she said as she fondled my hand.

” you’re not sorry mom ” I said opening my eye as I withdrew my hand from hers. ” you knew I wouldn’t accept such decision and that’s why you decided to keep me in the dark about it ” I said trying hard not to cry as I sat down on the bed.

” you’re right ” she said staring into my eye. ” I knew you wouldn’t comply with me and probably run away like you did if I had informed you in Badagry if I try to force you to accept ” she added as tears now found its way down from her eye freely.

” why did you have to remarry, why must it be one of dad’s friend ” I said trying hard not to look like I was affected by her tears, tho I was affected and felt like reaching my hand to her face to clean it ” don’t call my name because I’m sure it’s for your selfish interest not mine ” I added indifferently.

” Ben ” she called out as she grabbed my hand again. ” there’s nothing I’ve ever done ever since I’ve given birth to you that you ain’t its top priority, I know why you’re angry and I know you’re more than right to be angry but please hear me out first ” she said with pitiable look as more tears drooled down from her eye.

I knew mom love me so much and willing to do anything to satisfy me but her getting remarried doesn’t have anything to do with me because I wasn’t complaining of the live we were living.

” okay, what’s the reason you did it ” I asked her.

” I was lonely son, I know you’re been supportive by been a filial son and that’s why I decided not to seek for another partner to support me like your dad did but when Tokunbo made contact with me some weeks ago I lost the will to continue.

Before I met your dad, Tokunbo was my first love, we started dating when we were still younger but he traveled out of the country and we somehow lost contact with ourselves. Tho your dad was his friend before he traveled but we all thought he had jifted me and your dad was always there to console me because I was extremely heartbroken.

Your dad later informed me about his feeling for me but I told him that I love his friend not him. I told him I still have some hope that he’ll come back for me but after a year to that time, Tokunbo wasn’t back yet so I had to respect your dad’s feeling and we later got married.

Tokunbo returned to Nigeria three weeks after I got married to your dad. But it was too late, tho I love him more than I loved your dad but I’ve accepted your dad as my soulmate. He couldn’t blame us for doing what we did because he was wholly at fault tho he had a good reason for why the communication was off. He accepted his fate and also had to look for another lady to marry and what happened didn’t stop him from been your dad’s friend but I always make sure to avoid him because I always feel kinda guilty when I see him. A week before your dad died, his wife lost her life due to cancer in United State of America. He and his family had all traveled there to stay with her until her last breath.

I received a call last month and it was from him, when he returned from America, he heard the news and brought the house back from the bank , he’s been searching for me and you ever since then before he was able to get my mobile phone number .
After he called me and we met, he asked that we both get together since we’re both widow and widower. He’s got children that need maternal care and I’ve also got a child that need paternal care, so it was more like mutual agreement involving trade and batter.

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I didn’t give him reply tho I wished to accept at once, but I wanted to consult with you first before I make a decision, but I couldn’t bring myself to ask you because I was sure you’ll decline even tho it was the best thing for you. I told him after two weeks that I couldn’t bring myself to tell you and he gave the idea that I should bring you over and together, we can both inform you ” she stopped talking as she clean the tears on her face.

” that’s why I even told him to let us skip the legal procedures for now in case you blatantly reject it, I was ready to sacrifice anything for you , and my Jewel” she said placing both her hands on my shoulder as we both stared at ourselves, more tears streamed down her face and I couldn’t help it as I felt liquid escaping my eye.

” I’m ready to go any length to make you happy and if this is not going to make you happy, I’ve already asked that our loads be returned to the car that brought us here, we can leave now since you’re already conscious.

I was short of words, my voice speech suddenly went on strike and my lips became heavy that they wouldn’t separate from themselves.

Apart from all mom said about the circumstances all enveloping around my future, I knew it was also about her happiness. It was a final chance to reunite with her first love. Nature in a painful paved way for the two of them to be together and I seemed to be the only obstruction to it.

I wanted my mom to be happy but that’s gonna be at the expenses of my own happiness. I was not ready to share my mother’s love and care with anyone, call me greedy but I’ve been used to getting all the attention.
She’s done many things for me and I felt at that moment to also do something for her.

Sure I wasn’t going to be happy been in the house but sacrificing my own happiness for her shouldn’t be hinder by my own greed. I might as well grant her some moment of happiness in three years and after she had enjoyed it for some time, then sort for another way to bring separation among the two of them.

” how did I get here, what did that mad gateman hit on my head self ” I asked smiling amidst tears to lift the mood.

” he’s really a mad man ” mom said also smiling. ” I saw a figure that looked like you from afar as you ran into that house, we decided to confirm if it was you and that was how we find you, thank God the injury he inflicted on your head wasn’t severe ” she added still smiling.
I knew she was happy because she knew I was ready to accept the family.

” thank you for your support since all this while, you’re the greatest mom ever ” I said hugging her.

” and you’re the best son ever, in my next life, even if I’ve got to climb hundred of mountains to get you as my son again, I wouldn’t mind doing it ” she said and I snorted loudly.

” do you think you’ll be happy here ” I asked her as I disengaged the horse

” I think and I know that we’re both going to be happy ” she said smiling as she pecked me on my forehead.

” where are my new family ” I asked her also smiling.

” I love you so much ” she said as she suddenly embraced me tightly. ” you’re the best ” she said as she sprang from the bed happily and exited the room.

She was very happy and I felt kinda hurt again seeing how happy she was to summon my new family members.
I wasn’t sure I really wanted her to be that happy.

It wasn’t up to a minute before she returned with Mr Tokunbo and his children.

” hello champ ” Mr Tokunbo said, placing his hand behind my neck and slightly tickled it. I let out a forced smile staring at him .

” I’m really delighted to have a boy as my first born now, one certain young lady can’t shoulder pat again as the first lady of the house ” Mr Tokunbo added smiling.

” dad ” his daughter called out in a protesting manner as she sulked.

” I’m sorry former first lady ” Mr Tokunbo said mockingly and everyone inside the room including my mom laughed, except me.

The boy was beside him while the girl stayed behind him as if she’s hiding from me.

” Ben ” Mr Tokunbo called out as he turned around and dragged his daughter out.

” here’s your sister, Happy ” he said introducing the girl to me

” hi ” she greeted me shyly as she swiftly averted her face from mine.

” and here’s your brother Chris ” he said pulling his son closer to him.

” I’m Benjamin ” I said almost in a whisper.

” welcome to the family Ben ” Mr Tokunbo said patting my shoulder.

” no, it’s welcome to hell ” I said in my mind.