Gift Episode 12


I sat at the back of the school building and wept bitterly, my papa go just bicycle kick me. I was so terrified to go home with such position that I missed the School Bus, I later erase the zero there and left the five to be singly.

The gateman was the one who took me home with his bike, I was so scared when Grace told me my father was worried about me when the school bus dropped my schoolmates that lived in the Estate and I didn’t come down.

She come dey tell me say the whole Estate know say I carry last for school and I go repeat Primary Five, thunder go strike that busy-body headmistress that called me out to the podium and read my result, I was so ashamed of myself. I tell am say them lie oh! say I carry fifth na. Grace no sabi anything apart from doggystyle she gree na.

Our elder says a hawk can’t hide from the whom that begot it, I gave my dad my result.

My dad: Gift, you carry fifth! *shock register on his face*

Me: yes, daddy. My teacher tell me say if I continue like this, I go carry first.

My dad: why them come write fail and repeat primary five.

Me: *I become scared* d…ad..y na mistake my teacher make na em make I no come early.

My dad: you fail English, you fail Maths, you even fail social studies. And you carry fifth?! You go repeat primary five tire.

To my surprise my dad didn’t lay a finger on me, he stayed with us for a whole week when my uncle Daniel came visiting. He works in an oil company, my dad’s younger brother. My dad now travelled leaving us under his care, my uncle Daniel was a God fearing man who dedicated his time and energy in God and helping people who needed help.

The moment he saw my result he council me and encouraged me to put more effort in education, he works in an oil company. He was just given three Months off due to illness and ceased that opportunity to tutor me.

He taught me so well that before the holiday ended I was able to spell any English word, he taught me mathematics and coach me on how to read. Me wey nofit spell two letter words come dey spell homosexuality lwkmd… Lemme oh. I started reading on my own and small daddy Daniel always wake me around 3am everyday and I will read with him till 6am.

It even became a culture for me, the only day he doesn’t wake me up or he doesn’t read also is only on Saturdays.

My dad attended another church while my Uncle Daniel was a dedicated adventist, I even followed him to church and I looked upto him greatly.

One day like that Grace wan shoot her shot, and I be the goalkeeper.

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Grace: ehnn.. Gift oh! your daddy Daniel don marry?

Me: ehnn … No, why you ask?

Grace: so em no wan marry?

Me: wetin concern you? my granny never complain say she need grand children.

Grace: I dey talk my own oh. Em nodey even like woman.

Me: em like one aunty like that, she fine ehnn… Even all these your big big yansh and bre-asts nofit compete. My daddy Daniel no go ever like you.

She was pained and swore to do me back, I hissed jare. Our elder say he who think yesterday was forgotten by today and future is a goat locked up in a dark cave.

The moment school resumed I became a laughing stock of the school, I was ridiculed by my now classmates and the ones that are now in Primary Six that I should have been with them.

I was so ashamed to go to school, Tope one useless Primary six boy was the one that carried it on his head. He will gather his useless friends that are in primary six with him and look for me during break-time just to showcase their stupidity and mumulity.

Tope & friends: Gift! Primary five mama, mama! [mama, mama] mama. *singing*

Me: stop na! Tope please na.

Tope & friends: you no know anything, you no know anything! Primary five mama! mama!!

I will cry and cry till break-time is over. They gave me a reason I spent my whole nights on books, I was so desperate to pass even when my scores were good in tests and home-works, I was scared to fail.

One day I catch Tope doing something in the bathroom, I wicked am ehnn.. I dey tell you, guess wetin em dey do?