Gift Episode 11


Papa Tabara quickly got me up from his body, em no even allow me wear my skirt and pa-nt. He took me behind the thick curtain and hid me behind it, fear catch me ehnn.. I start to dey sweats anyhow, chaii.. I no even wear anything, if this woman catch me here the whole Estate go gather for me, my papa go kill me.

Our elders says a woman who doesn’t take care of her home leave it open for strangers to come in.

Mama Tabara: ah ah! where this man? Papa Tabara oh!

Papa Tabara: I dey inside room.

Mama Tabara: ahh aahh! Gift no call you?

Papa Tabara: yes, I been dey sleep.

I nofit hold the laugh, na lie you dey fu-ck me. After several minutes of silence I started hearing Mama Tabara mo-aning from the room, I swear some men are nothing but dog. The di-ck he just shoved inside my toto na em go put inside her wife own, chaii.. I pity any woman that emotions is the remote in her life.

I wore my skirt and pan-t and ran as fast as my tiny legs could carry me to my house. The two weeks holiday sweet die I dey tell you, Papa Tabara was just banging me left and right, up and down. The one wey sweet pass na the one wey em carry me up and ba-ng me.

That day Mama Tabara go village for burial when Papa Tabara sneaked me inside his bedroom.

Papa Tabara: you know say you be sweet girl.

Me: *I smile shyly* sir, thank you.

Papa Tabara: this your thing sweet well well oh..

Me: you like am *I start playing with my fingers*

Papa Tabara: well well… You be fine girl, if you grow ehnn.. Your thing go ’cause trouble well well.

He took off my gown and start pressing and su-cking my small br-easts, he start touching me all over my body. I was just mo-aning enjoying how he was giving it to me. He pulled his shirt and trouser, his medium di-ck is so hard and standing in between his legs.

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He carried me up and spread my legs, he then pe-netrated from beneath, my two legs hang on his arms. He was just lifting me up and down on his kulikuli. I held his shoulders as he was just fu-cking me, giving it to me har-d like that. I was just mo-aning loving how he was digging me.

We had like three rounds before he got tired, he said he is in love with me. That he will marry me if I grow up, I was so happy. steady fu-cking but my dad, awwnn.. my papa no go gree.

School opened and I was so excited that I will start going to school not to learn and play with my class mates oh! but to enjoy Linus kulikuli.

Our Elders says a child who ran after women like a He- goat will eventually land in the slaughter sooner than later.

A day like that I returned from School to meet a heavy fight just at the front of Papa Tabara’s apartment. Mama Tabara and Mama Teni were fighting karate, the rumour I gathered was that Teni was pregnant for Papa Tabara and he is denying it. But Mama Teni refused and stood firmly with her daughter, they later got into a fight when Mama Tabara was calling Teni nasty names defending her husband of his unfaithfulness.

The moment school resumed I started going to Linus Mechanic shop, one day Linus took me to cloud ten. After he naked me and laid me on the table that he spread wrapper on, he buried his head in between my legs and started eating my puna. He licked me ehnn.. making tears to fall from my eyes, after licking me. He then fu-ck me ehnn.. very hard. He gave it to me doggystyle.

He asked me to stand and hold on the table, he adjusted my a-ss cheeks and thru-sted in, he started pounding me from behind. I was just mo-aning crying as I felt his big kulikuli in my womb. He didn’t even care. He bang me ehnn.. Calling me sweet names, slapping my small yansh until he groaned like a mad pig and poured inside me.

That term ehnn.. As them give me my result. I see repeat Primary Five and then I come see fifty out of fifty again. Chaaii.. oh! Linus kulikuli have kill me oh!