One Call Away Episode 3


” welcome to your new family ” the words became total stranger to me at once. I long for its meaning in my brain but couldn’t get any apart from the real meaning.

I glanced behind to see if there was cameras lurking behind me, maybe we’re acting a movie and I wasn’t informed. When I couldn’t find any cameraman, I started staring at the sky maybe a drone was been used for the recording but none was also visible.

” what’s happening ” I asked almost in a murmur as I suddenly felt the strength in my voice skip away.

” we’re back home and you’ve gotten a new dad ” mom said placing her hands on both side of my shoulder but I shrugged it off.

” which dad ” I asked looking confused.

” the one coming over here ” she said and I noticed the man with the two children were coming over to where we’re standing beside the car.

I saw his face and he looked familiar, I tried hard to recollect how and where I knew him from.

” hello Ben ” the man said smiling heartily as he got closer to where I was standing with my mom and that triggered the memory of where I knew him from in my head at once.
He was Mr Tokunbo, one of dad’s closest friend.

I’ve seen him many times with my dad, maybe he was helping us and got our house back for us and since he’s doing this, mom is already referring as my dad because he’s taking up his role.

” hello Ben ” the man greeted me again as I seemed to be lost in my thought and couldn’t utter response to his first greeting.

” good afternoon sir ” I greeted him snapping back into reality.

” how was the journey ” he asked me.

” it was pleasant ” I replied him.

” do you remember him ” mom asked as she wrapped her right hand around the man’s neck and placed the left on his chest which was covered by the polo he was wearing. I felt like puking on seeing this.

” yeah, he’s one of dad’s friend ” I replied with a stern face.

” good ” the man said smiling.

” let’s skip the introduction for now and go inside ” Mr Tokunbo said smiling.

Beside him was a girl who seemed to be my agemate and a boy who looked like he’s four or five younger than the girl.

Mom was smiling with a guilty filled expression, I wasn’t ready to believe anything yet but her facial expression show that it’s all true. I got a new family without been told, mom remarried without bothering to inform me and she’s also taken the bold step to initiate me into the family without my own knowledge.

My brain was at standstill as I stood transfixed to the spot I was standing as I watched them going inside. Mr Tokunbo’s hand was on mom’s waist and she didn’t do anything about it.

I pinched myself to be sure I wasn’t dreaming and disappointedly, I felt the pain. It would have been a lot better if I didn’t feel it and woke from the nightmare

” are you not going inside ” the driver asked me after he’s return from taking some of our baggages inside.

” since when have you been working here? ” I asked him.

” going to three years now” he replied as he unloaded the last batch of our loads inside the vehicle.

” what about the madam of the house ” I asked him.

” since I’ve been working here, it’s only my boss and the kids, no madam ” he replied me upgrading my woe.

” so it’s true ” I murmured to myself.

” what did you say ” he asked me.

” nothing ” I replied him and he went on doing what he’s doing.

The reality finally dawn on me, mom was going to be the madam of the house or she’s already madam of the house. How can she be so callous to do that to me. My brain was trying to process millions of reason in second about the reason she could have done it.

It was sure Mr Tokunbo had told his kids about mum because they didn’t look surprised like I was and it seems like they’ve even met.

Even tho I knew I wasn’t going to support her in the decision but it’s proper for her to tell me about it first.
To even ask about my opinion on it. It’s a decision that got to do with my own life too and I shouldn’t be left handicapped in making choice that affect my life.

Tho she Is still young, just clocked thirty nine of recent and the travail we find ourselves in the last three years hasn’t gotten a way to knock out her beauty but I’ll still prefer her staying single for the rest of her life.

” are you not going inside ” the driver asked me as he returned .

” I don’t know if I’ll be going in ” I replied him.

” why ” he asked as he suddenly seemed to be interested in my case.

” you can’t understand ” I replied him as I felt water filling my eye. That was the worse form of betrayal I’ve ever felt and coming from my mom made it extremely heartbreaking.

I regret not pestering her, I didn’t know that some suspense can be hazardous to health. I was feeling different kinda ailment. I felt like running away but my leg wasn’t complying with my brain as it glued to the spot I was.

The driver got into the car and drove the car away from that vicinity.

” Ben ” I heard my mom’s voice and tears started dripping down from my face at once.

I raised my head up to look at her and I could tell that she was surprised to see me crying. She moved closer to me and tried to hug me but I pushed her away.

” why did you do it ” I asked her as I clean the tears on my face with my palm.

” it’s all because of you ” she replied. Her voice was low and weightless. She sounded like a criminal who was caught red handed and been interrogated by the law enforcement agencies.

” don’t feed me that shit mom, none of this is for me ” I lashed out angrily releasing all the anger building up inside me.

” you remarried without my consent and even to one of dad’s friend at that, where’s that done, no mom, how could you even thought of doing that, only a s–t will ” I wasn’t able to complete the statement before I felt her palm swipe across my face and it stung me deeply. I placed my hand on my cheek as more tears dropped down from my eye. That was the first time she slapped me.

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” you slapped me mom ” I said as I looked dumbfounded.

” I’m sorry Ben ” she said remorsefully as she tried to place her hand on my cheek but I shrugged it off as I turned my back and ran outside through the small gate which I swiftly open before the gateman could stop me.

I could hear mom screaming to the gate man to chase after me and bring me back so I increased my pace and ran through the lone tiled road situated inbetween the beautiful houses in the estate . All the houses possessed big fences and gates. When I was sure the gateman wasn’t behind me again, I stopped running. I was sweating profusely and tired due to the run.I rested my back on the fence of the house I stopped in front of it as I gasped for breath.

I didn’t know which way to go as the road looked endless and I was asleep throughout the journey to the house.

” what are you doing there ” the gateman of the house asked me as he came outside to check on me with a club in his hand.

” I’m sorry, was just relaxing ” I replied him.

” get away from that place now or I call the police for you ” he threatened me.

” okay ” I said and was about to leave when I saw the Gwagon that had conveyed mom and I to the house from a long distance. I knew they’re trying to trail me and there was nowhere to hide.

The gateman was about to close the gate and I swiftly ran and pushed the gate open and enter and swiftly close the gate behind me.

” what are you doing? ” the gateman asked me raising his voice.

” please I’m thirsty, give me some water ” I pleaded with him as I tried to buy time so that the vehicle will pass by.

” you must be mad, get out of here now before I go violent on you ” he threatened pointing the club in his hand at me.

” please Sir, help me ” I pleaded with him.

” what’s happening over there? ” I heard a feminine voice asked. It was a young beautiful girl, she looked like my age mate, she was putting on an ash color bumshot and a pink top, her hair was neatly braided, she had a phone in her hand with an headset which was placed in her ear attached to the phone. I guessed she’s the daughter of the owner of the house.

” nothing for you to worry about Ma, I’ll get this riffraff out” the gateman replied without turning back to check who it was

” I’m Ben ” I said as I eluded the gateman and hurried over to where the girl was standing.” my throat is dry and I need ” I couldn’t complete what I wanted to say before I felt an object hit my head.

I glued to the spot I was as my hand find its way to the back of my head.

” blood ” I muttered out weakly on checking the substance my hand was smeared with from the back of my head before I passed out.