One Call Away Episode 2


All my life, I thought some incidents are only deemed to happen only in movies or novels.

I thought it’s practically impossible for these events to happen in real life but I learnt that such isn’t the case in an unpleasant manner.

First was going from grace to grass in the period of three months only and now having a whole new family which I wasn’t ready to accept. Why will my mom do that to me, how could she even thought of hurting me in such manner.

I was already acquainted to the life of the poor, I now find solace in every menial things and I don’t make any complain to what I was given to eat nor for lack of pocket money when I wasn’t able to receive it.

I will rather embrace the life of the wretched to my bosom than dine with the new life my mom introduced me to.

” I need to get my stuffs in order, wash my clothes, dry them and even bid my friends goodbye, I don’t think we will be able to leave tomorrow ” I informed my mom as I stopped sweeping the floor. She was dressing up after she’d finished taking her bath that morning.

I had already told her this in the night the other day but she wasn’t able to give me any reply because she’s already asleep after she was only able to reply that we’ll be leaving in the next two days.

I pondered on all she said throughout the night and had to slept late which was the reason for me waking up late to get ready for school.

Mom could have woken me up when she woke up but she know better not to wake me when I’m yet to wake up in the morning. I didn’t know if it’s because of over pamper or my body system but I had kinda develop an allergy to been woken up by another person in the morning. My eyeball will become bloodily red while the flesh beneath and above it will swell up throughout that day.

I was already used to the situation and that has warranted me always sleeping early so that I will be able to wake up by myself early in the morning but because of the issue throbbing my heart caused by my mom, I slept late.

” which friends are you talking about ” mom asked smiling.” we both know you don’t have any friend to bid farewell ” she replied her question by herself still smiling.” and concerning your clothes, you don’t have to wash anything because you’re not taking anyone so case solved ” she added as she continued dressing.

” then what will I be wearing when we return home ” I asked her.

” you don’t have to worry about that ” she replied smiling.

” and you don’t need to go to school today, you can use today to get your stuffs in order but it should be things that are important to you because you’re not taking any scraps with you back to the house ” she added as she applied make-up on her face.

” I’m going to school and where are you even going ” I asked noticing for the first time that she’s dressing contrary to the way she always dress up for her shop {container}

” I’ve to get some things and also see some people ” mom replied.

I didn’t ask her anything again and rounded up my sweeping as I took my towel, toothbrush and sponge case as I head outside to the bathroom meant for all the six tenants living inside the house.

Someone was already inside the bathroom so I had to drop the bucket of water in my hand down, took a bowl of water and head to the gutter to brush my teeth.

” Benjamin, Benjamin ” I heard someone called my name as I was brushing my teeth. I knew it was mummy Sesede even without turning my head to check on the person. She’s the only one inside the compound that is fond of calling my name twice when calling me.

I spitted out the foamy content in my mouth from the toothpaste so as to reply her.

” ekaro ma ” I greeted her in Yoruba dialect.

” good morning Ben Ben ” she said smiling and I knew at once something was odd. Her smiling was off limit like someone who just won a large amount of money from golden chance lotto.

” you are not go to school ” she asked me murdering English language. If I had been the type that laugh freely, I would have bursted into laughter.

She’s not really good in speaking English language and that’s why I always try to communicate with her in Yoruba even tho I always sound like someone from the Igbo tribe when trying to converse in Yoruba language.

” I’m going to school just a bit late ” I replied her drifting back to English language.

” okay oo ” she replied smiling..” sha help me thank Iya Ben Ben oo ” she added referring to my mom. ” she give me her container wey they outside even pelu her market that’s they inside ” she added in an appreciative tone, and that cleared the reason why she has been smiling awkwardly.

” ohh, alright ma ” I replied trying to sound less surprised to what she said.
I haven’t even thought about the fate of the container when we leave but it was good gifting it to mummy Sesede. She’s nice and also a full housewife with nothing to do.

I saw brother Solomon exiting the bathroom and I swiftly rounded up the brushing of my teeth before someone else get inside the bathroom before me.

By the time I was through with bathing, mom had already left for wherever it was she was going. She left five thousand naira notes on the table with a note beside it informing me that I own everything. I was left to ponder on what could be happening again.

The highest pocket money I’ve taken to school since we started living in Ajara Badagry was three hundred naira and that’s when I’m unable to eat breakfast before leaving home.

I dropped the note and started dressing up for school. My clothes which was neatly ironed with our stove iron was hanging from the hanger which was hung on a nail nailed to the wall beside the bed. I was known for my neatness in the school and that’s a reputation I’ve been upholding since Jss3.

After dressing up, I brought out my cloth box and brought out my diary.
I swiftly wrote about all that transpired between mom and me inside it conveying with the perfect emotion of how I felt.

I boarded a bike to school because I was already late and I’ve got cash with me. I decided to give change a chance because it was my last day in school.

The assembly was already on by the time I got to school. I swiftly located the ss2C line as I got to the assembly ground.

” good morning ” I greeted Habeeb who was the last person on the line before I took his position, smiling brightly.

It was an awkward moment as he tilted his head backward to look at me . His expression could well qualify a person who had seen a dinosaur in this 21st century. We’ve been in the same class since ss1 and I’ve not for once talk to him not to talk of smiling at him. The last time he tried to ensue in a conversation with me, I snubbed him.

” mor, morning ” he stuttered with a confused countenance.

” good morning everyone ” I said raising my voice as we all got to class before I made my way to my seat. They all looked surprised to see me in such mood and only few responded to my greeting. I rarely smile in class, even the conversation between me and my sitting partners was always brief. It’s always like I’m been charged for the number of words eluding my lip.

” it’s going to rain today ” I heard Rebecca telling her sitting partners and they all bursted into laughter stealing a glance at me.

I was different throughout, related with my sitting partners well and even laughed out loudly when they say something funny. I never knew I had it in me. I was well known for staying behind most time in class during breaktime, I only go outside if I didn’t take breakfast before going to school and that happens on rare occasion because my mom always make sure I eat before leaving home.

When the bell for breaktime was jingled, I left with my sitting partners to the tuck shop to get snacks which we bought in large amount and I solely paid for it.

I also saw Tope and her friends trying to buy some snacks, and for the first time, I greeted her and even gave her five hundred naira to buy whatever it was they wanted to buy. She was flabbergasted and appreciative of what I did.

I also made sure to buy a white board marker before we returned to class.

I asked every students who didn’t leave for breaktime to pick outta all the snacks we bought. I got to know that I’ve been the one hindering my happiness in the school by been a self acclaimed commando. It was really fun having people to laugh and play with. It was only painful that I discover this in the die minute, but I was sure I was going to apply it in my new school.

After the bell for closing time was jingled, I brought out one of my book and started reading. I was always the first to leave my class everyday but I decided to stay behind. After everyone has left, I stood up and took the marker I bought to the white board. I took the duster and clean the board. Then I wrote my farewell message on the board in a poetic manner. I forgot to tell you that I was an art student and I love poetry very much. I’ve even got a book which I wrote different type of poem in it.
I rounded up the message with a Thank you.

I discovered that there was a tear drop on my cheek after I was through and wiped it off with the back of my palm. I placed the marker on my desk, took my bagpack and left the school.

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By the time I got home, mom wasn’t around, so I had to use my spare key to get in.

I met another surprise on getting in. The room was sort of empty, all the furnitures except the bed was missing and many things was also missing apart from my things. I also saw some new clothes on the bed and I didn’t need anyone to tell me that I was the owner.

I dropped my bag and checked it all out. They all looked costly and I knew everything was worth more than fifty thousand naira.

I tried it all out and they all fitted me well and they all looked nice. After I’ve finished trying all the clothes out, I started getting my stuffs in order, I was sure mom was gonna get angry with me if I fail to do that because she’s made her intention known that the next day ain’t changing for our departure.

She didn’t return before I fell asleep but I woke up the next day to find her sleeping beside me.

I stood up from the bed and found out that she had brought some things .

” Ben ” she called out as I was about to head outside.

” good morning mom ” I greeted her on turning back.

” how was your night my jewel ” she asked as she rose up from the bed.

” it was fine ” I replied her.

” come over here ” she motioned to me as she sat on the bed.

I yawned, stretching my hands as I moved closer to her. She tapped the bed lightly motioning to me to sit beside her which I did.

” oko mi ” she said as she placed her hand on my head, massaging it lightly. ” do you know after your father’s death, you’ve been my only source of joy and happiness ” she said emotionally. ” all I want is the best for you and just for your future to be brighter ” she added as she placed her nose on my head and sniffed my hair in a loving manner. ” I hope you’re going to support me for the decision I made because you’re one of the main reason I did it ” she added as she withdrew her hand from my head staring deep into my eye.

” what did you do ” I asked her.

” you’ll find out soon ” she replied me. ” go and take your bath we’ll be leaving soon ” she said to discard the conversation and I knew it but I didn’t want to pester her to know it. Little suspense ain’t lethal to one’s health.

Before ten AM in the morning, we’re already set for the journey and exactly fifteen minutes past ten, mom’s phone rang. After brief conversation with the caller, mom went outside and returned with a man which I was sure is a driver because of his dressing.

He helped us to load our little loads inside a beautiful G wagon that was parked outside. Mom bid some of the neighbors farewell before we left.

The air-conditioning inside the car was so cool that it rocked me to sleep.
I slept for almost all the journey. I woke up when were stuck in traffic and continued with my sleep when were out of it.

” we’re here ” mom said as she woke me up. I rubbed my palm on my eye as I woke up. The gate was opened after the driver honked twice.

I was amazed to see the magnificent structure in front of me as I alighted from the car.

It was different from the picture of our home which I’ve got in my head.
The house has been renovated and it looked more beautiful.

” this bank people really tried ” I said to myself as I fed myself the beauty of the house.

” welcome to your new family ” mom said shocking life out of me as she stretched her hand towards a man and two children that came out of the building.