Gift Episode 13


Our Elder say a child who doesn’t know his fault and lead a war, is a blind commander leading an army of blind men. I caught Tope and Sandra pant down in the toilet.

During classes in the morning hour pupils hardly come to the long hallway of the toilet and it is almost twenty toilet doors on the long hallway since is a standard private school with three story-building.

I no know which weed give me the inspiration I headed gingerly to the last one and heard funny sounds, I bursted the door open and saw Tope short down to the toilet marbled floor and his dirty boxer accompanied it, then Sandra skirt was arched around her waist and her pa-nt hung around her legs.

I started singing one day bush meat go catch hunter when they saw that I have busted their se-xual pleasures. From that day Tope turn my bodyguard and Sandra the handmaid of Gift, no look me like that. Anybody wey try Gift my dog Tope will just bite you, that term I came first and no one has ever made all the subjects 98 and 100 in total like I did.

Since it was first term, we celebrated end of the year with our parents. My papa came, lol.. after he called my classroom teacher if I won’t disgrace him as usual, my papa nodey ever try am oh! It was his first since I was given birth to.

When I was called up to the podium to be gifted as the best student he clapped and whistled shouting on top of his voice that am his daughter, lwkmd. Him dey fine praises too, trust me Grace ironed my skirt so well that I can shake my bumbum wella to haters when I climbed the podium and took the gift.

Ben wandered back to our house like a dog on heat after the scandal begging Grace to take him back, that day we were watching television when he came and started begging Grace.

Grace asked him to leave but he refused, he begged and begged sweating and even swearing that he will never deny her again that he love her blablabla… and he missed her, lie oh! em dey fine puna to massacre.

Grace couldn’t send me out and I no go even gree go sef, so she got angry and left for her room while Ben went after her begging like his life depended on her bu-ttocks. Anybody wey enter that Grace yansh go hardly come out of it oh!

I left the television I was watching to eavesdrop on their conversation. I stood at the door and bent place my right ear on the door to hear everything.

Grace voice: who tell you to enter my room!? get out!!

Ben: I dey sorry, I be idiot to allow you no born my pikin. I swear I dey sorry.

Grace: Ben, Ben, Ben, how many times I call you?

Ben: my love na three times, abeg no vex. I nofit sleep, I dey always see you for my dream, I love you so much abeg na. I fit die for your sake.

Grace: no die here oh, go die outside.

Ben: my love, *he start crying* I nofit live without you, I wan marry you.

Grace: Ben stop… wetin you dey do?

Ben: I missed you so much… I no go ever leave you again, I go marry you.

Grace: Ben sto…p pl…ease sto..p aaaahhh! I started hearing “oohhs” and “aahhs” I was so turned on and it have been long someone serviced my puna. That is how Ben became our regular visitor, hell no the guy become regular visitor to Grace puna.

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I have started building some morals not to engage in pre-marital se-x until 20th of December when I went to Mama Tabara shop in the evening but met Papa Tabara closing the shop, I was wondering why. he now explained that Mama Tabara is in labour and he is closing to meet her in the hospital.

That explained why she was jacking big tummy upadan, Papa Tabara asked me to carry a carton of biscuit inside the shop which I did and he used the opportunity to close the shop iron doors and sweet talked me. He told me, he missed me very much, that he will marry me if I finish Secondary school.

He started complaining that am driving him insane since I stopped seeing him, that if I want him to go mad like those mad men walking naked with rags on their bodies with wiggling kulikuli with unshaved pubic hairs which I rebuked.

He started begging me to give him the gift that God gave to me, that he will just put it and remove it that he won’t waste time. I was scared because someone can come to buy something from the Estate and catch us, they brought light and I was able to see his face. He was sweating on his face and he had already pulled down his zipper, his short rod was peeping out of the hole in between his zipper.

He started touching me and smooching my neck and face, pressing the small bre-asts on my chest, I wore trouser that night so he find it difficult to undid the button which he did after fruitless trials.

He pulled down my trouser and asked me to hold the fridge, I held on to the fridge and he separated my legs but I couldn’t stretch my legs far because the trousers was holding my legs together.

He shifted my pan-t and I heard noisy spitting sounds behind me, I later felt his di-ck poking at my opening and he pe-netrated without warning, I mo-aned and grabbed the fridge strongly, em don tay oh!

Papa Tabara started pounding me without mercy, our skins was just making kpaaa! kpaaa!! sounds, he moved faster calling my name as he thru-sted in out, I was just mo-aning in fear and scared someone might see us.

Our elder say a shit cannot hide from flies.

Voice: na who dey make that noise?!

We were startled, he pulled out quickly out of me. Before I could raise my trouser back to my waist the iron doors of the shop was already threw open and a sharp torchlight was flashed on us. I don die oh! Tabara papa kulikuli have kill me oh.