Gift Episode 14


We were caught in the act by ‘Andrew de Silva be Hitler’. A nonsense pervert that I ever known in my entire life, he had been making advances on me, person wey don senior my papa God forbid. I detested the gateman of the Estate, he was a soldier that ran away from service after he got shot at his right leg, his walking steps is somehow, me sef nofit describe just manage the somehow I dey tell you.

Our Elder says when a lion got injured even the common flies come to dance on his corpse, the vulture that are scared at its roar will merry on it without fear.

Andrew de Silva be Hitler switched off the torchlight and cleared his throat loudly. He knew and saw everything there is nothing for us to conceal anymore.

Gateman: ehnn.. so na wetin you dey distribute for this Estate, and you no gree give me my share.

Me: sir, please… No tell anybody.

Papa Tabara: no worry, I go fine you something if you gree shut up.

Gateman: wetin you wan give me? before I shout make the whole Estate gather here for ona two.

Papa Tabara: two thousand naira, abeg no tell anybody.

Gateman: *he lick his lips noisily* I go manage that amount and Gift too, the girl fine fine well well.

Me: God forbid! No be me oh. He pressed on with his threats to report both of us to my father and also publicly disgrace us by calling the whole Estate.

I was scared of my dad and the shame I will bring upon him, Papa Tabara persuaded me I should take up the offer, after all is just two or three minutes he will be done. I was petrified to go against their two, I gave it a shot and pulled down my trouser on my own by rejecting the gate man to lay his wrinkles uglified hands on my upcoming sweet sixteen waist, I also did the same with my pa-nt.

He bent in between my legs and did the most horrifying and thrilling thing that have ever happened to me. He took his tobacco mouth and buried in between my legs. He licked and su-cked on it until my legs wobbled, I nearly collapsed on top of the fridge the way he feasted on my young puna like fried rice and chicken. Lol, I know say any girl wey dey read my tory dey burn with jealousy, *winks*.

It took the intervention of Papa Tabara for the man to take away his mouth from the best honey he have ever tasted in his lifetime, he even complimented after he got up and licked his mouth noisily. He brought out his wrinkled once big and mighty penis that stood like a PHCN but now standing like a fallen plantain by wind.

At the sight of it I almost poke, I no get choice na, he thru-sted in and made no effort to create any pattern at all. He was just moving his waist anyhow, screaming and cursing, calling his village gods freaking I and Papa Tabara out.

The funniest moment was when he cu-mmed, he shouted and groaned like weak lion and then vibrated like someone standing above earthquake, the moment I felt his ancient liquid inside me that built another kind of excitement different from the other ones I received, He fell on the floor.

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I barely calmed my breathe when I felt another hard rod inside my puna, I tried to resist Papa Tabara from having me again. He forced my head down on the fridge, fu-cking me fast and hard. Making me to mo-an like no tomorrow, he sp-anked my bare soft and flawless bumbum, calling me nasty names like sweet little slu-t, and h-orny bi-tch. He pounded me breathlessly until he made his final thr-usting pouring all the warm cu-m, the mixture of their akamu jehovah dripped to my p-ant.

I wore my pa-nt and ran home, I was ashamed of the idiot I have become. My first threesome at barely twelve years, ewoh! a feat sha…

Thunder go strike Papa Tabara, which it did later because ama daughter of thunder. I got home smelling cu-m cu-m, Grace asked me and I denied everything, I claimed that some rotten egg was thrown on me. She gave up when I refused to admit, christmas was lurking around and my dad promised to spend it with us without arresting and looking for the city gangsters.

Anytime I went close to the gate to play the gate man will call me to come and I will run away, and every night he will come to our window to sing, useless outdated pervert spotted. I and Grace were watching movie that night after hearing the good news that we will be having a full house that christmas, tanda!

Gateman: oya Gift, put off the light oh! I am ready to make love tonight, the wind dey blow and em go soon enter body.

Grace: ahh! ahhh! why this man dey sing this song for our window every night?

Me: I no know oh!

Grace: I go tell your father. Grace told my dad and he threatened to cut off his wrinkledated tongue if he continued. The maniac stopped the act and send all sizes of emissaries and ambassadors to call me, they began teasing me with one useless name ‘Gift de Andrew da Silva marry Hitler’ lol, tufiaakwaaaa..!!