One Call Away Episode 7


Monday seemed like waiting for the second coming of Jesus. I was in utmost anticipation of joining my new school. I wanted to get out of the house. Apart from Susan I had no one to talk to and it was getting boring. Don’t ask about mom because after our chat in the morning of the second day we got there, she’s been very scarced and our conversation was at the lowest term. I didn’t know if she’s following Mr Tokunbo to his working place because after her good morning, which always comes in every morning, her goodnight which always come in the night was the next.

I only got myself busy with the ps4 and TV series aired from the dusty explora inside my room and swimming at the swimming pool which was constructed behind the building and it was one of my way of relieving boredom. I was good in swimming, I learnt it in Badagry.

I didn’t know which job Mr Tokunbo was doing because he was not always around and I was cool with it.

Apart from my encounter with Happy on my first night in the house, I didn’t see her again. Weird right? , when she’s back from school, I always make sure to stay in my room either playing game or reading one of my novels. I wasn’t ready for any bro sis or bro bro relationship with anyone .

Sunday catwalk in and every member of the family was home. Susan like she told me left the house even before I woke up, but she already bid me farewell on Saturday and I was left to think how my Sunday was gonna be without her to chit chat with.

” have you woken up ” I heard mom’s voice asked in a low tone.

” yes mom ” I replied from inside. Her timing was perfect because it was the same minute I woke she got to my door to ask the question.

She opened the door and the slight creek of the door disrupted the silent that was bossing the atmosphere.

” good morning my jewel ” she said moving closer to the bed to peck me on my head.

” good morning mom, how was your night ” I asked her.

” it was lovely ” she replied smiling.” what about yours ” she asked.

” I don’t really know how it was, I just slept throughout ” I replied her humorously.

” naughty boy ” she retorted smiling.” you’ll be starting school tomorrow ” she said still smiling.

” that’s a good news ” I replied her.
I felt the urge to ask her where she’s been going since the last two days but I fought the urge and kept mute about it. She should be the one telling without me asking her.

” did you see your school uniform inside your wardrobe ” she asked me as she shifted her gaze to the invincible wardrobe.

” yeah I did but why is it just one ” I asked her.

” because you’ll get the two remaining uniform with your Friday wears and cardigan tomorrow ” she replied me.

” alright mom ” I said staring at her expecting her to voice out what it was she’s been up to recently.

” why are you staring at me like that, do you already know that I’m here to ask you for a favor ” she asked smiling.

” favor ” I murmured.

” what’s it ” I asked her.

” we’re all going on a picnic and I’ll love it for you to join us ” she said and I could tell that she was tensed.

” I’m not interested ” I replied her.

” Ben, please, I know you are not yet used to this but for my sake, have interest in it ” she pleaded with me with a pitiful look.

” mom, I don’t want to go, I don’t want to mess everything up for you mom ” I said to her.

” you’re not going to mess anything up Ben, everyone already agreed with it, only your consent is remaining to kickstart the picnic ” she said looking more pitiable.

” okay I’ll go ” I said to stop her from begging me. I knew no matter what I do, she’s still gonna find a way to make sure I tag along.

” thank you my jewel, that’s why mommy love you ” she said smiling.

” where and when are we going ” I asked her.

” we’ll be leaving in the next one hour and we’re going to sultan beach in Badagry.” She said excitedly.

” okay, I’ll try to be ready before then ” I said concealing my happiness. I’ve only been to sultan beach only once with my mom and ever since then, I’ve been longing to go there again with her to have fun. The only place I only frequent is Marina. I always tag along with brother Solomon on some Sundays and that was how I learnt to swim.

” I also got you some nice clothes yesterday, I’ll bring them to you to select one out of it to wear and I also have a surprise for you but that will be later ” she said before she exited my room.

I stood up from the bed and head to the bathroom to defecate, brush my teeth then bath.

After I was through and got back to my room, I saw some clothes on my bed and the surprise she was talking about was also there. I almost screamed for joy as I saw it. Samsung galaxy s10. I couldn’t be more than happy.

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After we relocated to Badagry, mom’s phone got spoilt and I had to give her mine, tho I’m able to use it once in a while but it’s good as saying it was mom’s phone, I walked gently to my bed and picked its packet. I opened it gently and brought it out. It was sparkling neat, black color. I also saw a sim card inside it which I inserted into it before I switched it on. It took longer to load and after it finished loading, some settings like language, date etc popped up and I filled everything and there goes my lovely new phone.

The phone would have been enough to forgive my mom for all she did but I’m not that easy to buy off.

Only few apps was on the phone so I didn’t have a lot to operate except logging in my Facebook account and also setting up the WhatsApp with the number of the sim which was inscripted on its pack.

I also took some selfie pictures with its rear camera before I finally dressed up for the picnic and took some selfie pictures again . I checked the time and I still had more than fifteen minutes left. I picked the phone up again and logged in to Facebook, I started adding my classmates in GSCAB that I remembered their name and surname and Facebook did the rest by displaying all the ones I didn’t know in the people you may know list.

It was like campaigning after election but I just felt like adding all of them, something I should have done when we were still classmate. Some had even send me friend request during that time but I bought a bed for them to sleep in the friend request list. All those ones too I accepted them, even those that are not in my class, I did justice to all.

Been on Facebook with your own phone can make the time fly at the pace of a rocket. It was magical when mom came to summon me that it was already time and I checked my phone to confirm it and she was right.

I appreciated her for the phone and she joked about when she told me that she’s gonna return my phone back to me in ten fold. I would have love to go into its funny details but I still have a lot to tell you.

I got outside and everyone was already waiting for me. That was the first time I noticed that my stepsister was pretty and funnily, she fell in the range of my type of girl but I only smirked as I walked over to where they’re all standing.

” good morning Sir ” I greeted Mr Tokunbo who was dressing in a casual but fancy cloth. Chris only wore a black trouser, blue T-shirt and a blue sneaker commemorate the blue T-shirt he was wearing. Happy was wearing red tight fitted gown which displayed all her curves.

” good morning champ, how was your night ” he asked me.

” it was fine sir ” I replied him.

” good morning brother Ben ” Chris greeted me as he held my hand.

” morning junior bro ” I replied him smiling at him as I didn’t know the right expression to qualify him.

I noticed Happy staring at me and I made “hi” gesture at her but she swiftly averted her face and feigned ignorance.

” are we trekking ” I didn’t know when the question escaped my lip when I didn’t see any vehicle closer to them.

Everyone except Happy all bursted into laughter. She looked like she’s got something against me with the way she’s looking at me but I caredless about her to be worried about why she’s acting in such way.

” you’re funny ” Mr Tokunbo said still laughing. ” Susan told me that your sense of humor is good and I think she’s not bluffing ” he added still laughing.

I couldn’t believe what he said, another form of betrayal, I thought within myself. So she’s been telling him all we’ve been discussing together.

” I already told him many times to apply for standup comedy ” mom chipped in smiling.

” Adamu is bringing the ” Mr Tokunbo wasn’t able to complete his sentence before the garrage door opened and an ash color Sienna was drove out and parked beside us.

The driver whose name is Adamu which Mr Tokunbo was referring to came out of the Siena mini bus.

” we’re not trekking ” Mr Tokunbo said smiling as Adamu slid open the passenger door of the vehicle and the three of us ( me, Happy and Chris ) entered.

I sat with Chris on the second to the last seat because the last seat and the boot was filled with items we’re going to use for the picnic while Happy sat on the seat next to the one we’re sitting on.

Mom sat in the front seat beside Mr Tokunbo who took his place at the driver side.

” are you all happy kids ” Mr Tokunbo asked from the front excitedly.

” yes ” Chris screamed excitedly, I kept mute while Happy surprised us with her reply which was “no”.

Silent suddenly enveloped the vehicle as all eye centered on Happy.

” why are you not happy Miss Happy ” Mr Tokunbo asked her.

” because I’ve got a confession to make ” she replied him