One Call Away Episode 54 Final


Silent suddenly engulfed the room like a blanket of cloud. We all passed the confused stare before mom started sobbing again.

” what do you mean mom ” I asked in a low tone as my lips became heavy and word had difficulty in making their way out.

” I’m sorry Ben ” she said as she moved closer to me and wanted to touch me but I snubbed her hand off.

” this isn’t time to be sorry but to make more enlightenment on what you said earlier ” I said glaring at her.

” remembered when I told you that Tokunbo returned few weeks after I got married to your dad ” she asked me but I let out no response.

” I went to visit him so that we could sort things out but one thing led to another and I couldn’t resist his touch on me, we had sex and that was the last time such thing happened between the two of us but I discovered after two weeks that I was pregnant and during this time your dad wasn’t around, I knew it was his and told him about it, we decided it would be safe if I announced your dad as the owner and ever since then, it had been a secret ” she explicated amidst tears.

” so my dad knew about this ” Happy asked.

” yes ” my mom replied.

My head became all stuffed up as different kinda thought ran through it. I was a fool not to have noticed how he always looked at me like I was his real son, he even made a statement pertaining to such on my first day in the house, but I was so dumb to notice it. The luxury covered my deep sense of reasoning and that led me sleeping with my sister. F—–g hell, we even took each other virginity.

” why mom ” I asked as tears started strolling down my eye.

” I knew it was wrong in the first place but the feelings I had for her, the love I felt for her wouldn’t make me capitalize on that and I thought if we can severe anything to link us up as family, we would be safe to express our feelings for each other, we could live and one day even tie the knot ” I said as I cleaned the tear drop on my face.

” why didn’t you tell me mom, we could have avoided this if I knew that we shared an inseparable bond, why ” I screamed loudly.

” I’m sorry son ” she said as she placed her palm on my cheek, as she continued weeping.

Happy just sat on the bed with a blank expression, staring at me.

” what do you want me to do mom, what do you want us to do now when what’s between the two of us is now more complicated ” I asked her.

I didn’t know what I was bittered at, if it was because she cheated on dad, or because she lied and made me recognize another person as my dad, or if it was because I slept with Happy, numerous times at that or if it was because I couldn’t have her again or how awkward it felt now knowing that we’re real siblings.

” have you two had sex ” she asked me. The question felt like a hammer was hit on my skull.

” yes ” I replied almost inaudible to ear.

Mom buried her face in her hand as she sobbed more.

” we can’t let anyone know about this ” she said after few seconds.

” and ” I asked.

” I’ll make sure I try to correct everything, even if it’s too late ” she replied.

” how ” I asked her but she didn’t reply as she stood up and made her way outside.

” start packing your clothes ” she said as she suddenly made a stop at the entrance of my room before she exited the room.

Then the reality dawn, I couldn’t face Happiness but I could felt her gaze on me.

” what’s going to happen now ” she asked me breaking the silent between the two of us.

” I don’t know ” I muttered without raising my head.

” after everything I did just to get my way into your heart ” she said and I heard her cackled.

” why couldn’t they come clean since all this days and I would have tried to get the feelings off my heart when I still could ” she added with a breaking voice which depicted she was crying.

” I love you so much and had patient just to find my way into your heart and now, this f—–g revelation came out, what did you want me to do, what did they want me to do, you’re just gonna pack your bags and walk out of my life like that ” she was now weeping furiously now.

” do you think I’ll be able to love another person just like I love you, or do you think I’ll be happy that you’re going to belong to someone else when I’m already at a point where I can’t have you, I didn’t only love you, I was obsessed about you, I wanted you in my life more than I even wanted my parents, maybe it’s because we shared the same blood ” she said as she suddenly started laughing, weeping at the same time.

” my Happiness ” I said raising my head up for the first time to look at her and she looked pitiful. My sweet girl and always joyful girl had became a shadow of herself on the bed as tears and mucus smeared her beautiful face.

If not for tradition and mental state, I could have suggested we run away at that moment to a far away place and start over. I had over fifty million naira in my account and I was sure if we ever go out of cash, a call is all I needed but it was too late.

I held her trembling hand firmly and kissed it.

I used my hand to clean her face but the tears wouldn’t stop dropping profusely from her eye.

” you don’t need all this ” I said calmly to her staring directly into her eye.

” we can’t be together again Ben, it’s all over now ” she said as she continued weeping.

” please stop crying, it hurt me in as much as it hurt you and trust me, I’m also pained just like you but there’s nothing we can do about it ” I said to her.

” I know, I f—–g know and that’s why I’m in so much pain, it was more easier with the kinda relationship we shared before but this ” she couldn’t continued the sentence as she broke down into tears again .

” it’s alright ” I said as I put her into my embrace.

” it’s not ” she said amidst tears.

” we might not be together again but know that you’ll always be in my heart forever ” I said to her patting her on her back.

” I would have fought to stay here with you but leaving is the best thing to do, it’s dangerous to have the two of us together but I’m promising you, I’ll make sure you’re not more than a call away from me, I’ll always been in touch with you ” I said and she scoffed as she freed herself from my embrace.

” one call away ” she muttered, smiling as tears still dropped from her face.

” so after the tedious way to your heart, that’s what we are now, just a call away ” she added smiling as she stood up and left my room like someone without soul.

I heaved a sigh of relief as I stood up from the bed, dragged my travelling bag out and arranged all my clothes inside it. I also took my medals and shoes too.

I changed my clothes and head to Happy’s room and she was still sobbing. I moved closer to her and pulled her up.

” this might be the last time we see ourselves in a long period of time now, and I want you to be happy just like your name, I don’t want you to think much about me and I want you to know this ” I said now staring directly into her eye.

” I love you ” I said as I kissed her.

She wrapped her arm around my waist as she pulled me closer and kissed me like it was the last, tho it was really the last time.

After disengaging the kiss, I handed her one of my gold medals which I placed inside my pocket.

” just a token of remembrance ” I said to her as I made my way out of her room.

” Ben ” she called out as I was about to open her door.

I stopped as she swiftly opened her wardrobe and brought out a small box. She opened it and took out a gold chain .

She moved closer to me and wore it on my neck.

” this was my mom’s last gift to me, and I trust you to help safe keep it ” she said to me as she tried to kiss me. Wanted to stop her but since it was the last time, I reconsidered and kissed her. We stopped kissing when we heard the opening of my door.

” take care of yourself ” I said to her as I opened the door and left her room.

I dragged my travelling bag behind mom as we made our way out of the house.

By the time we got outside, Mr Tokunbo was standing beside one of his cars with Chris beside him.

He moved closer to me as he saw us coming out. His eye was red and he looked like someone who just finished shedding tears.

” my champ ” he said as he hugged me passionately.

” it’s not the two of you fault but ours and I wished you’ll find a place in your heart to forgive your dad ” he said to me but I didn’t give a reply.

” since the day you and your mom got here, she wanted to tell you but she didn’t want to hurt you more because you’re still processing the pain of what happened but ” he paused as he scoffed and cleaned his eye.

” I’ll always be in touch with you and your mom, I really hope you settle down soon when you get there ”
I was tempted to ask where but I didn’t utter a word.

Chris looked curious but I didn’t say anything to him as I placed my luggage in the booth of the car and mom drove us out of the compound.

Mom told me inside the car that we’ll relocate to Mr Tokunbo’s house in London in few weeks and we will start all over there and my education will be concluded there.

We lodged in a hotel for a week as she processed our travelling stuffs and during this week, she wouldn’t stop begging me.

Tho I promised to be a call away from Happy but I couldn’t bring myself to call her yet. I wanted her to heal fully before poking her wound.

I didn’t have any choice but to forgive mom, I had also experienced love to know what it could do to one’s thinking ability.

I was swift to settle down in London and got registered in a school tho I had to take a class backward.

On my first day at the school, I met someone who I already thought I would meet if fate was to be on my side. Yeah, it was Azeezah, we were both in the same class and she even looked more beautiful than she was in Nigeria. It was really hard explaining to her that I didn’t see her message until it was three days after she sent it, if not for the kidnapped case which was front on some newspage which I showed her, she wouldn’t have believed me.

We got back together and started our relationship afresh, I even made sure I granted her what she’s been wanting me to do.

A year later, Mr Tokunbo and Chris came to visit us and it has been like that till now that I’m graduating out of college with a distinction in Language Art.

Happy had never for once visited but she’s always a call away from me as we talk frequently. She was already through with her university education a year ago and from what I heard from her and her posts on her social media, she and Philip are really becoming a thing, same as Azeezah and I.

It was really the best option for her to be a call away from me, I didn’t know what might happen if we had visual contact and I didn’t wish to know but I’m cool with my Azeezah and we might be tying the knot soon since a great job offer is already available for me.

The end.

By Horluwa P1

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