Gift Episode 45


I was so famished and I earlier took drug to flushed out that poverty infected spe-rm in me after the romp in the uncomplete building, I asked of the kitchen and Israel pointed to a complete mud house in the compound. The one he lived is a mud house but it was cemented, somehow manageable, this kitchen is total mud.

I opened the kitchen door and it sung a horror song, the moment light rays fell into the small room with all kinds of black pots and wetin be that sef? Village properties everywhere, the thing tire me oh!

Two huge rats ran out from their poverty stricken holes and ran across the room, one went horizontal while one ran vertical. Their two jammed and had little discussions before disappearing to were poverty has brought them from. I did a cross sign before I approached to pick-up a pot, immediately I opened it a big rat surfaced.

I screamed and I thought I flee out of the rats kingdom, see yawa everywhere. I told Israel about it and he promised to hunt them tomorrow, that it was already late. I told him am very hungry, he said I shouldn’t worry that he is going to get me something to eat.

He took his bicycle and went, the place looked so scary like hell. So many trees and birds are not making the place easy for me, I just dey look around if I no go see snake. Which kind thing be this na?

Israel came back with plate covered and he gave me, I opened it and saw fufu with Ice fish head only, the soup oh! Gosh!

Me: na which kind soup be this na?

Israel: sweetheart, manage it. Tomorrow, I go buy things put for house.

Me: hope say this your tomorrow no go be your motto oh. Just then a woman or lady, the way she wear her wrapper sef tire me.

Israel: aunty, good evening.

Me: ma, good evening.

Aunty: Israel, you don drop the car? tomorrow you go go cut my farm.

Israel: I don park am since, that one no be problem. I don sharp my matchet for am.

Me: which car?

Israel: she wan dash me car, but I no wan collect.

Aunty: na this your City wife be this?

Israel: yes, Aunty. Her name na Gift.

Aunty: eyaaa…! she fine well well oh.

Me: thank you.

Aunty: when you go come wash the clothes them?

Israel: I don wash them finish since afternoon.

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Wetin dey happen for here? because I no understand at all. The thing just tire me, their conversation is fishy, something isn’t adding up. I asked Israel about his parents and he said they are late. That night Israel didn’t allow my sugar-pot to rest, he was just smooching me and pressing all over my body. He offed my br-a and removed my pa-nt, he fin-gered me so fast that I started breathing heavily, he spread my legs and entered with mommy and daddy style.

He started fu-cking me, ba-nging me so hard and sweating on top of me. I was just mo-aning grabbing the bedsheet that looked like mat or wetin sef? I spread legs wider for him to go in deeper. He was just groa-ning heavily as he pounded me very ha-rd, He cu-mmed in me and we rested for sometime.

His di-ck got up suddenly, fear catch me oh! He asked me to set like a dog, he knelt behind me and plunged his hard big kulikuli inside my we-t sugar-pot. He started fu-cking me again, pressing my bre-asts from behind. Squashing and pinching my hard ni-pples, pounding and fuc-king me so hard from behind without resting. He cu-mmed again and we lay on the bed, I was feeling sleepy and tired and just then Israel started su-cking my bre-asts. Fear catch me na only fu-ck we godey fu-ck? no shopping? no even feeding of each other? abi better food nodey this house? no The Promise for this Village?

I asked him to stop but he acted he didn’t listen and forcefully spread my legs and entered. He started all over again, ban-ging me till I couldn’t even mo-an again, he cu-mmed and said we will continue the next Morning. I think say na joke oh, early Morning one hard palm have clasped my round bre-asts before I fit open my eyes finish, Israel have started su-cking my ni-pples like breakfast, I be wan push am away because I was feeling terribly hungry.

Before I look his two fingers are in my sugar-pot, he started fi-ngering me again. I don wet full em fingers, he entered and pounded me one round again, he got tired and went out, he left very early I can hardly even see someone far from me. That Aunty came again.

Aunty: Kpaa! kpaaa! who dey house?

Me: aunty good morning, na me dey house.

Aunty: oh! Israel wife.

Me: *I no answer it sound like poverty wife* ehnn…

Aunty: na true say your papa get big house for City?

Me: yes, who tell you?

Aunt: na Israel. Hope say ona don dey do so that you go get belle?

Me: I no understand oh, do wetin?

Aunt: forget, em don go my farm?

Me: I no know where em go, em commot before even fowl start to dey come down from all these trees.

Aunt: very hard working boy, I don go.

The woman left and the compound was just filled with leaves on the floor, and all those stupid fowls have shit everywhere. Oh! gosh! I hate dirty place like mad, I picked up the inside broom that was older than me and swept swept swept, that three swept is needed gosh! See dirt everywhere lizard shits and dirty, oh gosh! I nofit live for this kind place oh.

I used outside broom and swept the compound, and the fowl shi… Gift you have suffered oh, the most painful thing was the plenty lizards hanging on the wall. And those lizards looked like they have not eaten or taken their bath since they were born, ugly looking lizards. Am still sixteen oh, who do me this kind thing? I asked for my phone when Israel returned and he said armed-robbers stole it, I was so angry. I asked him of my school and he recite his motto “Tomorrow” see bondage, how I wan take escape?