Gift Episode 46


That Evening we ate garri and soup with fish, the next morning garri and soup with fish for breakfast. Who on Earth does that apart from Israel, I complained to him that the incessant eating of garri and fish is making me sick.

Abeg, no be wetin I dey eat for my Papa house oh, I cannot come and kill myself. He promised to buy goat with his usual motto “tomorrow” Israel! Israel!! em no go better for you oh! and anybody wey send you to do me this kind thing. I nodey happy at all about wetin dey happen.

After that pepper soup with fish breakfast and garri. He asked me to follow him to the farm, me wey never even near bush before, Israel gave me hoe to join him in the farm. As we just dey go, I just dey ask myself wetin I wan do with this hoe sef? god of suffer free me from your prison and I promised never to return again, I just carried out all the instructions that Israel gave me wrongly, he flared up almost slapping me.

Israel: wetin dey worry you sef? c’mmon ridge you no sabi make.

Me: I never come farm before na.

Israel: shut up your mouth! No talk when I dey talk, you be my mate ehnn?

Me: I gree say I no be your mate.

Israel: you still dey talk bah?

Me: no, sorry *this my mouth sha..*

Israel: you better do get belle oh, so that your papa go help us if not ehnn…

Me: I no understand Israel, wetin you mean?

Israel: I mean say rich people dey marry rich people pikin, go house.

Me: make I drop the hoe for where?

Israel: for my head na, stupid girl. Drop am under that mango tree, you know the man wey dey sell goat?

Me: *I smile* yes, I know am.

Israel: go meet am, tell am say na me send you say later I go come carry the goat. I never knew that I was used for the price of the goat until I got to the man’s house, I told the man exactly what Israel told me and the man asked me to follow him inside his bedroom to select the goat, I confused oh! I asked the man na inside bedroom em keep the goat or wetin? He claimed the goat is there.

The moment I went in, he joined me locking the door and pulling his agbada. I wore one of my dress like that, isn’t body-hugging since I needed that freedom in the farm. I come dey wonder which goat I go select ’cause na bed and locker wey I dey see around the room.

He came close with the short and his pot-belle asking me to pull my clothes, I refused to and the man descended on me like a dog that was ho-rny for years without releasing his heat, he ripped up my dress, no smooching, nothing, not even fingering sef to make me we-t. He just tore my pa-nt and forcefully pushed my legs apart and buried his fat hard kulikuli. He began pounding me mercilessly, breathing like somebody that will collapse any moment from now.

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I curled my legs around his waist for him to thr-ust in deeper, and he just cu-mmed like that, se*x wey never reach five minutes. Wetin be the need wey em tear my dress and my pa-nt, this people are mad.

He started praising my sugar-pot, that Israel was right that am a very sweet girl. That I have the best sugar-pot that he ever tasted I went home weeping to report the rape case to Israel, when he returned I didn’t wait for him to settle. He came back with a goat and tied it on a peer treet close to the house.

Me: Israel, the man rape me.

Israel: how na?

Me: see my dress *I show him my dress, I refuse to pull it then* em tear and my pant.

Israel: em no satisfy you?

Me: I dey tell you say them rape me, you dey talk about satisfaction.

Israel: come make we enter inside.

Me: go do wetin? Israel scooped me off from my feet and took me in, he tore the dress he can’t afford completely and drove in with his hard kulikuli. Hanging one of my leg on his shoulder, as he powered in and out of my we-t sugar-pot mixed with that goat man’s spe-rm. How come someone that claimed to love me have se-x with me after a man has just raped me?

He was breathing heavily and sweating, rocking his waist back and front shoving his hard kulikuli in and out of my we-t hole. I was just mo-aning as he ba-nged me harder and faster, he clasped my left bre-ast squashing and pressing it. He cried out slamming in deeper as he deposited his spe-rm in me, he rolled away and caught his breathe later.

He promised to cook sweet okro soup with the goat, that he has brought a lot of okro home. I was silent thinking of a way to escape, I took my bath and took the drug that I came with, the goat-man started disturbing Israel to send me to his house but he refused telling him the goat he gave to him hasn’t yet finished. The goat man started disturbing me to jilt Israel, that he is a broke ass fool that I should come to him that he is rich.

Israel caught him and both of them fought, me I just run go house go sleep. Israel came back and almost beat hell out of me, warning me to stay away from the goat-man. I needed money to get out of here, who will give me the money to escape from this dungeon, Ofcourse the goat-man.

Our Elder say a child who thinks he knows what his or her parents knew is a dog that barked at its owner.