Gift Episode 47


One early morning like that Israel went to the farm and refused to take me along because he thought it would be a waste of time, if em sense dey make am think say I be em labourer then he needed to be registered in funny-farm. I went to meet the goat-man ’cause I needed money to run away from this useless dungeon I have stupidly brought myself to.

Immediately the Goat-man saw me I noticed a bulge around his g—n because he wore a short and torn singlet taking care of his goats, he didn’t even give any room for courtesy as he bundled me into his room sweating and panting like a goat in need.

I told him to stop that if he want us to continue he should give me money at least five thousand naira, I intentionally wore tight jean bumshort if not my pant for don commot from my waist tay tay. He ransacked his room and brought the money with additional one thousand naira breathing heavily with sweats all over his body, which kind konji be this?

He removed his short and shirt before I could even remove the shirt I wore, he attacked my bumshort and groaned in frustration as he saw my pa-nt. He couldn’t even wait for me to pull the bumshort off, my bumshort was just around my kneel region as he turned me and positioned me in doggystyle setting all four.

He shifted my pa-nt and find his short hard kulikuli inside my sugar-pot. He groaned loudly as he penetrated my sugar-pot like someone who is about to cu-m. He dug his nails on my hips threatening to break my skin, I mo-aned in pains as I felt the mixed feelings of pleasure and pain. He started moving erratically, no pattern at all.

As he made a labourer sounds behind me, his hard kulikuli shoved in and out of my sugar-pot, he moved faster brushing my sugar-pot walls. I just dey fear make the man no scatter the sweet tunnel oh!

Goat man: aaahhhh! chissosss! is coooommmiinnnnggg oooohhh *he pour all his warm spe-rm inside me*

Me: you don cu-m now now?

Goat man: *he drop on the bed sweating and breathing heavily* yes, you be sweet girl oh! and you fine too, marry me na. I rich well well.

Me: dash me more money.

Goat man: that one no be problem. He added addition one thousand naira and my heart leapt in joy, this one don do me to escape a whole seven thousand naira. He started making moves for another round, but I was against it telling him that Israel will soon return that I don’t want another fight again.

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As if say if them kill themselves em concern Gift. I ran all the way home and parked my things, rushed to the Village bus-stop and boarded a bike, straight ahead to the centre of the L.G.A. the centre was under-developed, I no go even dream of marrying this kind place because that one go be nightmare sef.

I got into a bus and we took off to my State, on getting to my State it was already late. And I barely knew a place in the bus stop we dropped off, nobody dey even wait to reason another person. And na only one thousand naira dey my body after the long journey, I don use am buy wetin I go eat.

The park don dey dry up as people just dey mind their business, even the bus man wey drop us rush drive commot. See yawa, I met one agbero to help me show me where I can get to the area I stay, or tell me the route I should take. He asked me to follow him that it is a back road in the park I should follow I go to where I wanted to go, the place don dark sef.

But I followed him and he cornered me to a secluded place and brought a gun.

Agbero: if you make any pim, I go shoot your head. Where your money?

Me: take take! *I give him the 1k on me*

Agbero: fine girl like you, na only 1k you get for body. Bring that bag!

Me: take oh! no shoot me abeg *he took my box*

Agbero: turn! *I did* raise your gown up *I did* see the kind short gown you wear, as you small like this you don dey make men dey get konji.

Me: abeg na, allow me make I go.

Agbero: shut up or I go just burst your head *he touch my ass cheek roughly* see fresh yansh, small pikin like you dey carry this kind yansh.

He pulled down my pa-nt.

Agbero: no look me if you no wan die.

Me: abeg take am easy.

Agbero: I go slap you, you dey mad! *he pull out his ugly big kulikuli, he shove in roughly* aaahhh! see sweet toto, chaaii..!! small pikin like you don dey fu-ck. Sas em swallow my thing

He thru-sted in roughly and started fu-cking me anyhow, his di-ck was very big and it stretched me fully. He pressed my brea-sts as he ba-nged me roughly, without mercy pounding me till my legs wobbled. He cu-mmed after so many assaults on my sugar-pot and zipped up, then ran away with my money and bag. I was so ashamed of myself for enjoying and mo-aning while I was raped.

My sugar-pot was sore as I held my pa-nt and pulled it to my waist, who curse me na? wetin I do the person?

I took myself out of that place not knowing where to sleep or how to get home? I truly need deliverance oh!.

Our Elder say a tree doesn’t just grow because it is a tree, there is always a planter and a seed.