Gift Episode 48


I smelt funny, even me notice say I dey smell, gosh! where I wan take baf now sef? where I wan take sleep? I asked so many questions without having answers for it. I decided first to look for solution from the se-x smell emanating from me, I pulled out my pa-nt and wiped my sugar-pot with it and disposed it across the park fence not knowing what is behind it and I prayed it should be stream or some kind of no go area place, when I heard someone shouting that the person who threw this pa-nt at him should wait for him in where she is, nobody advice me to japa.

I came out of the park to express road, street lights by sides. I decided to look for police check-point as nobody wan talk to you, typical city life nobody dey reason the next person wey dey waka the same road with am ’cause everybody na potential criminal.

My kneels were hurting ’cause I have spent hours in bus and now am still trekking looking for a way to get to my destination, my life is frustrating. I walked dejectedly feeling tired until I stumbled on a Police Check-point where cars were stopped to pay, I no know wetin the money is for whether na security or marching ground, the police officers knew better.

I met them and complained to them that I don’t know where I am, they seemed disinterested and even threatened to arrest me if I continue pestering their ministry of give and pass. I had no choice to mention my father’s name who was a D.P.O luckily for me, I was in my dad division. See the way the angry policeman became lovely and caring, they called my father and told him that they have rescued his lost daughter from street hoodlums, person wey say my disappear.

I was taken to the police station and the officer who took me there bought delicious meal for me, I no know say I be price tag until my papa came and gave him some huge amount of money which I didn’t know. He told me I shouldn’t tell my dad that he lied oh, Claiming he hadn’t pay his children school fees, na every opportunity Nigerians dey take make money.

My dad was hurting but he never spoke of it, he booked me in a hotel and ordered them to get me another clothe before he left, I had my bad and my new clothe arrived with p-ant and bra-, I didn’t know if the policeman at the road block told him I was raped also.

I changed and slept soundly, regretting being a big fool and decided to be smarter in life.

I was brought home by my dad’s driver, My step mother was surprised and displease to see me return, she was carrying a child which I guess won’t belong to my father. She came to my room that night to talk rubbish.

Step-mom: so you don come back to kukuma finish the work?

Me: wetin be that?

Step-mom: to kill my husband na.

Me: *I laugh* na my father be that.

Step-mom: useless ashewo, I doubt whether you be em pikin?

Me: aunty hold am there, you fit call me ashewo but no insult my mother, I take Gawd beg you.

Step-mom: wetin you go do ehhnn? like mother like daughter.

Me: dey deceive yourself, one day fowl yansh go open. My papa wan better your life but you think say na Gate-man p—k go help you for life.

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She was shocked and angry, she never knew I know all along what was going on behind the scene. I just ignored her and slept on my bed, naso this woman hate me?

I went to school the next day, I have missed school for Months and they were about to start third term examination. Them don give prefectship finish and no one even reach me because I was absent.

Immediately I reach school naso amebo association gathered me asking me what happened? That Clara told them I have married a billion son and we both eloped, that they are jealous of me. From that day I knew Clara is a small witch that would have lured me to my destruction.

Clara was made the Senior Prefect and she looked down at me like thrash, she even wanted to use her office to do rubbish with me. I just ignored the nonsense and walked away.

One Friday night like that I felt restless and I decided to watch movie till sleep comes, I went out of my room quietly and walked pass my Step-mom’s room. She was on call, I heard her voice.

Step mom voice: you be idiot, the girl don return…..

Step mom: why you allow am escape? ……

Step-mom: you better fine way come carry am back, or you go pay me all my money.

I was shocked wondering who was on the phone with her, the next morning I felt uncomfortable around my sugar-pot region. I had to be admitted in the hospital for STDS, how I for do am if na HIV? the doctor just dey look me with one kind eye. Even this kind small girl don dey fu-ck too, after the treatment I returned home to see Clara in my house, who let her in? I don’t know.

I asked her to leave but she refused begging me to forgive her, I did in other to teach her a big lesson. One day Israel the First approached me, I mean the rich version of Israel not the poor and wretched Israel the Second. He told me that he was only testing me if I loved him for the money, that he loved me so much that he wanted me back, that he is sorry for introducing me to such life that he is very rich and he will take me to overseas if I agree to elope with him again.

I told Clara about this and she asked me to go ahead with Israel, that his family is very rich that she saw him in one news online. Is high time I start teaching these idiots that am not that daft, starting from Clara.