One Call Away Episode 53


The whistle went off to signify the start of the match and we moved up with our plans as we made sure to keep the ball in our reach.

But after ten minutes, we were still struggling to get into their box eighteen. I remembered one of my personal training with Mohammed, I showed him the zero sign and he understood it. It was a trick to divert attention where I’ll play as false nine and he’ll fall back.

I had the ball on my feet heading to the post, Mohammed fell back and another midfielder followed beside me to make sure the defenders had eye on him. I was sure Mohammed was following from the back with caution.

I dribbled two defenders and when I was sure they’ll try to tackle the ball from my leg, I made a calculative pass to Mohammed who was already waiting for it, and without entering the box eighteen, he volleyed the ball and it landed inside the net.

The shout of goal shook the ground as we celebrated it.

Our goal made them took to another tactics as more of their players fell back to defense.

All our tactics to break into the defense all proved futile as they made sure their half is impenetrable. We were able to get some shots at the keeper but he kept everything out.

It was already ninety minutes and we’ve been the only side playing the ball while they absorbed the pressure.

At least we didn’t lose with five goals but I still wished we won. All of us looked exhausted and we’ve exhibit the amount of substitutions allocated to us.

They’re playing a frustrative game to frustrate us. The referee added three minutes to it and I knew we must somehow pull a miracle in the three minutes.

The formation was changed back to four four two as I pal with Mohammed to strike. Our midfielders also moved to the front as we became more aggressive. But they somehow always calm our aggression whenever we were about to penetrate their defence . They’re extremely solid at the back.

It was remaining a minute and they were doing everything to hold us till the final whistle.

An idea suddenly struck my mind but it was thirty percent rate at success.

I decided to find a free kick in front of their box eighteen. Since they’re not allowing us in, we should also try to fire in target from outside directly from a spot .

The ball was passed to me and instead of playing to the nearest man, I decided to dribble my way into the heart of the defense.

I got passed the first, second and third players easily, with my skill speed, and they didn’t touch me. But the fourth player that came to tackle me facilitated my plan as his leg suddenly brushed mine. I fell down and held my legs as if a car hit me. The referee blew the whistle as everyone gathered around me.

” I didn’t touch him, I swear ” I heard the player protesting

” yeee, yeeee, yeee ” I was screaming on the ground as I squeezed my face.

I smiled as the referee handed him a yellow card.

The first aid team swiftly ran into the pitch to attend to me. I was sure the people at the spectators must thought that I’ve broken the bone in my leg.
After few seconds, I stood up and smiled at my team mates.

The ball was directly at where I wanted it. It was now or never because if we lose it, then it’s the end because I had exhausted all the time feigning fake injury.

The wall was set up and Mohammed and I both stood behind the ball that was just like 30 meters away from the goal post.

” will you like to play it ” I asked Mohammed.

” you worked for this bro, I saw what you did there and I think you should complete it ” he replied.

” alright, but do you think I can score directly from here ” I asked him.

” if anyone is to score from here, then it’s you , you have scored from this distance more time in training ” he replied.

” let’s do it this way, you will feign like you’re the kicker, make sure you had the expression that you’re playing shot but just pass it, I’ll try to volley it in the angle the keeper is away from ” I said to him

” okay bro, let’s do this, it’s now or never ” he said as the referee blew the whistle.

Mohammed ran feigning to be the one to kick the ball but tip it forward a little, this act had made the goal keeper swerved to the right direction, I swiftly ran towards the ball and kicked it at once but the tension in me made me add less power to it, it wasn’t going at the height and speed I wanted it to go, the keeper was swift to comport himself and ran towards the direction the ball was going. I knew he was going to catch the ball at that rate and it’s the end but the ball suddenly hit one of the defenders head and changed direction to the right side of the post.

I opened my eye and mouth wide as the ball moved in slow motion into the empty post with the keeper having less to do about it.

” gooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaal ” everywhere shook tremendously as jubilation filled the air.

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I ran as my team mates pursued me to celebrate with me. I did back flip before sliding on the green grass and my team mates all laid down on my body.

Disappointment was written on our enemies face and I enjoyed it.

The referee blew the whistle to signify the end of the game as we were to judge the outcome of the game by playing penalty.

It was a matter of luck but I had faith in our goalkeeper. He’s really good.

As the captain of the team, Mohammed was called for the coin flipping to know who’s playing first and they got the lead.

Everywhere became silent as the penalty kick was started.

They played their first and it scored, we played ours too and it entered.

Their third players played his and it scored but our player lost his own and that was where tension set in again.

I sat down frustrated on the pitch, not after going through everything.

Their fourth player played his and our goal keeper punch it out from entering the post. We all shouted joyfully as I felt new adrenaline running through me.

Mohammed played the fourth penalty for us and scored. Their fifth player played his own and it went over the bar.

” yesss ” we all screamed joyfully as I head to the spot to take mine. Me scoring means we’re the winner but it was a lot of tension to take in. The post was big and I had many spot to kick it at and score but I was suddenly not sure of myself.

The goalkeeper suddenly turned to a beast in front of me and it felt like he was going to catch it no matter the angle I kicked it at.

I heard the referee blow the whistle and I felt scared. I moved backward and increased my speed as I ran to kick the ball. I kicked it with enough power and it seemed it was going over the bar after the keeper had gone in the opposite direction but hit the last angle bar and slot into the net.

I didn’t have the strength to jubilate or scream as I fell down at the spot I was, breathing heavily as I smiled at the sun that was hitting directly on my face.

I felt my team mates dragged me up and placed me on their shoulders as we all celebrated.

The pitch was suddenly filled with all the students as they all celebrated.

I saw Chris running to me and asked my team mates to dropped me down.

” I’m proud of you brother Ben ” he said as I hugged him.

” hello my talented best friend ” I heard behind me and turned to see Gina.

I smiled as I embraced her.

” congratulations ” she whispered into my ear.

” thank ” I said smiling.

We’re all given a gold medal which was personally hung on our neck by the governor of Lagos state. I also received the award for the best player of the tournament while the striker of the team we faced was awarded the golden boot.

I was also given a cash prize of two million naira while the whole team was given ten million naira as the winner.

I was also introduced to a foreign man by the coach who claimed that he’s from England and he saw me running at the competition and will love to be my agent and introduce me to lifetime opportunities.

He gave me his card as I told him I would be thinking about it.

Mr Popoola was very proud of us as he claimed the football competition is the main heart of the competition and we winning it put the school in the spotlight.

My mom hugged me for almost ten minutes, I could tell that she was extremely proud of me and Mr Tokunbo was also proud of me.

Happy and I didn’t say much except congratulations, no hugging or anything which was unlikely of her.

On our way home, Mr Tokunbo took us to a five star restaurant where we celebrated our success, tho it was more on mine. Happy had a gold medal from table tennis plus silver and gold in race.

We talked, gist laughed and had fun before we returned home. But Happy wasn’t talking to me yet.

When we got home, we both head to our rooms but instead of her going into her room, she followed me to mine.

I turned to look at her and scoffed

” thought you were angry with me ” I said to her.

” and why will I be ” she asked me.

” I don’t know, because you aren’t like your normal self when you were congratulating me ” I replied her.

” I’m like that because I’m planning to congratulate you here, instead of there where I’ll have to suppress my feelings and wouldn’t be able to do things I want to do like this ” she said as she wrapped her arm around my neck, smiled seductively at me before she kissed me.

” let me take a shower first ” I said as I disassociate my lips from hers.

” nope, I want you like this ” she said as she continued kissing. I lifted her up and placed her on my bed as I continued kissing her.

I took off my shirt and she did that too as she remained on bra as we continued kissing. I was kissing her while my hand worked on her boobs in her bra.

We were long gone in the pleasure when my door suddenly flung opened.

” what ” I heard my mom exclaimed.

” mom ” I said as I let go of Happy.

” what are you doing ” mom asked looking petrified.

” I was going to tell you mom ” I replied her.

” that what ” she asked as she kept her voice down.

” that I love Happy and can’t do without her, might even marry her ” I replied.

” no, no, no ” she said getting tensed up.

” is that the reason you asked me not to legalize my relationship with your dad ” she asked me.

” yes mom, I love Happy and can’t lose her ” I said to her.

” no, this can’t happen, this can’t be happening, you’re both siblings for God sake ” she clamored making sure her voice was low.

” not officially ” Happy said and she seemed more bold than I was.

” not officially but you’re both sharing the same blood ” she said as a
tear dropped from her eye.

” what ” Happy and I exclaimed in unison.