One Call Away Episode 49


” who was your informant among those closer to me, because I’m sure you people didn’t pull it off by yourself ” I asked him.

” your driver ” he mumbled without thinking about it.

” Adamu ” I muttered with a surprise expression.

” yes ” he mumbled.

” how is that possible ” I asked with a surprised countenance.” he was shot during the scene by your crew, so how can you claim he’s your informant ” I asked him.

” it was all planned before we carried out the operation, the first round of bullets we fired at the car was rubber bullets, meant only to crack the windscreen of the car and after we got the two kids and blindfolded the girl, we purposely shot him so as to divert all suspicions away from him, Carpon, our leader knew where to hit without taking his life, we even had someone stationed nearby as the good Samaritan that conveyed him to the hospital, our original plan was to kidnap the three children but he called us and told us about the change in plan because two kids decided to stay back in school, and we had to wait for them ” he explicated to me in a detailed manner.

Tho it was realistic and he doesn’t stand to gain anything by mentioning Adamu as the informant but it was hard believing it. Adamu has been working for me for a long time that I can’t even remember the year. I was good to him that his salary of thirty thousand naira which he started with was now one hundred and twenty thousand naira, I entrusted him with my life but he was the one who placed my children in danger.

” do you have any proof ” I asked him.

“no, I don’t , we always keep our track clean, even the CCTV in our den doesn’t have memory card to keep content of what it record, but believe me, I’m saying the truth ” he mumbled as he squirmed.

” alright, I know what to do, I’ll do everything in my power to make sure you’re a free man after confirming that you’re saying the truth ” I said to him as I made to leave but paused after taking two steps.

” and thank you for saving my daughter ” I muttered as I exited the ward.

Ben’s p.o.v

We were discharged from the hospital early morning on Saturday .

Happy’s foot was now perfect to step on the ground again without her seeking for support.

We practically pushed for us to be discharged because we had no privacy for ourselves. Mom and Chris was also admitted along with us inside the hospital as they refused to go home. Dad was the one who was bringing food and clothes for them to change into.

The most shocking news was Mr Adamu been the informant to the people who kidnapped us. Only God know how dad was able to sniff it out faster than the police and challenged him and he confessed to it.

On getting back home, we all celebrated our safety with a sumptuous breakfast prepared by Susan who also joined us for it and a non alcoholic wine before Happy and I retired to our rooms .

I picked my phone and powered it to life and decided to go through Azeezah’s message which I’ve been avoiding.

” firstly, I’ll like to apologize for overeating for what happened in the game, it wasn’t your fault and I failed to pinpoint that at that moment. It was hard watching you making out with another lady and you seemed to be enjoying it, but I forgot it was such a game and you can’t help it even with the fact that you were already tipsy. I’m missing you so much right now and I feel like seeing your face, even if it’s for the last time because dad said he’ll be sending me out of the country tomorrow, ticket has been bought and I think it’s the United kingdom because that’s where my uncle is staying. I’ll settle down there and complete my education after which I’ll come back home to get married to Mohammed.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to get in contact with you again but right now, all I want and desire is to see your face for the last time. I can’t come to your place but I’ll appreciate it if you can come to mine, I’ll be outside waiting for you because my dad will collect my phone now.

This is my last request Ben and I’ll be extremely delighted if you can do it for me. I love you ” her address was at the end of the message

I was disheartened after reading the message. I blamed myself for not reading it after seeing it. She must have expected me to come but I didn’t show up. I pictured how disappointed she must have been when I didn’t show up.

I tried calling the number but it didn’t go through.

I dropped my phone on the bed and started playing game on my play station to get my mood right.

After playing for few minutes, I got tired of playing it and switched it off.

I laid down on my bed and slept off.

I woke up to the touch of someone on my forehead.

” mom ” I muttered as I opened my eye. She was sitting on the bed beside me.

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” my jewel ” she said smiling.” hope I didn’t disturb your sleep, I was just trying to feel if you’re not running temperature ” she said as I sat up.

“You didn’t ” I said as I stretched out.

” how are you feeling ” she asked me.

” I’m great mom, told you nothing to be panicked about happened to me ” I replied her.

” alright but I’ve got to be sure ” she said smiling as she stared at me.

” what’s it ” I asked as I was suspicious of the smile. I knew my mom well to be sure that she’s got a reason to be staring at me like that.

” I’m just happy that I got you back unscathed, I don’t know what would have happened to me if anything had happened to you, I could have been dead too because without you, I don’t think I’ve got any reason to stay alive ” she said still staring me passionately.

” mom ” I mumbled as I held her hand.” I love you ” I said as I hugged her.

” I love you too son, I love you so much ” she said as she wrapped her arm around me.” I’m going to the police station with your dad to sort some things out, will you be okay all alone ” she asked me after we’ve disengaged.

” am I a kid ” I asked smiling.

” I’m sorry, I didn’t know that I’m talking to one of my ancestors ” she said sarcastically.” I’ve checked on your sister and she’s also sleeping, please try as much you can not to disturb her, she need the rest ” she said to me.

” alright mom” I mumbled.

” see you later ” she said as she pecked me on my forehead before she exited my room.

I was now better to when I read the message at first. I took my clothes off and went into the bathroom to take my shower.

” I told you we’ve got to stop meeting like this ” I said as I came out of my bathroom and met Happy sitting down on my bed.

She was wearing a black short top which stopped above her navel and a blue bum shot . I couldn’t help but wandered how many bum shot she has.

” and I told you we’ll stop meeting like this until you come out of the bathroom without your boxer ” she said as she directed her gaze at my short.

” in your wildest dream ” I said smiling as I sat beside her.

” thought mom said you were sleeping ” I said to her.

” yeah, woke up not quite long and decided to come see you ” she said smiling.

” good of you ” I said as I wanted to kiss her but she stopped me with her hand.

” not doing that until you answer query ” she said as she picked my phone.

” I must surely put password on my phone ” I muttered knowing that she had seen the message because I didn’t exit it from the home screen.

” so did you go and visit her ” she asked me.

” nope ” I muttered.

” you’re heartless, shouldn’t you at least grant her last request ” she said flaring up.

” I swear, I just checked the message today, I would have meet with her if I had checked it the day she sent it ” I said to her.

” really ” she asked.

” yes ” I replied nodding my head

” good, I don’t want a heartless guy ” she said smiling. I wanted to kiss her again but she stopped me again.

” I’ve got to tell you something first ” she said.

” what again ” I asked.

” after what happened to us in the kidnapper’s den, I’ve finally made a decision ” she said.

” and what’s the decision ” I asked curiously.

” that I’m ready to lose my virginity to you ” she said shocking me.

” what ” I exclaimed shocked at what she said. But why are girls always wanting to lose their virginity to me.

” I couldn’t get the thought of losing my virginity to a goat in human form in future out of my head after that guy almost raped me, so I think it’s better to lose it to someone I love and cherish most now when I’m able to ” she said and I couldn’t help but stared blankly at her. My brain stopped functioning as I didn’t have anything for it to process.

She suddenly took off the top she was wearing revealing her clad firm b**b.
She moved closer to me and kissed me.