One Call Away Episode 50


My head couldn’t think straight, I wanted it but I felt it was kinda wrong and too soon.

” what’s wrong ” she asked as she suddenly stopped kissing me because I was giving little or less attention to the kiss. I wasn’t responding to the kiss.

” nothing but don’t you think it’s too soon to be doing this ” I asked her.

” yeah, it is ” she replied.

” but I’ll rather do it too soon with you than do it with someone who doesn’t worth it ” she added staring at me.

” but do you think a scenario is going to happen again where a is gonna try to have his way with you forcefully ” I asked her.

” well, if you had asked me such question that will I have a weedite trying to force his way into my pant before the end of the week, I would have probably replied no, I’m not a prophet and I can’t see into the future, so will you do this for me or not ” she asked me.

” Happiness ” I called her name staring into her eye as I made sure my view didn’t go beyond her neck. I might lose control by staring at her boob.

” do you know what could happen after we have sex ” I asked her.

” I don’t know ” she replied.

” firstly, we could both lose the love we’ve got for ourselves, especially me and the secondly, you could get pregnant and that will be disastrous for us ” I said to to her.

” Ben ” she called my name smiling.

” I’m sure having sex with you will only make me love you more and if it’s going to push you away from me, it’s a risk I’m ready to take and concerning the pregnancy, I came prepare ” she said as she took out a packet of condom out of the pocket attached to her bum shot and handed it to me.

I was surprised at the length she was willing to go to lose her virginity.

I was staring at the condom innocently before she suddenly wrapped her arm around my neck.

She stared deep into my eye likewise me. I didn’t know what I was feeling if it was either lust or love as I suddenly wanted her.

Our lips connected as we started kissing like our lives depend on it.

In a flash moment, we were on the bed clinging onto ourselves as we kissed deeply.

I had no control over it again as I was ready to go all the way but a little portion of my heart wished that something will disrupt us but nothing did.

After few minutes of intensed romance, I took one condom out of its package and wore it on my d**k. We were both naked and I was sure there was no going back, she was ready for it and my fighting spirit had been murdered.

I was ready to put it in when I suddenly stopped.

” why are you stopping ” she asked me.

” do you really want this ” I asked staring into her eye.

” more than anything ” she replied me.

” what if I use my finger, it’s the same as saying I disflowered you ” I said to her as my mind suddenly went against doing it. It was a sudden thought that suddenly quiet down my raging hormones.

” do you hate me that much ” she asked me.

” no, I don’t ” I replied her.” I just feel it’s wrong ” I added.

” no it’s not, I love you and you love me, that’s all that matter ” she said as she started kissing me and without further ado, I engaged in the process.

It wasn’t easy as I thought it would be but the end result was that she lost her virginity, same with mine.

After we were done having sex, she proposed we showered because we both looked messed up, and she also proposed that we wash my bed sheet that had been smeared with her blood, but I told her that we should only wash the portion which was stained with the blood in my bathroom to avoid suspicion.

We showered together and had another round of sex inside the bathroom . First time was the hardest, after that, I had no conscience pricking or pulling me back again.

After we were through, she head to her room to change her clothes while I also changed my boxer and wore a short black jeans and white polo.

I laid down on my bed thinking about everything that happened and I didn’t regret it. I felt more closer to her and I was sure I even love her more.

I was still lost in my thought when my door suddenly opened. It was Happy, she had changed into another cloth. She was wearing a red gown.

She smiled as she joined me on the bed.

” what are you thinking about ” she asked me as she placed her hand on my chest.

” about you ” I replied her.

” what are you thinking about me or have you lose the feelings you had towards me ” she asked and I could see that she’s sort of terrified.

I smile as I sat down on the bed, she did too facing me.

” are you scared ” I asked her smiling.

” nope ” she replied twitching her eye lashes.

” but I think you are ” I said and she smiled. I planted a soft kiss on her lip.

” do you still love me ” sh e asked me.

” more than you do to me ” I replied.

” that’s not possible because the love I’ve gotten for you has triple itself in my heart and right now, I don’t think I can exist without you ” she said smiling.

” why does it have to be me ” I asked her.

” because it could only be you, I don’t know how you did it when we’re young and I couldn’t stop thinking about you, when I learnt that you and your mom had gone MIA three years ago, I got sick for three weeks as I thought that I’ll never be able to see you again but funnily, that didn’t stop me from loving you, you really messed with my head that I always see every other guys as my sister ”

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” what tha heck ” I exclaimed laughing.” funny ” I added still laughing.

” I wish I can also remember the memory maybe I might remember if I lighted candle for you when you’re proving hard and the candle is what is tampering with your head till now ” I said humorously.

” then I wish the candle doesn’t loose it efficiency till the end ” she said smiling.

” I love you ” I said to her.

” I love you too ” she said and we kissed again.

” are you not hungry ” I asked her.

” for you ” she said naughtily.

” do I look like pizza to you ” I asked smiling.

” to me you look more than pizza, you look appetizing ” she replied smiling as she kissed me.

” let’s go on a date ” she said to me.

” now, today ” I asked her.

” yeah, let’s go now ” she said.

” where are we really going ” I asked her.

” where did you and Azeezah go to for your date ” she asked me.

” we didn’t go out on a date,that was just us hanging out ” I replied her.

” keep deceiving yourself ” she scoffed.

” so where did you hangout with her then ” she asked me.

” Ventura mall ” I replied her.

” good, let’s go there ” she said standing up from my bed.

” you look like you’ve got another mission for going there ” I said to her.

” you’re smart ” she said smiling.

” but I’m not telling you, just stand and dress up ” she said before she exited my room.

Happy’s p.o.v

He was right, I had another mission for going there.
During the time Azeezah photos were leaked, Gina was the first person to post it on the WhatsApp group which means she had it before anyone, I took that as my first proof, Gina is also good with picture editing, that was my second proof and the third proof was to come in as concrete evidence from the CCTV of the mall. I had the date they had gone there, few hand cutting will provide me with the video I need and that way I’ll be able to confirm if she was there or not and by doing so, Ben will hate her and the probability that anything will happen between them in future will be zero. Call me a b—h but I’m not losing Ben. I got him because of the kidnapping and I wouldn’t watch someone kidnap him from me.

I love wearing trouser but wanted to look like a princess beside my prince charming so I settled for a pink gown.

I did little makeup and also added a little touch of perfume on my body.

Before exiting my room, I made sure to place an order to an uber driver who promised to be in front of our house in five minutes.

” how do I look ” I asked Ben asbo entered his room. He moved closer to me and placed his hand on my waist as he stared deep into my eye.

” you look beautiful ” he said as he kissed me.

He was dressed simple in a black chinos trouser and a white polo shirt.

” are you set ” I asked him.

” yeah ” he replied.

” but how are we getting there ” he asked me.

” with private jet ” I replied smiling.

” let me get my bike key ” he said as he wanted to go get it.

” that was supposed to be a joke and you’re supposed to laugh at a joke ” I ranted.

” didn’t know ” he said smiling.

” I’ve called for an uber, so you don’t need that ” I said to him.

” was that hard to say ” he asked smiling.

” nope ” I replied as I moved closer to him, kissed him and used my finger to clean the touch of lipstick on his lip.

” let’s go ” he said smiling as we exited his room.