One Call Away Episode 51


Ben’s p.o.v
Per what I’ve been trying to decipher concerning who edited and send the photo of Azeezah and me to her dad, Happy helped solved it with proof.

It was Gina. Happy must have planned on checking the CCTV when she suggested that we go on a date to Ventura mall. I didn’t know her plan until we returned home after having a nice time in the mall. She showed me the video on her phone where Gina stood taking pictures of me and Azeezah together.

But the funny thing about it was that I didn’t feel angry like I was supposed to. I was angry but not to the extent of how I was when the incident was still fresh.

I asked Happy not to tell anyone about it because I wanted to handle it my way.

Going along with Happy’s plan, I told my mom about it and she agreed, I also told her about the money I’ve been receiving because it had accumulated to fifteen million naira with few change, up to like six hundred thousand naira. I kept receiving calls from people who claimed to be my dad’s friend and also credit alerts.

We couldn’t go on picnic on Sunday because of the event that happened which made Happy and I had all the day to ourselves. We started living a couple’s life as we locked the entrance door to our block.

We played games and had fun, we also had sex which now seem like a normal thing to us. I loved her and she also do and that was enough to go through any risk.

She had playfully told me that she’ll tell her dad that she wanted us to stop our education in the country and continued it abroad, from there we’ll drop every means of communication with everyone at home when we’re through with our education and fully stable over there and ready to get married to ourselves.

Another problem was Philip, he had somehow found out about the kidnapping and wanted to come visit his girl but Happy asked him not to come, tying him down with some illogical reasons.

Mr Tokunbo was the one who conveyed us to school on Monday. A schedule was made where he’ll be taking us in the morning while mom would come for us in the afternoon before she return to her matt.

Happy and I had our breakfast before leaving home. We slept together after the normal goodnight from mom.

She woke up before me and in the process of returning to her room to get dressed for school, I also woke up, but the funniest thing was that my eye didn’t become itchy as it was supposed to be.

I also got up and dressed for school and was able to take breakfast with her.

We didn’t need to visit the cafeteria again as we head to the locker room to get our books before heading to class.

No student was inside the class but I couldn’t sit together with her. The urge to sit with her was much but I had to control it in order not to throw everything away. I knew we’re been watched by cameras which are not visible to eye.

I took my government notebook which was the second subject for the day and started revising it in order to keep myself busy.

Some minutes later, our classmates started coming in and congratulating us for getting out safely.

Philip came in before Gina, he went to meet Happy and sat beside her. I couldn’t hear what he was saying to her but I was sure he’s happy as he held her hand smiling.

He pecked her on her cheek as they continued talking. I was jealous but kept it to myself as I mustn’t show any interest in what they’re doing.

When Happy’s sitting partner came in, instead of him to disrupt the two of them, he didn’t, as he took to Philip’s seat.

Few minutes later, Gina entered. She congratulated me on escaping from kidnappers safely but I didn’t reply her. She tried to make few jokes but got no reply from me.

Not up to a minute from then, Mr Dandy the literature teacher entered.

At the the dot of ten when he was through with his lecture, he left the class.

” my guy ” Philip said as he came to meet me.

I snickered staring at him without uttering any word.

” thank you for saving my queen ” he said smiling.

” you’re welcome ” I said to him.

” but I don’t deserve a congratulatory note from you because I’m not your queen abi ” I said humorously. I knew the best thing to do is not changing how I behave around him.

” I’m sorry ” he said smiling.

” let me leave you to your wife so that she won’t blast me with laser from her eye ” he said smiling as he stared at Gina.

” what’s the deal with you ” Gina asked me as Philip left us.

” why did you do it ” I asked her.

” do what ” she asked looking innocent.

” edit and send those pictures to Azeezah’s dad ” I replied her.

She was shocked to hear it. Her expression and emotion said it all.

She told me how she had an audition somewhere closer to the mall that day and that was the reason she left school early. She decided to get few things at the mall after she was through with the auditioning and that’s when she saw me and Azeezah closer to the pool board.

She took the picture and edited, sent it to Azeezah’s dad because she wanted to put a stop on anything that might happen between the two of us but didn’t know that it will lead to the withdrawal of Azeezah from the school.

She was also sad about this but it was too late and that’s the reason she allowed the two of us to stay together on her last day.

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She told me that she had already come clean to Azeezah the night of the party and she had forgiven her but couldn’t do that to me because she’s scared that I might hate her because of it.

The thirty minutes break was used to discuss about the issue. To show how remorseful she was, she shed tears. I was very surprised at it.

I asked her if she had done it because she love me and she said yes. I told her that I can’t reciprocate the love because of some certain things but we agreed on been best friend and I forgave her.

I used the opportunity to asked her why she and Happy ain’t on good side.

She told me how the two of them has been best friend since primary school.
She loved Happy more than her own parents and when Happy’s mom was diagnosed with an incurable disease when they were in Js3 , Happy had to miss all the three terms because she followed her mom out of the country. She had to miss the whole session and by the time they return to the country after her mom’s demise. Her dad asked her to retake the Js3 class again because he doesn’t want her to miss any class.

Gina was to resume in ss1 class but felt it would be an act of betrayal if she does that. She demoted herself to Js3 so that they could be together.
She said Happy and her had the same capability before Happy traveled but she later became more intelligent than Happy during the course.

But she decided to stay on Happy’s level so that there won’t be any different between the two of them, but during the promotional examination, Happy betrayed her and indulged herself in studying more harder without informing her.

She did exactly the level of Happiness in the exam and when the result was out, Happy was the second best student while she was rated fifth.
Ever since then, it had been a war between the two of them.

I felt for her but didn’t feel like meditating between the two of them.

After having the thirty minutes conversation with her, I felt like I knew her more than anyone inside the class. She used her outward behavior as a shield in order to avoid been hurt again and it was working fine for her.

Ever since that day, we became more closer even tho Happy wasn’t happy and against it, but I already told her that I’m less concerned with whatever it was that transpired between the two of them.

Our cover was intact at home and at school, people thought Happy’s guy is Philip while our parents thought we were siblings at home.

We slept together, some times bath together, and it was fun having her as mine. My love for her didn’t stop but kept increasing every day.

Three weeks later, it was finally the week of the competition. I was representing the school in three segments, race, swimming and football.

A week to the competition was a hectic one, I was practically doing only sport in school. I had improved greatly in swimming and Philip wasn’t anywhere closer to me again.
In running, no one came close and in football, Mohammed and I were the star there.

Tho it’s hard to believe but we’ve finally gotten along with ourselves. I learnt something in the school, never judge anyone without getting closer to them.

Mohammed had his own down too which came in form of his father. He was moulded into a bully by his dad and I got to know that he didn’t really love Azeezah but his dad made him feel like if he doesn’t love or fight to get her, then he might end up been a failure to him.

I couldn’t take his position in the football team because we had a different role. I’m a playmaker while he’s a strike In training, the coach made us get used to ourselves so that the team can become more formidable to the opponents we’ll be facing and it worked and that was how the two of us became closer.

Even after training, we’ll always wait behind to train on different type of techniques and also developed some secret languages which we can say or show when we wanted to divert the attention of defenders.

I was more than ready for the competition, wishing it was how we’ve planned it to be, little did I know that training among your sect is really disastrous because you would be ignorant of the skills of the competitors thinking you’re the best.

Our first day thought me that lesson as Philip and I had to face agents of mami water, semi fish human in the swimming competition.