Gift Episode 43


Ameoba18 taught me a lot about 2go dissing, one thing we never did was to meet and fu-ck because he wasn’t in same state with me and he claimed he can’t afford the transport. All we did was se-x chat and exchange nudes nothing more, he started advising me to learn lots of grammar, I even had a special note that I made a lot of grammatical lines.

I asked my dad to buy a dictionary for me and he bought Longman dictionary which has lots of words coming together like dilly-dally and more interesting adjective words.

2go Life sweet oh, as I bullied people in my LGA rooms on 2go, I was feared until Amoeba18 asked me to join Comedy room1. Na em I see say I never start, as I joined I saw people using long words that has over twenty letters in their write-ups. And they don’t seem to ran out of ambiguous words with neat write-ups.

I was amazed that Amoeba joined the guy tagging Mentor, He later explained that is his crew member and they were against one Phoenix crew member that ran away after been tortured.

One girl with room-nick Diana was laughing her a-ss out while they were at it. I attacked her and she kept replying me with French, another person in the room later explained to me that Diana doesn’t reply illiterate with English, my ego was smashed.

That is how my 2go addiction stopped small and I focused on reading and knowing how to use grammar very well. One guy I abused in 2go room of LGA, wey I don forget sef. He threatened to deal with me after I humiliated him, I was walking jejely to home from school when someone said see Blueyes, my room-nick.

One Bros with muscles everywhere and goat moustache and goatee attacked me.

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Bros1: na you be Blue-eyes abi?

Me: no, I no be Blue-eyes.

Bros2: shut up! Na wetin Lucy talk.

Clara: she no be Blue-eyes, na her sister *sharp girl*

Me: na my cousin be Blue-eyes, she don travel.

Bros2: tell am say if I catch her ehnn. Fear catch me that day and naso I no gree near that room with my Professional account again, the star sef nodey gree move even when I nodey gree log out 24hours I dey online. If say that guy beat me that day, na mortuary I dey see myself because he looked like someone that have smoked away his destiny ampersand small sense wey remain.

From that day henceforth na bike from School-gate to House gate. I opened new account Mad-woman and continued my bullying in my LGA room, no peace for those wey no sabi big big grammars oh!. I even insulted most of our prefects, them wan bring the 2go battles come offline but them nofit trace me because I dey put my aunty wey don marry as profile picture, go beat person wife na. Lol, make you no see Sky again.

Step-mom: wetin you dey do with your phone everytime?

Me: nothing oh.

Step-mom: go shop tell Mary say make she give you yesterday sales money.

Me: my just reply this chat, mommy. No vex. From replying one chat naso I chat for more than twenty minutes, she has to cease my phone before I go, that one suppose be the fastest message I don go for my life if no be say I met Israel, I ran to the gate and took bike and ran to her shop to get the money before Israel broke the deadlock of no real life toaster after I turned 16years.

Israel owned a car and he was on 2go too, he asked me out and I accepted to be his girlfriend. We became friends on 2go, and he started proposing marriage idea to me. Clara advised me to accept, and I did. I had a bitter experience in my life from Israel.