One Call Away Episode 44


Happy’s p.o.v

I was really a fool to reverse my decision because of the few minutes inside the garage. I really thought it could be a start of something but here’s a secondary school guy proposing to a girl after they’ve finished having sex. Or could it be that Gina demanded he propose to her first before he could allow him to have a taste.

Gina wasn’t a virgin, that I know and since she wanted Ben, it wouldn’t be a big deal getting her pant down for him.

I saw the video when Gina posted it on the class group.

I knew Ben wouldn’t have seen it nor Philip, Gina or I that represent the group as its admin has added him as a member.

I just couldn’t believe he’s gullible enough to propose to a girl all because of sex. I was tempted to show Mrs Salako the video when she came into my room before I slept but I refrained myself from doing it, tho I didn’t know the reason why I stopped.

On getting to school, I knew it was gonna be the hot topic and the cafeteria will be filled with every students from our class , even the ones that have already had their breakfast to gist about it.
I was sure the class would be empty. Dropping down from the car, I head down to the locker room to get my books.

Just like I predicted, the class was empty. I sat down on my chair and placed my head on the desk. I needed a quiet place and the class offered it.

I was sure Ben would have already been placed in an awkward position because of the video. I suddenly felt like going there to give him a hug.
But for what, for asking me not to have sex when he was planning to have it. I’ll pass.


Ben’s p.o.v

I knew that look, it was familiar, I’ve gotten it before but what was it this time.

Philip winked at and made an inaudible apllauase.

” what could it be this time ” I asked rhetorically as I went to get my food.
Gina was sitted at her usual spot all alone smiling mischievously at me as I passed by her.

My heart suddenly sunk as a thought passed by it.

Could it be that someone recorded the kiss between Happy and me during the literary and debate class but I was swift to wave the thought away when I remembered that Philip was laughing. He wouldn’t be if that was the case.

I got my meal of plain rice and stew with a fish and head to sit with Gina.
I knew she knew what the news is about and will share it with me.

” good morning ” I greeted her as I sat beside her.

” how are you my to be husby ” she said smiling as I sat in front of her. She was eating noodles and egg.

” who’s your to be husby ” I asked her as I began to eat my food. I was hungry because I didn’t have dinner before sleeping.

” you na, or what do you think you are after proposing to me ” she said lifting her left hand up to flash the diamond ring sitting on it at me.

I shook my head smiling as I saw it. I knew what everything is about at once.

” you uploaded that video abi ” I asked her still smiling.

” yeep ” she replied smiling.

” I knew you’ll do that, you’ve probably edited the part you’re wringing your face right ” I added still smiling.

” I didn’t edit it, I only removed it ” she said laughing.

” seems I’ll be trending for quite some time now, thanks to you ” I said as I continued eating my food.

” you’re born to make headlines ” she said teasingly.

I was cool with her Sharing the video because it was better than the disastrous event I had already thought of in my mind.

” but why didn’t I get the video ” I asked her.

” because we’re yet to add you as a member to our class WhatsApp group ” she replied.

” why ” I asked.

” because it’s probably been skipping our minds ” she replied.

” tssk, y’all are unbelievable ” I said shaking my head.

” I’ll try to do that today when I get home because I didn’t bring my phone ” she said smiling.

I took my time to eat because Gina insisted that we both leave the cafeteria together because she’s my upcoming fiancee now.

I thought taking long inside there would make her leave but she didn’t.

She made sure she locked arm with mine as we went to the locker room to get our books and on our way back to the class.

She made it looked like we’re couples and funnily, I didn’t find anything wrong with it.

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After the first two subjects in the morning, we both went down to the cafeteria, she made me order her food alongside mine. She made it seemed like we were on a date.

After we were through with the subject for the day, Philip went to the front of the class to pass another information.

” as we all know that ever since Azeez left us, our relevance in the school football team was ousted and despite been good in all aspect, our class has been mocked because of a mere round leather ” he said making sure his emotion convey his displeasure towards this.

” but the gods of our class has bestowed us with a savior who’s gonna liberate us from those dim wits mocking us in the person of Ben ” he said as he started clapping his hands and other followed suit.

I couldn’t help but felt proud at that moment.

” he’s gonna try out for the school team today and we’ll be there, all of us, no one is going home, to support and motivate him to do us proud ” he said after the applause had died down.

” did you bring your football boot ” he came over to ask me.

” no, I haven’t gotten one ” I replied him.

” don’t worry bro, I got you covered ” he said before returning to his seat.

” you play football also ” Gina asked me.

” I think so, tho I’ve not featured in a football team before ” I replied her.

” Azeez , your predecessor didn’t feature in any football team too before I gave him good luck signature and he became the best player for the school team ” she said smiling.

” and what’s the good luck signature ” I asked her.

” this ” she said as she suddenly propelled her body closer to mine and kissed me.

It wasn’t a long one so I didn’t need to push her away from me.

Happy and I made eye contact but she swiftly averted her face.

It was surprising how no one inside the class made any reaction towards it. If it had been my former school, you would have seen many immature peeps making fuse about it.

” ya beautifully insane ” I said to her as I stood up and exited the class.
I wasn’t long gone before I heard the alarm for closing went off.

I head to the car park and informed Mr Adamu that it will take long before Happy and I will go home because of football training.

He said he’ll drop Chris at home first and come back for Happy and I.

Philip gave me a pair of boot which I knew belong to him.

He was the one to take me to the pitch and introduced me to the coach, even exaggerating on my performance as if he had seen me play football before.

The coach decided to give me a chance based on Philip’s recommendation and I could see how bitter Mohammed was about it.

The spectator stand was filled with my classmates and some other students.

I proved my worth to the coach and he was very satisfied with my performance.

He wouldn’t relent to shower me praise and also told the team that they’ve finally gotten what the school team lacked. A creative and complete player. Someone who can dribble, score, run and most importantly, create chances.

I could see how bitter Mohammed was about this but I didn’t give a d–n.
The coach informed us that there would be practice on Monday, Thursday and Friday because of the upcoming competition

My classmates, especially Philip wouldn’t stop chanting my praise after the practice was over.

Only Happy wasn’t celebrating.

By the time we returned to the car park, Mr Adamu was already waiting for us.

I had it in mind to talk to Happy when we get home.

She sat at the front seat while I sat at the back.

Mr Adamu drove out of the school and we were on our way home.

I was feasting my eye with the beauty of the surrounding when I saw a car with tinted glass suddenly sped passed us and pulled it break in front of our vehicle, double crossing it.

Some men with guns suddenly came out shooting sporadically into the air.

Mr Adamu on seeing this swiftly put our car on reverse but one of the gunmen shot at him, the bullet penetrated the glass of our car and hit Mr Adam and he had to stop the car.

” run ” he managed to say to us before he passed out as his head hit the steering of the car and the horn was blaring out loud.

Happy and I both got out of the car at once and started running.

The gunmen pursued us at once, I was fast but Happy wasn’t faster as I was.

I had to slow down to held her by her hand and continued running.

She was slowing me down and the gunmen were gaining on us.

I knew I had to do something if I don’t want both of us caught by them.

I released my hold on her hand and asked her to run while I stood my ground to stop the gunmen, one of the most stupidest thing I’ve ever done .

I spread my arm wide as I made to stop them.

I was met with a brutal punch to my jaw and I passed out at once .