One Call Away Episode 45


Mr Tokunbo’s p.o.v

I was in a shareholder’s meeting for one of the companies I’ve invested in when my phone suddenly rang.

It was from my love, but the matter been discussed at the meeting need utmost attention so I had to drop the call and put my phone in silent.

Immediately the meeting was over, I took my phone and called her as soon as I was out of the auditorium.

” Ben and Happy has been kidnapped on their way back from school, it was gunmen, they shot Mr Adamu and took them away, I’ve been to the police station, they’ve taken down a statement from me ” she kept talking as if she had a hot yam in her mouth and I couldn’t fathom what she’s really saying.

” calm down and talk to me ” I interrupted her.

” Happy and Ben has been abducted on their way back from school ” she said with a cracking voice.

I didn’t need to see her to know how disoriented she was.

I mute for some seconds to digest the words she just uttered.

” when and where ” I asked trying to keep calm even tho my body wasn’t normal again as I hastened my movement to the carpark to get my car.

” this evening on their way back from school ” she replied.

” where are you now ” I asked her.

” I’m at home ” she replied.

” what about Chris and Adamu ” I asked.

” Chris wasn’t in the car because he came home early before them and Adamu was shot but he’s at the hospital receiving treatment ” she replied.

” okay ” I said dropping the call as I ignited my car.

I breath in and breath out three times before I started driving.

I was confused on where to go, school, police station or house.

I was disoriented and lacked focus.

I almost bang the gate of my house down when I got to my house.

I hit on the horn repeatedly and the gate was opened.

I parked directly in front of the entrance of the building, got down without even killing the car’s engine.

Precious ran to meet me at once as she saw me enter the house.

I swiftly put her into a warm embrace. Her face was all puffy and lacked life due to constant tears from her eye.

” we’ll get them back ” I managed to say even tho I have little faith in that.

I had to man up so as to control every affairs.

” what did the police say ” I asked her.

” they said investigation is already on and they would be found in no time ” she replied me.

” who do you think could have done that ” she asked me.

” I don’t know, I don’t have anyone I’m having misunderstanding with, so I don’t really know who could have done it ” I replied trying hard not to give chance to the tears trying to force their way out of my eye.

” what of Chris ” I asked her.

” he’s in his room ” she replied.

” the wristwatch ” I exclaimed loudly

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Ben’s p.o.v

I groaned in pain as I opened my eye slowly. Every thing was blurry at first but after much concentration I could see everything clearly. My jaw was paining me, I just woke up from a bad dream. I tried to move my hands and legs but couldn’t. I tried again and that was when I knew I was tied up.
That was when I knew that it wasn’t a dream but real.

” are you awake ” I heard Happy’s voice from behind me.

” Happy ” I exclaimed as I forcefully moved my body to turn to look at her.

She looked rough as her cloth was dirty and her hair made everything worse. She was sitting down but tied up too.

” are you alright ” I asked her.

” yeah ” she replied nodding her head.” you’re a fool you know ” she said smiling.

” why will you call me that ” I asked her as I tried to also sit down.

” maybe you’ve been watching too much of Indian film because I can’t seem to fathom how you’ll stand to stop gunmen with your bare hand “she replied staring at me.

” I didn’t know why I also did that, all I had in my head was just to save you but seems it failed because we’re both here ” I said trying hard to feign a smile but I couldn’t. But she find it easy to smile.

I was petrified of what was going on. We seemed to be in an uncompleted building, probably deep inside the forest because I could hear the chirping of crickets as evening had already dawn upon us.

” who are those people and why are we here ” I asked her.

” I’m also clueless just like you ” she replied me.

” could they be dad’s rival ” I asked her.

” I don’t think so, dad doesn’t deal in anything that will produce rivals because he’s of feeble heart ” she replied me.

I heard footsteps and voices of some people coming closer, I kept shut as we both had our gaze fixed on the entrance of the room.

Then they started entering, they’re five and two guys outta them had weeds clamped between their lips as smoke puffed out of it, their looks was terrifying but I still managed to pull myself together.

” African commando don wake up ” one of them said mockingly and the rest of bosted into laughter, even Happy snickered.

” what are your names ” one of them asked.

” please don’t hurt us, call my dad, he’ll be willing to pay any amount to get us out ” Happy said.

” why did we kidnap you if we didn’t know that your parent will be able to afford our fee ” one of them said and the rest bosted into laughter.

” we’re not here to hurt you, all we want is your cooperation and your parent’s own too, so everything will be alright ” the guy added.

” so tell me your names ” he ordered.

” I’m Benjamin Salako ” I was the first to say my name. I saw the expression of one of the guys change but he just let out a grin.

” I’m Happy ” Happy said after me.

” so Ben and Happy, give us your parent’s number ” the guy said smiling. They were not harsh nor aggressive. They even looked educated apart from one of the weed smokers that looked odd. All of them are probably in their early thirties.

” 0903880**** “Happy called out and one of them was pressing it on the phone in his hand. They looked inexperience for a kidnapper, it could be they just started and we were their first prize.

” are you guys hungry ” the one talking most asked us.

” no ” Happy and I replied in unison..

” rethink it because we won’t be here again until tomorrow ” he said to us.

” we’ll pass happily ” Happy said.

” well if that’s your choice, I’ll respect it” he said giving up

” goodnight ” he added laughing as they exited the room. One of them, the one that looked odd outta them was staring at Happy weirdly, licking his lip as he went out.

” you don’t look scared ” I said to her.

” yeah ” she replied smiling.

” why ” I asked her staring at her with a confused expression.

” this wristwatch on my wrist was gotten for Chris and me last year by dad and it had GPS installed in it, so I’m sure rescue is already on the way ” she said almost in a whisper.

” wow ” I said as I was finally able to smile.

Everywhere had already gotten more darker and it was getting harder to see ourselves.

I moved closer to her so that we could feel ourselves.

” Were we really close when we were young ” I asked her. The aim was to ensue in a conversation with her because I don’t want anyone of us to sleep since it was rapidly getting dark.

” do you now remember ” she asked me.

” nope, I lost my memory when I was younger so I can’t remember anything about us then, only what mom told me ” I said to her.

” then, it’s a challenge, try and remember it yourself, heard lost memory ain’t fully lost, it’s just locked in a room waiting for you to find the right key to unlock it ” she said to me.

” did you hear that ” I asked as I heard someone’s footstep from a far distance.

” I think so ” she said.

” maybe they brought food for us ” I said waving off every negative thought in my mind.

I was already hearing distance howling of wolves and different kinda odd sounds, I was praying it wasn’t one of the wild animals that had broke in.

The footsteps was drawing closer and I was getting scared, same as Happy as she clung onto me tightly.

A flashlight suddenly shone upon us partially blinding us.

The person moved closer reeking of weed.

He placed the torchlight on the floor to face the roof so that it could lit the room.

” Hello fine girl ” he chuckled as he placed his hand on Happy’s cheek.
She moved her face to get the hands off it.

” b—h ” he said as he suddenly slapped her hardly.

” leave her alone ” I screamed trying to force myself free but the rope was tied tightly.

He also slapped me and my body fell to the floor.

He suddenly dragged Happy farther from me and started unbuttoning her shirt.

” stop it ” I screamed as he.