One Call Away Episode 43


Ben’s p.o.v

The training session went well with Philip and Gina as the spectator.
I got to learn new techniques and I was also able to learn about the turning too. After learning everything, I was able to beat Philip in the last race we did.

” what were you doing inside your room that made Happy angry ” Philip asked me as he was drying his body with a towel I received from Susan inside my room.

Gina had already left after so much pestering from me. She’s a real thorn in the flesh but I liked her. She’s cool, playful and careless. She seemed like a friend I need.

” when ” I asked Philip with a confused expression.

” when I came to summon you for the practice ” he replied.

” but you were the only one at the entrance when I came to open the door for you ” I said to him.

” that’s because she had stormed back into her room before I knocked on your door “he retorted.

” hmmm, I wasn’t doing anything with Gina but that’s Happy for you, her mood always switch like network, get used to that bro ” I said smiling.

” thanks for the advice ” he said as he started wearing his clothes.

” anytime ” I said smiling.

” I’ve got to visit my beautiful rose before I leave, see you at school tomorrow ” he said as he exited my room.

I shut my eye as I sank into my bed still wearing my boxer which I changed into after swimming.

I knew Happy was angry because I was entertaining her enemy inside my room but she need to get use to it because I’m not pushing anyone away for another.

I suddenly felt my stomach grumbled depicting that I was hungry.

” Gina ” I muttered shaking my head as I took a polo, took the remnant of my food which she left and head to the kitchen.

Susan was peeling potato inside the kitchen.

” can I have this again ” I asked her as I dropped the plate inside the sink.

” you didn’t finish the one you got before and here you are asking for another one ” she protested.

” I wasn’t the one who ate it, Gina did ” I said to her.

” what’s going on between the two of you ” she asked me as she stopped what she was doing to steal a glance at me.

” nothing, she’s just my friend ” I replied her.

” are you sure ” she asked giving me a weird stare.

” I’m hungry na ” I said to stopped her from drilling me.

” go and cook na ” she said.

” alright, where is the plantain and egg ” I asked her.

” can you cook ” she asked me.

” I stayed in a ghetto for three years and you expect me not to know how to cook ” I asked chuckling.

” then you must be deluded ” I added sounding less offensive.

” just like you abi ” she asked as she moved away from the potatoes to get the plantain and eggs.

She took a small frying Pan and pour vegetable oil inside without switching on the gas cooker as she started peeling and slicing the plantain.

” hope you know those two are arch enemy ” she asked while she was preparing the meal.

” which two ” I asked feigning not to know what she’s talking about.

” Gina and Happy ” she replied .

” ohh, did you by chance drop a ring inside my room ” I asked with the aim of shutting down the conversation she’s aiming for.

” ring ” she asked turning to look at me.

” I’ve scorched all the nook and cranny of this house looking for that ring, must have dropped it when I was cleaning your room this morning ” she added before she continued with what she was doing.

” do you wear the ring on your finger ” I asked her.

” nope, it’s a pendant on the chain my loml bought for me, it must have fallen from the chain ” she replied.

” I thought as much ” I mumbled.

” where is it ” she asked.

” inside my room, I’ll give it to you later “I replied her.

She prepared excess of what I asked her to prepare, so I couldn’t eat dinner because it was already in the evening when I ate it.

I already told Susan that I won’t be having dinner so that mine wouldn’t be prepared.

Throughout the evening I was tempted to go meet Happy but I controlled myself and kept myself busy with game and Facebook.

I did WhatsApp video call with brother Solomon as we planned, in the night and after that, I showered before I settled down to sleep.

I was about to sleep when my mom came in.

” hello my prince charming ” she said smiling as she entered. She was lucky I was just about to sleep.

” mom ” I said sitting down.

” about to sleep ” she asked.

” yes mom ” I replied as she sat beside me.

” seemed I was lucky ” she said smiling.

” yes, you are ” I muttered.

” how was school today ” she asked me.

” it was good, achieved many things ” I replied her smiling.

” really ” mom sounded excited.

” what are the things ” she asked with a curious countenance.

” I will be representing the school in running and swimming in a national competition that will be holding soon ” I replied.

” wow, my champ ” she said hugging me excitedly.

” I knew you’ll do well in sport because I was also good in sport during my days too ” she said smiling.

” are you sure I got that trait from you or my dad ” I asked smiling mischievously.

” your dad that can’t even first a snail when we were in school, I was the school golden leg in every competition then ” she replied.

” good, so how is your mart ” I asked her.

” it’s doing great, can’t wait to have you visiting it ” she said.

” Saturday is already close ” I retorted.

” you’re right, but I’ve got something to ask you ” she said.

” what’s that ” I asked staring at her.

” what’s going on between you and Happy ” she asked.

” nothing, why are you asking. ” I replied and asked her.

” you two seemed to have a misunderstanding, she didn’t eat tonight, same as you ” she said.

” it’s nothing serious mom, you don’t need to concern yourself with it ” I said to her.

” and I didn’t eat because I ate much in the evening, not because we’re not on good term ” I said to her.

” do you know that you two are very close when you’re young ” she said.

” me and who ” I asked looking surprised.

” you and Happy of course , you always pester me to visit them so that you two can play together ” she replied.

” and why don’t I remember any thing of such ” I asked her.

” that’s because you fell down from the staircase in our house then and hit your head, losing some of your memory ” she replied.

” why are you lying mom, we’ve never lived in a house with staircase before, because of your phobia for staircase ” I said to her and she smile subtly

” and why did you think I’ve got phobia for staircase ” she asked more like a rhetorical question.

” it was because of you ” she replied her question.

” I got scared of staircase when you fell down then and was on the brink of death, I really thought you were going to die because you were unconscious and in coma for a month, I always pictured you falling down anytime I climb a staircase, that’s why we moved out of our house then and your dad bought this, but you can’t remember it because of the accident then ” she explicated to me.

” wow ” I exclaimed

” why did you keep me out of it ” I asked her.

” because you didn’t ask ” she replied me.

” and how will I asked when I’ve lost my memory ” I asked smiling.

” that doesn’t concern me ” she replied smiling.

” what concern me is that I want you to try and be nice to Happy, you once liked her so much, so try getting that like again because she’s your sister and will always be your sister ” she added still smiling.

” how are you sure I liked her as my sister then ” I asked her.

” you regard each other as brother and sister because of the little age difference between the two of you ” she replied.

” alright mom, I want to sleep ” I said yawning.

” you’re sending me out niyen oo ” she said smiling as she stood up from my bed.

” sooth yourself ” I said lying down.

” goodnight my jewel ” she said.

” goodnight mom ” I said as she exited my room.

She was already out before I remembered that I didn’t tell her about the money I received.

Happy gave me the silent treatment again on our way to school but I was kinda used to it tho I didn’t like it.

I slept early but woke up late, so I didn’t get to eat breakfast at home.

I would have woken up early and eat my mom’s delicacy if I knew that Gina has already broadcast the video she took about the fake proposal.

I got into the cafeteria and got the repetition of the scene that happened during the incident of Azeezah.
Maybe I was really created to always create scene.