Gift Episode 38


He took my ni-pples and su-ckled on it as he rammed in and out of my sugar-pot with pace, I was just mo-aning spreading my legs wider for him to get more access. I dug my fingers on his hairy bumbum and he pounded me harder, we were lost in the sexual euphoria and we didn’t realize someone had opened the door earlier, the cook Bridget was the one who caught us red-handed.

Bridget: ehnn.. Samuel, Gift *mouth open*

Me: aunty, no tell my daddy *I start crying*

Samuel: na devil abeg, no tell Gift papa biko.

Bridget: so na devil dey make her mo-an like that?

Me: *I kneel begging and crying* aunty, no tell my daddy. My daddy will kill me.

Samuel: *he kneel* no tell abeg, anything you want I go give you.

Bridget: see the kind thing you dey use for this small girl body, and Gift no tell me say you swallow that thing oh!

Me: aunty, is uncle Samuel oh!

Bridget: Gift, you go give me small dollars from the ones your aunty give you oh.

Me: I go give you.

Bridget: and you Samuel, that your thing big oh. You sabi use am well?

Samuel: yes na, sure.

Bridget: come service my engine, I no know why you dey pursue all these small small girls, when matured person like me dey look for this kind size.

I gave the cook Bridget half of the hard currency my aunt who came from Overseas gave me, she took it and demanded se-x from Samuel. I thought em no go gree oh! the way Samuuel pounced on her after she removed her gown made me wonder, if some boys are possess. Right before me Samuel was pounding her with doggystyle, he held firmly on her hips pumping his hard kulikuli in and out of her ho-rny pu-ssy. I no fit cry, I just wear my shirt and walked to the door, her br-easts just dey swing as em dey hammer her. She dey mo-an enjoying the ministration, as I went out of the door I swear I will never allow that useless Samuel kulikuli to enter my sugar-pot till I travel.

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The next day Samuel started begging me for se-x, I told him I no want. He started telling me how he loved me so much, I come dey wonder if em love my sugar-pot or me? because I never even forgive am. He started touching me, pressing me. I told him to stop that nonsense, he dug his hand in my skirt and find his way to my p-ant, dipped two fingers in my sugar-pot. I was just moa-ning and wiggling in enjoyment, I told him to stop it. He didn’t listen, the more I say stop the more what I wore disappeared from my body, he ba-nged me hard and cu-mmed inside me. I was so vexed because I might get pregnant, I told him to get the drug but he refused that I should get pregnant for him.

I went to the village and saw Grace our former house-help with heavy tummy, I greeted her but she no gree even look my side. The next day we went back to Estate, em never even reach one day when the news travel go round Estate say I don return. The moment my dad drove out Ezekiel shamelessly appeared from nowhere, I heard kpor! kpor!! kpor!!!.

Me: na who be that na?

Voice: na me, Gift.

Me: you who? you no get name.

Voice: na me Ezekiel.

Me: okay, Ezekiel.

Voice: abeg, open door.

Me: to do wetin?

Voice: I wan just see you.

Me: as camera man, abi?

Voice: no na, you know say I love you.

Me: if I open am, you no go do anything oh!

Ezekiel: yes.

Me: swear.

Ezekiel: truth to Gawd.

The moment I flung the door open and let him in, I closed the door and Ezekiel immediately started preaching love. Telling me that he loved me, that he cannot get me off his head. I advised him to cut his head off, so that I go leave him head alone.

He started touching me, smooching me everywhere. Refusing to give me chance to push him away, he grabbed my bre-asts and pressed it hard, he brought my ni-pple out of my singlet and started su-cking. Making me to enjoy it, he removed all the piece of clothes on his body and asked me to ride him. I started bouncing on him, My bre-asts were just shaking and wiggling as my weight lift up and down on his hard kulikuli. I got up when he made a face and he started cu-mming on his body and he shot some on my bedsheet, the thing pain me oh!

I pushed him to leave after all he had got what he wanted.

As school resume ehnn.. I be senior prefect for school, oh girl come see the way them dey greet Gift oh! wonder shall never end. Anywhere I go toasters go just appear from nowhere, all kind of human beings just dey ask of my phone number. Even the ones wey be king of pimples, I gave only the fine boys oh! Before I look my MTN sim don full with toasters number, na wa oh! boys no get joy for toto oh!

Gideon called, I think say I don delete this one.

Our Elder say when the owner of mango tree expose it, it will become a home of thieves.