Gift Episode 37


The way people that claimed to mourn with us were eating and drinking you will wonder if it is longevity ceremony or burial ceremony. Is only me and my father, with his two sisters. The others were just busy comforting the big pots of rice and sneaking many packaged food away as much they could, I bet some people stayed all night during the wake keep to eat and drink, nothing more.

The next day the corpse was brought from the mortuary, my grandmother possess my sister, according to them oh! The whole think looked like acting to me, is doing me like film the way my aunt’s first daughter Beatrice was moving all over the place chasing the corpse anyhow.

I was watching it with small pikin eyes sha and I didn’t get what was happening, some people were just throwing one look like I interpreted that why she no choose you, the women at the backyard were horribly good at taking food home and the person in the kitchen was the worse of it kind, I even met her son with a big bag containing lots of fufu and stockfish.

Immediately, they buried mama, visitors started trooping in and out of the house to remind the people in the kitchen that they also needed to eat. Lots of people in the canopy were giving food, and lots of them refused to go home. They stayed to eat breakfast, lunch, and the worse of it all some slept in the canopy after dinner. The thing just tire me sha..

I was in good mood when I heard blasting music coming from the DJ in our compound, I decided to come out it was late but some guests were still dancing. I watched them dance away, village boys rocking some village girls.

The engine house bulb spoilt some days ago and it haven’t been fixed quite close to the garden, because the fenced compound is large and the house was built upstairs and it didn’t take much of the space. And my dad didn’t appreciate noise from the generator, he decided to distant it from the house.

I just felt like checking the dark that night directive from a ho-rny mind, when I got closer I saw two figures lurking in the dark. I moved away from the light and ducked in the flower, moving stealthily closer to the voices I was hearing.

Voice1: aahh! aahh! take am easy oh, you know say your thing big well well.

Voice2: you know say you too sweet, when I start the thing go just enter my head.

Voice1: no too wide am, my husband go notice.

Voice2: leave that man, you go complain say em size don too small. Shey you don born pikin for am?

Voice1: just dey gentle.

Voice2: okay, umhh… Oohh! I don chuk am inside, aaahhh!

Voice1: aaahh! I don drop my wrapper for ground.

Those two people were having se-x, I was so hor-ny and I wished I was the one. As no be me, I threw stones at the engine house and they became alarmed. I kept on doing it before they quickly ran away, fear to catch them.

The next day visitors were still visiting, some were even begging my father to dash them many things. From the remaining foodstuffs to clothes, and many more things I didn’t get to know.

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Okoye was around, the way he looked at me, I thought I was naked because the terrifying lu-st gaze could make any clothed woman na-ked. While, Samuel was now the only one been allowed to work in the house with the cook, Okoye was relived of his duty as the gate-man after mama death.

We didn’t go after the burial but stayed back as Papa decided to attend some meetings, my aunts and their children left. Papa Ella came after the burial, he was just groping me in any slightest opportunity he got. His wife had to drag him back to their house with threats, I don’t even understand wetin my toto do the man sef.

Samuel: Gift Gift! sas you fine *stealing a quick touch at my bre-asts*

Me: stop, I nodey like that kind play.

Samuel: hiaa! Gift na me Samuel oh.

Me: and so? *I roll my eyes*

Samuel: I know say you don miss that thing I dey do you well well.

Me: commot here oh! I no miss anything.

We were both outside the compound, papa had gone to another meeting in the village town hall while the cook have gone to the market to buy some vegetables to prepare food. I was furious the way Samuel was touching me and I went inside, na him and Okoye ’cause mama death.

He came begging me to open my door and let him in, at first I no want oh! before I look I don go open the door and Samuel turned and locked the door. He started kissing me, necking me, smooching all over me. Pressing my small bre-asts, lifted my skirt up and dipped two fingers in my now not too tight toto, he started fi-ngering me, I asked him to stop and I helped him pull his shirt, before I could count 1, 2, 3 my skirt is offed from my waist while Samuel have discarded the short he wore, his hard kulikuli dangled in front of the starked naked Samuel that want to devour me.

He spread my legs and shifted my pa-nt, I asked him to stop ohh! that I don’t like it, he started ba-nging me hard and faster, he made me to mo-an and scratched his back.

Our Elder say a child who doesn’t control her libido is like a fowl that is submissive to the urge of a hen.