One Call Away Episode 42


welcome to my room ” I said as we entered my room.

” hmm, you try it’s neat ” she said as she glanced through the room.

” who own this” she asked as she head for my lunch that was sitting comfortably on my reading table.

” that’s my lunch ” I protested as she started eating it.

” who told you that you can eat it ” I asked her.

” you did ” she replied as she continued eating it.

” when ” I asked with a surprised countenance.

” now ” she said smiling as she continued eating it.


Happy’s p.o.v

I returned to my room with Philip. I knew what he was expecting but I was keen on not giving it to him again.

” where did we stop ” he asked as he sat on the chair.

” looks like we’re not going to continue from that side again ” I said smiling as I sat on the bed.

” why ” he asked looking confused.

” because I think we’re going too fast ” I replied him.

” does this have to do with Ben ” he suddenly asked shocking me but I swiftly composed myself and feigned not to look shock.

” what does this have to do with Ben ” I asked .

” what were you doing with him inside the garage because it seem to me like he lured you there to discourage you about doing the thing ” he said.

” which thing ” I asked feigning innocent.

” what we were about to do before you got the call ” he replied.

” and what was that ” I asked still feigning ignorance.

” I thought we wanted to have sex ” he finally utter the word.

” sex ” I muttered feigning to be surprised.

” why will you say we’re about to have sex, thought we’re just making out ” I added still feigning ignorance.

” was that your intention for coming here ” I asked feigning to be angry.

” nope ” he muttered.

” I thought you wanted it” he said in his defense.

” so there’s another version of Philip ” I said laughing.

” what do you mean ” he asked with a confused countenance.

” was just pulling your leg, didn’t know you can be serious ” I replied smiling.

” but I was not planning on having sex with You, just wanted to have a nice time with you and Ben wasn’t the one who called me, it was Chris ” I said to him.

” ohh, I’m sorry ” he apologized.

” it’s okay, just let us take it steady ” I said to him.

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Ben’s p.o.v

” do you know that’s my lunch you’re eating ” I said to her as she continued eating the food.

” that’s great because you’re the reason why I didn’t take mine ” she said smiling as she continued eating .

” did I ask you to come ” I asked feigning a sulk feeling.

“You did ” she replied.

” what’s that” she asked as she suddenly dropped the plate in her hand on the table and picked a ring on the floor.

” did you bring that in ” I asked as she held it in her hand.

” do I look like queen of the ring to you ” she asked.

” you might be ” i said teasingly.

” you’re not serious ” she retorted smiling.

” but it’s pretty ” she said staring at it.

” take ” she said as she threw it at me and I caught it.

” wear it on my finger ” she said stretching her hand toward me.

” why will I wear it on your finger when I don’t know the owner ” I asked her.

” and did I tell you that I’m leaving with it, I just want to see how it feels for a guy to put a ring on my finger ” she replied me slightly frowning her face.

” I’m not doing it ” I said to her.

” then it seems I’ll be sleeping here tonight ” she retorted as she laid on the bed.

” I’m sure I’m the one who caused your death in your last life, that’s why you’re terrorizing my life ” I said as I moved closer to her.

” give me your hand ” I said when I was standing in front of her.

” good boy ” she said smiling as she sat down on the bed and stretched her hand toward me.

” you’re not doing it properly ” she said as she suddenly withdrew her hand.

” how am I supposed to do it ” I asked her shaking my head frustratingly.

” you go on your knees, then stretch your left hand at me, I’ll now place my left hand on your palm and you’ll use your right hand to insert the ring into my finger romantically ” she narrated smiling mischievously.

” am I proposing to you” I asked with a confused expression.

” maybe ” she replied smiling

” just that you’re just practicing how you’ll do it in future maybe in California or New York, in a five star hotel, surrounded by many white folks, clapping excitedly when I tell you yes” she added still smiling.

” ya sick in the head ” I said smiling as I knelt down with only my left knee, then stretched my left hand towards her like she explained.

” wait ” she said as she suddenly took her phone.

” this kind of moment shouldn’t be wasted ” she said as she switched her phone camera on and set it to video.

” now ” she said as she placed her left hand on my palm while capturing everything with her phone on her right hand.

I didn’t care as I used my index and thumb finger to hold the ring.

” he’s about to proposed, he’s really gonna propose to me ” she said sounding excitedly like she’s not the one staging the whole event.

I smiled as a wicked idea flashed through my mind.

The ring looked kinda small to fit her finger. The person who own the ring must have little fingers.

With force, I inserted it into her index finger and it got stuck along the way.

” it’s painful, take it out ” she said wringing her face in pain as I thrusted it in.

” no, I’ve got to make sure it’s fully in ” I said smiling mischievously as I continued using force to pushed it in.

” ya mad ” she said as she forcefully withdrew her hand from mine.

” no sane person can survive around you ” I said laughing hysterically.


Happy’s p.o.v

” I’ll go and call Ben so that we can start our training ” Philip said after we seemed to have used all the subscription for words in our mouth.
He was less exciting as he has always been when we’re not dating .

” okay, let’s go together, let me change my top ” I said to him as I stood up and head to my wardrobe to get another top.

I swiftly excused myself to the bathroom to change it.

” let’s go ” I said to Philip after coming out of the bathroom.

” what could they be doing ” Philip asked as we got to the entrance of his room.

” let me confirm ” I said smiling as I placed my ear on his door to eavesdrop on what’s going on inside.

” it’s painful, take it out ” I heard Gina said as she seemed to be in pain.

” no, I’ve got to make sure it’s fully in ” Ben said

” what could they be putting in and taking out ” I asked myself inaudibly as my mood suddenly went sour. I knew what was happening, they’re having sex while he asked me not to do it.

I left Philip and returned to my room angrily .