One Call Away Episode 41


Ben’s p.o.v

I stayed with Susan inside the kitchen as she made my lunch for me as we discussed and gist.

Finally she was through with my meal, helped me to put in a plate before handing it to me.

” thank you ” I appreciated her as I received it from her.

” care for some? ” I asked her.

” not a fan ” she replied smiling.

” then I’ll be going to my room ” I said as I exited the kitchen with my meal which looked appetizing.

” Philip ” I muttered, shocked as I saw Philip coming in through the front door.

” how are you bro ” he asked smiling.

” I’m good, didn’t know you’ll come so soon ” I said staring at him

” hello Susan ” he greeted Susan as she came out of the kitchen.

” Philip, been ages ” Susan said smiling.

” yeah, that witch won’t give me an excuse to come ” he said smiling and I knew Happy was the one he was referring to as a witch.

” not surprised ” Susan said still smiling.” see you later ” Susan said before she exited the sitting room.

” Happy wanted me to come earlier, said she has something she wanted us to do together ” Philip said replying the question I asked him before Susan cut in.

” what’s that ” I asked as I suddenly became curious of what it was Happy wanted them to do.

“I’m not sure but I think it’s sex ” he whispered to me. The plate in my hand almost fell down if not that I swiftly gripped it.

” I’m telling you this because you’re my bro, make sure you don’t let anyone know ” he said smiling before he started heading to our block

He sure know his way around the house amd considering the conversation he had with Susan, he was not new to the house.

I returned to my room and dropped the food on my reading table as I suddenly lost my appetite.

I didn’t know why but I felt it was wrong for them to have sex and I had to do something to stop it but I was short of idea on what to do.

” Chris ” I muttered as an idea suddenly crept into my head.

I took my phone and dialed Chris number.

” brother Ben ” he said excitedly as he replied the call.

” where are you and what are you doing ” I asked him.

” in my room playing game ” he replied.

” pause the game and come to my room now” I said to him.

” alright ” he said not even asking why I wanted him inside my room.

It wasn’t up to a minute before he appeared inside my room.

Happy’s p.o.v

” what will you like to eat ” I asked him as he sat on the only chair inside my room while I sat on the bed.

I was wearing a short bum short which had almost all my thigh in view with a transparent dress and I was sure my boobs was visible inside it and I was also sure he noticed it because he could hardly control himself not to stare.

” I made sure to eat before coming ” he replied.

” why, don’t you want me to cook for you like I did that day ” I asked smiling.

” tho you cooked poison for me that day and I ate so that you won’t try to cook for me again ” he said smiling.

” you’re not serious, but I’ve improved in my cooking ” I said laughing as I reminisced on the event that occurred the day he was talking about.

I stood up and walked to my door and locked it.

” will you like to eat this ” I asked smiling naughtily as I sat down on his lap. I was shocked that he already had a hard on.

I placed my lip on his as he was about to talk and kissed him. I couldn’t go deep as my phone suddenly started ringing.

” I’m sorry ” I said as I stood up from Philip’s lap.

I picked my phone from the bed and found out that the call was from Chris.

” why could he be calling me ” I asked rhetorically as I swiped the green icon.

” hello sister Happy ” he said as I replied the call.

” what is it ” I asked.

” come into the garage, I’ve got something I want to show you ” he said to me.

” what’s that ” I asked but he had already dropped the call.

I thought about it for some seconds before I decided to go see what it was he wanted to show me .

” I’m coming ” I said to Philip as I exited the room.

I got to the garage and met no one inside it.

I tried Chris number but it wasn’t going through.

” is he pranking me ” I asked smiling tho I liked it.

Sitting on Philip’s lap and kissing him made me realized something. It was that no one could replace Ben even if I decided to lose my virginity.

I couldn’t feel half of the vibe I felt when I was making out with Ben, when I was kissing him.

Chris call was a savior in disguise because I was already having a second thought about the whole thing.

And since he’s nowhere to be found , I decided to return to Philip and tell him that I’m no longer in the mood again because of the call I received from Chris.

” shit ” I muttered as I tried to open the door of the garage and it wasn’t opening.

I tried Chris number again and this time it started ringing inside the garage.

” hello ” Ben suddenly came out of nowhere with Chris phone in his hand.

” what’s happening here ” I asked glaring at him.

” just checking up on you and since you’re reluctant in opening up to me, then a brief silent time between us might change your mind ” he said giving out that damned smile. That kinda smile that make you reply yes to every question you’re been asked because you’ve lost your wit.

” told you there’s nothing wrong ” I managed to talk with a voice lacking vigour unlike the ones I’ve been using for him.

” really? ” he asked as he moved closer to me.

” ye, yes ” I stuttered as I dragged my leg backward but the door stopped me.

” Happy ” he called out gently as he placed his cold hand on my neck, I couldn’t help but let out a light moan.

” I know something is wrong and I think I’m at fault but there’s no way I’m going to realize my mistake if you don’t open up to me ” he said to me tenderly as he stared directly into my eye.

” do you wanna know what’s wrong ” I asked him and he shook his head.

” this ” I said as wrapped my arms around his neck and started kissing him as I couldn’t control myself again.

He wrapped his arm around my waist as he pulled me closer to him and we started kissing intensely.

I lost grab of time during this moment and by the time our lips were apart from each other, I was slightly gasping for breath.

” see, I’m cool with it now ” Ben muttered smiling.

” but I’m not because I love you and I don’t think you can love me back ” I said to him lowering my voice.

” what ” he murmured with a blank expression as he stared at me.

” that’s why I want you to give me space so that I can sort out my feelings ” I said when he seemed like he’s lost of words.

” I’m sorry ” he said staring at me.

” why ” I asked with a surprised expression.

” because I failed to notice this and made you witness some things ” he replied.

” it’s alright, you ain’t the one that asked me to love you ” I said to him.

” is that the reason you accepted to date Philip ” he asked.

” yes ” I replied.

” hmph ” he sighed deeply.

” okay but I don’t want you to have sex with him now ” he said almost in a whisper.

” why can’t I have sex with him and who told you I’m planning to have sex with him ” I asked slightly surprised at his statement.

” because it’s too early to do that when you’re not a one night stand ” he replied me.

” and I just presumed you two are planning to have sex, and see the way you’re dressing ” he said pointing at my boobs which are almost visible.

” I think you’re even trying to lure him to have sex with you, not him doing so ” he added as his gaze was already off my boobs.

” you’re kinda right but I already dropped that mindset before coming here ” I said to him.

” why ” he asked looking curious.

” because he’s not you ” I replied him smiling.

” you know that it can’t work ” he said staring at me.

” why ” I asked.

” because our parents are already in love ” he replied me.

” and so “I asked but he couldn’t reply before his phone started ringing.

” who saved this number on my phone “he asked with a perplexed countenance.

” which number ” I asked as I peeped into his phone.

” that’s the gateman’s number, must have been saved by dad before he gave you the phone ” I said to him when I saw that it was Jamiu GM that was calling.

” okay ” he said as he picked the call.

” who’s that ” he asked.

” okay, let her in ” he said before disconnecting.

” next time ask for visual confirmation first before asking him to allow anyone inside ” I said to him swallowing what I really had in mind to ask him which was “who’s the person coming “.

” okay,I’ll put that in mind ” he said to me.” so where did we stopped ” he asked smiling.

” I think you’re expecting a visitor, maybe we should continue this conversation another day or later in the night ” I said to him.

” she’s not really a guest, that’s Gina ” he said to me reluctantly.

” Gina ” I muttered with a surprised expression.

” what’s she doing here ” I asked.

” she insisted on coming that she want to hang out with me, tho I told her that I had training session with Philip but she wouldn’t budge ” he replied me.

” typical Gina ” I muttered.

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Ben’s p.o.v

I knocked the door lock loudly thrice and Chris opened it.

” Ben ” Gina called as she entered.

” Happy ” Philip also called out as he got to the sitting room.

” here ” I said handing Chris phone to him.” thank you ” I whispered to him as I handed it to him. He smiled as he exited the sitting room.

” when are we gonna start the training ” I asked Philip as he made to leave the sitting room with Happy.

” later bro, have something I’ve got to do before then ” he replied as he winked at me before he exited the sitting room with Happy with his hand on her waist.

” ode ” I mumbled with a smile.

” how do I take off this cloak ” Gina asked.

” which cloak ” I asked as I viewed her from head to toe. She wasn’t wearing any cloak except a short red gown and a sky blue jean jacket.

” the invisible cloak ” she said smiling.

” you’re not serious” I said smiling.

” so what will you like to be offered ” I asked her as I anchored her to sit on one of the chairs in the sitting room and sat beside her.

” do you have weed ” she asked.

” the one that people use to smoke ” I asked her confused as Nigeria itself .

” no, the one that’s used to do laundry ” she teased smiling.

” I didn’t know you smoke” I said not hiding the fact that I was surprised .

” and I didn’t know you’re also dumb to take me serious ” she said smiling.

” yara fuu ” I said laughing because she got me. I really thought she smoke.

” yara mumu boy ” she said laughing.

” seriously, what should I offer you ” I asked her.

” a tour to your room won’t be bad ” she replied.

” so that you’ll go and rape me inside my room abi, I’m not going ” I said humorously

” like you’re even worth raping ” she retorted with a grin.

” bye bye, you’re due to return to your house ” I said and she knew that I didn’t mean it.

” do you have a private jet ready ” she asked.

” didnt you see it on the roof when you entered” I asked her.

” no, I didn’t, maybe it has been taken to the car wash for washing ” she replied.

” oh, you’re right, I asked the driver to go and wash it ” I said smiling.

” it’s a pilot not a driver ” she corrected me laughing.

” well done miss Oxford 2021 ” I said winking in a funny manner at her.

” you’re not cute joor ” she lamented smiling.

” who asked you ” I asked her.

” your dumb soul did ” she replied.

” are you naturally born with sharp mouth or you picked it on the way while growing up ” I asked her.

” I was too busy getting prettier and more intelligent to take note of that ” she replied.

” like she’s pretty ” I mumbled.

“At least I don’t look in the mirror and see an ape staring back at me like you ” she said fluently as if she had crammed everything before coming.

” you’re lucky that I’m not in the mood for savaging today, I would have been measuring it back for you in higher quantity ” I said to her.

” don’t make me laugh ” she said trying hard to hold in her laughter.

” just like you always measure your stupidity in higher quantity before talking abi” she added as she let go of her laughter and she cackled out loudly.

” I’ll show you to my room ” I said standing up.

” better ” she said as she also stood up, still laughing.

” what’s Happy and Philip doing all alone inside her room ” she asked me.

” maybe you should go and ask them ” I replied her.

” yara fuu ” she said smiling.

” could they be having sex ” I asked not voicing it out as I got to the entrance of my room and opened the door.