One Call Away Episode 40


hello son did you got my package ” the person asked and I frozed where I was sitted as I tried to picked the person who own the voice because it sounded familiar.

” please who are you “I asked when I couldn’t decipher who own the voice.

” this is Mr Popoola ” the recipient replied.

“Ohh, I’m sorry sir ” I apologised.

” it’s okay son, I couldn’t see you again as I promised ” he said.” that’s why I decided to send that token to you first after Tokunbo told me that he has opened a bank account for you ” he added.

” that’s not a token sir ” I said surprised at his words.

” hahahaha ” he laughed the rich people kinda laugh.” compare to what I’ll later send to you and what our remaining friends will also send to you when I tell them that you and your mom are out of the hole you went to hide yourselves, what I sent you is just a token “he said and I didn’t know when my lips parted from each other.

” thank you sir ” I managed to say.

” it’s alright, I’ll get back to you later, have something to do and my regards to your mom ” he said before disconnecting the call.

I dropped my phone as I jumped on the bed excitedly.

I was very happy, a proud owner of six million naira when I didn’t even have a bank account two weeks ago.

I remembered that I was supposed to call brother Solomon. I fished out his number and dialled it.

” hello, who’s this ” he asked as he picked the call.

” it’s your boy, Ben ” I replied him.

” woow, Ben ” he called out excitedly.

” brother Solomon ” I said smiling like a rich kid that have six million naira in his account.

” you couldn’t even tell me that you were leaving, I was slightly disappointed in you because I thought you held me in the same regard as I do ” he said voicing out his displeasure about me not informing him before leaving.

” I’m sorry brother, it was a sudden event which I didn’t know about it before and I didn’t have your number ” I said to him.

” you should have collected it from your mom, she has my number na ” he said.

” oh, I’ve even forgotten, even thought you just gave my mom your number when she told me you called ” I said to him.

” it’s alright but I’ve really missed you like mad ” he said smiling.

” I’ve also missed you but I’ll try to find time to visit you soon ” I said to him.

” that’s good, I’ll be expecting you” he said.

” so how is hustle ” I asked him.

” which one out of the two ” he asked still smiling.

” both ” I replied smiling.

” both are not doing fine, got busted day before yesterday with my phone in my hand when I decided to buy indomie across the street since your mom isn’t there again to sell it to us ” he replied.

” by who ” I asked.

” by sars ni oo, I bailed myself out with two hundred and fifty thousand naira and now I’m not even balance to be stressing myself at all ” he replied.

” but mum gave mummy Sesede the container, is she not operating it yet ” I asked him.

” that one isn’t serious oo, since when she sold all the goods your mom left in the container, she has shut it down ” he replied me.

” she’s not serious ” I said as I remembered how happy she was when she was telling me that mom gifted her the container.

” so how’s your new place, hope it’s good ” he asked me.

” it’s awesome, maybe I’ll invite you here after I’ve visited you ” I said to him.

” and I’ll be glad to come ” he said smiling.

” since you now have phone, have you started hustling ” he asked me.

” who need to do yahoo when money is entering my account without me lifting a finger ” I said in my mind.

” nope, my mom and I are living great so I don’t need it ” I replied him.

” really ” he asked.

” yeah ” I replied him.

” wow, gist me na ” he said.

” not now brother Solomon, maybe in the night, I’ve got something to do and after dropping the call send me your account number ” I said to him.

” hahaha ” he laughed hysterically.

” you’ve started learning hacking abi and you want to use my account to test your skill ” he said still laughing.

” sorry to disappoint you Ben, the money in my account after those useless souls extorted me, can’t even flash mtn to mtn ” he added still laughing.

” you’re funny egbon, send me something joor ” I said.

” okay o, don’t sha say I didn’t warn you ” he said before dropping the call.

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I was having a inner battle on opening the message Azeezah texted me, I didn’t want to spoil the happiness that was bubbling inside me but I was also curious to know what she had conveyed to me through the text.

Still sitting on the fence, another message appeared on my phone’s screen from brother Solomon. I opened it and it was his account number.

I swiftly branched Google playstore and downloaded the bank app for the bank I was using. I activated it with my ATM card before I transferred three hundred thousand to brother Solomon.

When a message appeared on my phone that the money was successfully sent, I decided to login to Fb, but I wasn’t able to do that before brother Solomon call appeared on my phone.

” hello egbon ” I said as I picked the call .

” are you the one that sent the three h that just got deposited into my bank account ” he asked.

” yeah ” I replied smiling.

” how, where did you get the money from ” he asked probably surprised that a kid whose mom make earning from a container where she’s selling few stuffs could send him such amount of money.

” we’ll talk about that in the night ” I said to him.

” alright, I’ll call you via Whatsapp video call if you’re on WhatsApp ” he said.

” alright and I’m on WhatsApp ” I said to him.

” cool, thank you so much, you just save a bro from impending hunger ” he said laughing.

” no qualms ” I said before disconnecting the call.

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I dropped the phone after disconnecting the call and head to the bathroom to take my bath.

After I was done taking my bath, I wore a knicker and a white singlet and head to the kitchen to get lunch.

I met Happy inside the kitchen with a plate which contained fried egg and plantain.

She made me feel invincible as she made to leave the kitchen without uttering a word to me.

” what did I do wrong ” I asked her as I intercepted her way.

” nothing ” she said as she tried to move pass me.

” I don’t think it’s nothing, was it because I was angry about what happened at the party ” I asked her.

” I already told you it’s nothing, so please let me go, my meal is getting cold ” she said and I made way for her.

I felt uneasy about her silent treatment and something was hitting my gut that something isn’t right.

She wanted a friend and I was ready to give her, so why continue giving me the silent treatment.

” did she fried that herself ” I asked no one in particular as I saw a frying pan on the gas cooker with little vegetable oil inside it.

I started glancing through the kitchen not sure of what to eat.

” what are you looking for ” Susan asked me as she entered the kitchen.

” I don’t know, just wish to take something light for lunch ” I replied her.

” what about drinking garri ” she asked me.

” looks like you want to see my eyeball drop down from its socket ” I said laughing.

” why will your eyeball drop from your socket ” she asked me.

” because I’m allergic to it ” I replied her.

” I’ve never seen anyone having an allergy of garri ” she said laughing.

” I’m just joking but I don’t like drinking it, can you suggest something else ” I said to her.

” okay, will you go with fried plantain and egg like Happy ” she said.

” did you prepare that for her ” I asked her.

” yeah, why are you asking ” she asked.

” nothing, help me too with a plate of that ” l said to her.

Happy’s p.o.v

Even tho it was harder than I planned it but I was happy that I was managing to go through with it.

Even after hearing what I’ve been wishing to hear from him inside the literary class, I was surprised that I was able to handle it and showed no sign that it was what I wanted . Tho I wished he had said it sooner before I told Philip that I was ready to be his girl.

but it was the right thing to do because I don’t think he’s gonna like me like I wanted him to so going with someone who love me is enough and okay than for me to always give myself headache over thinking about him flirting with other girls like he was doing with Gina inside the class before the alarm for closing went off.

I was still eating my lunch which was freshly prepared by Susan when my phone suddenly rang.

” why is Jamiu calling me ” I asked as I saw that it was the gateman that was calling me.

” hello ma, there’s a young guy here who claimed that’s he’s here to see you ” he said as I picked the call.

” what’s his name ” I asked him.

” Philip ” he replied.

” visual confirmation ” I said to him and a message dropped on my phone.
I checked it and it was the picture of Philip on his powerbike.

” let him in ” I ordered Jamiu as I disconnected the call and continued eating my food.

Jamiu is new to the job and doesn’t know my friends yet, if it had been the former gateman, he would have allowed him in without contacting me.

Philip had earlier informed me in school that he’ll be coming to my house because he has practice with Ben but I was sure I was his main objective for coming.

I smiled as I remembered his expression when I told him I was ready to date him. He thought at first I was pranking him.

I knew he loves me so much but I don’t love him, but I was ready to build the feelings for him, same reason I was planning to lose my virginy to him when he comes into my room.

I dropped the plate on my reading table, took a napkin and cleaned my hand as I head to my wardrobe to get a sexy and tempting cloth.

” f–k sex before marriage ” I muttered as I found the perfect dress I wanted.