One Call Away Episode 29


” we’ll see at the party ” I said as I started placing my books on each other.

” are you not going to give me a reply ” she asked staring at me as I get my books.

I paused what I was doing and heaved a sigh .

” Azeezah ” I said as I changed my sitting position so that I could stare at her.

” I seriously don’t know what to say because I wasn’t expecting it but we’ll be able to talk about it later” I said to her then pecked her on her forehead, then slowly on her nose and lastly on her lip.

” See you at the party ” I said as I took the last book from under my locker, placed it on the ones on my desk then head outside to go drop them inside my locker .

I met four students inside the locker room, we ain’t on speaking term and since they didn’t show any social vice towards me, I played blind as I head to my locker and dropped my books inside it making sure I was careful when inserting my pin.

I head down to the car park and this time it was easy locating my ride because it was the same Honda car dad used to drop us yesterday that Mr Adamu brought to pick us up.

Only Chris was already in the car, he was sitting beside Mr Adamu at the front seat.

I greeted Mr Adamu before I pleaded with Chris to sit at the backseat so that I could take his position. He happily obliged as he got down and sat at the backseat.

It wasn’t up to a minute when I saw Happy coming towards us. She was in the company of one of the girl in the class and her seating partner. They’re chit-chatting as they made their journey towards the car.

They depart from her when she got to the car. She greeted Mr Adamu as she entered the car.

” why are you sitting here ” she asked Chris.

” because brother Ben said he wished to sit at the front seat ” Chris replied her.

Mr Adamu mumbled few words which my ear couldn’t swallow in order to digest what it was before he drove out of the car park and we’re on the journey back home.

My gaze was transfixed on the glass beside me as I watched the beauty of the school. My eye didn’t bid bye to the glass even when we were out of the school, I was feasting on the magnificent structures of the buildings in the neighbourhood where the school was situated, cars and other things that caught the attention of my eye.

I could see everything and my memory was assimilating and appreciating it all but my mind was elsewhere, I couldn’t disassociate what Azeezah said from it.

I was thinking of what I could possibly do. I was already of age to have sex, many boys of my age are already cool with sex but I don’t think I was ready for it yet. And if I’m ready to have sex, probably with her, it shouldn’t be on the note of her trying to use me.

She wanted the sex because she wanted to hurt her dad not because of the love we both shared and that reason is enough to object to it but I didn’t want her to think I don’t love her. It’s probably might be the last time we both set eye on each other and I wished to satisfy all her wishes but her wish for sex was something I don’t think I was going to give in to.

” brother Ben ” Chris called from behind but I was already lost in my own thought to hear.

” brother Ben ” he called again, this time more loudly .

” yeah Chris ” I said drifting away from my thought.

” it looked like you had a hell of a day in school ” he said and I could hear him chuckled.

” he did ” I heard Happy mumbled.

” how did you locate my class, I was very surprised to see you ” he said smiling.

” saw one of your classmates who showed me to your class ” I replied him.

” cool, don’t forget to come tomorrow as you promised, my friends are already eager to meet you ” he said.

” okay ” I replied him as I drifted back to my thought.

Happy’s p.o.v

I knew something was off but I thought the answer to my intuition would be provided inside the car but I got none.

Ben was sitting at Chris position, and looked like he got a lot on his mind. He wasn’t the Ben inside the class that was happy around Azeezah any longer. He was sort of moody as his gaze was fixed on the road.

Not talking to anyone and an attempt from to lock him on a conversation by Chris was not successful because he replied like he was been forced to reply and the conversation didn’t last up to two minutes.

But why did Ben go to Chris block, a question I was sure to ask Chris when we get down and hopeful it wasn’t what I was thinking.

We got back home and habitual, we dropped in front of the house while Mr Adamu wheeled the car into the garage.

Ben was the first to get down and before Chris and I could alight, he was already inside the house. Chris was also heading inside and I swiftly pulled him back.

” why are you pulling me ” he said forcing his hand from mine.

” did Ben come to your class today ” I asked him.

” yes ” he replied.

” what was his mission there ” I asked him.

” why do you want to know, it’s men’s business ” he said placing his hand on his chin as he caressed his invincible beards.

” who are the men ” I asked as I snickered.

” brother Ben and I ” he said still caressing his chin.

” did he asked you if you took pictures of him and Azeezah yesterday when they went to the mall ” I asked him.

” I don’t know ” he said not batting an eye, his emotion was stagnant so I couldn’t read anything from it.

” Chris na ” I said slightly raising my voice as I was already getting frustrated at what he’s doing.

” why not ask him ” he said smiling.

” please na, you know you’re my most cherished and handsome brother and I love you ” I said smiling and winking at him. That’s my way of getting things from him because he’s the stubborn type but always become subtle when he’s been praised.

” yeah, he asked if I took pictures of him ” he said smiling and I felt my heart beating faster than usual.

” did he asked if you gave them to me ” I comported myself and asked Chris.

” yeah, he did and he seemed a bit off especially when I told him about the part where he was closer to Azeezah near the pool board ” he replied me.

” how could you tell him ” I asked now raising my voice.

” because he asked me ” he replied with an innocent look.

” that said it all ” I muttered.

” says what ” Chris asked.

” just go inside ” I said to him.

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He was suspecting me from the start because we stayed together and I was the only one who knew about them hanging out and Chris confirmed his wrong suspicion to be right by telling him I knew and have the picture with me.

That’s why he seemed moody on the way back home and wouldn’t sit beside me. I thought of what to do and resorted to confronting him and tell him that I knew nothing about the edited picture that circulated.

I head to my room and without taking off my uniform, I took my phone which I powered to life and my laptop. I head to his room.

I knocked on it and he asked who’s there. I informed him I was the one and he told me he would like to be alone because he wanted to rest.

I barged inside because I knew he said that because he doesn’t want to see me.

” why did you barge in ” he asked with a tone connoting annoyance.

” I’m sorry ” I said moving closer to him.

He was on his bed sitting down, still on his school uniform.

His room was kinda different from how it was when I came in the other day. I knew what was different when I remembered that the chair inside it wasn’t there before and a reading desk which had some novels on it.

” what do you want ” he asked as he laid his back on the bed.

” I want to talk to you ” I replied him.

” about what ” he asked.

” about the picture ” I replied.
He lifted his body off the bed at once and returned to the sitting position he was when I first entered.

” so what about it ” he asked staring at me.

” here’s my phone and laptop ” I said dropping the two on the bed. ” check it and see if you’ll see any editing application, even ordinary snapchat I don’t have on my phone and I don’t have any knowledge about editing picture ” I explicated to him but he seemed indifferent to it as he had on a blank expression.

” Chris told me you asked him about the pictures and the only reason you could have done that coupled with your behaviour towards me since morning it only means you’re doubting me or probably nailed me in your mind that I was the perpetrator of the act ” I continued talking since he’s not.

” Ben ” I called out as I bent down, standing on my toes so that I could leveled with his head.

” it was really painful thinking that you could thought I had anything to do with that picture because I thought even if we just met, we’ve created a kinda bond which I thought trust was in it. I cherished and like you to do anything that will tamper or hurt you ” I didn’t know why but I was already getting emotional as I felt a tear drop from my eye.

” the only reason I even collected the pictures from Chris was to tease you and nothing else, I was surprised when I saw the picture this morning at school but I have nothing to do with it, what do I even stand to gain by editing and sharing the picture because I was hurt? because I knew you’re hurt by the picture. I swear on my mom’s ” I couldn’t complete the sentence as he swiftly placed his index finger on my lip.

He was staring at me and I suddenly felt my heart beating faster again. He cleaned the tears on my eye before he placed his hands on my shoulder and made me sat beside him on the bed.

” you don’t need to swear, I believe you didn’t do it and I’m sorry for doubting you ” he said and he looked sincere about it, but he doesn’t look happy.

” it’s alright ” I said as my heartbeat started beating normally.

” but you don’t look happy ” I added staring him.

” just have a lot on my mind “he replied.

” is it because Azeezah is leaving ” I asked him.

” no ” he snapped. ” why will I be sombre because she’s leaving ” he asked staring at me.

” I don’t know oo, maybe you’re already missing her ” I said humorously.

” you’re funny, I’ll be over her in no time, haven’t gotten that attached to her to miss her that much when she leave ” he said and it felt like he meant it.

” so what’s troubling the King’s mind ” I asked him.

” the maid doesn’t need to know ” he said smiling mischievously.

” what ” I exclaimed.” who’s the maid ” I asked him.

” if you ask me, na who I go ask ” he replied laughing.

” the king is in trouble ” I said as I tried to get hold of his head but he swiftly laid flat on the bed, I was swift to get on top of him as I wrapped my hand around his neck. He was strong and fast as he turned me over and he was on top of me.

” any last word before the king behead you ” he said in a humorous manner as he imitate a knife with his hand and placed it on my neck.

” king ko ” I said as I pushed him off me with all the strength I had with me.

Ben’s p.o.v

What bond do I have with her that made me forget about my sadness, anger and languish when I’m with her. When she arrived my room, I already had it in my mind that I wasn’t going to listen to anything she’s got to say but I couldn’t help but forgive her even before she started talking and cleared herself of my misjudge.

I forgot about the thought of what Azeezah asked of me, eating into my brain like cancer and started laughing like I’ve got nothing to worry about.
I liked her, I just don’t know to what extent.

” aren’t you going to have lunch ” she asked me as she got down from the bed after she pushed me off from her body.

” I will ” I replied as I started unbuttoning my shirt.

” alright ” she said smiling as she took her laptop and phone before she exited my room.

It was already an addiction for me to always bath after coming back from school because of the way I always sweat in my former school. I took off my clothes except my boxer and head to the bathroom to shower.

After having the water caress my body for some minutes, I was out of the bathtub, took my white towel and dried the water from my body before I put on my boxer and head to my room.

” we’ve got to stop meeting like this ” I said smiling as I saw Happy inside my room, sitting on my bed smiling at me and looked like she’s been waiting for me. She doesn’t have her school uniform on her again . She was wearing a short blue jeans trouser and a white top. Looking at her closely, I knew she wasn’t wearing bra because her nipples were pushing against the top. I swiftly averted my eye before she noticed and start calling me a pervert again.

” not until you come out of the bathroom naked ” she said smiling.

” your wish won’t come to pass ” I said smiling . ” what’s that aroma ” I asked her.

” there ” she said pointing at the reading table mom got me. All my novels that I placed on it was on the floor and two covered plates was visible on it.

” wow ” I said rubbing my hands together happily as I moved closer to the table and opened one of the plates.
I was met with a disappointment when I opened it. It was a meatpie and a serviette that was there.

” what’s this ” I asked looking disappointed.

” our lunch ” she said laughing.

” I’m not on a diet na ” I said as I took a peek at the meatpie again.

” you’ll thank me later ” she said as she stood up and took her own plate and head back to sit down on the bed.

” why waste plate on this ” I grumbled as I picked the meatpie and started munching on it with the hate I got for the surprise.

” Philip texted me the time for the party and he said it’s three thirty ” she said as she continued munching on the meatpie excitedly .

” Azeezah want me to have sex with her ” I said staring at her.

” what ” she said as she coughed out the meatpie in her mouth.

” she want me to have sex with her ” I repeated it to her and she looked dumbfounded as she stared at me as if she doesn’t know the meaning of what I said to her.