One Call Away Episode 28


On my way back to class, I kept telling myself it’s the right thing to do, she’s cool and nice but been a snitch is something that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Revealing her might get me on her wrong side for a very long time, maybe that’s really what I want.

I had almost gotten to my classroom before I remembered that I’ve not checked and gotten the book that I needed, not even return the ones I took in the morning.

I was already missing the moment when I’m always with my school bag and get any note I want as the bag is always hung on the protruding angle on my seat.

I got to the locker room and found out we’re having language classes but on the timetable Yoruba was ticked out of the three languages scribbled on the paper.

I took the Yoruba notebook and some of the texts which I’ve already read alongside the textbook before I head to class.

I was shocked on getting to class and saw who the Yoruba teacher was.
It was Miss Olarewaju Awau, tho not sure if she’s still a Miss or Mrs.

She was dispatched to teach in my school as a NYSC member when I was in Ss1, she’s one of the reason I love Yoruba tho my mom took great part in making sure I understand it. She’s young, hot cool and most especially, she’s really great in teaching Yoruba tho I later found out that her English could compete for a diction competition. I was sort of close to her then in my own way because I was one of the best student in Yoruba in my class, I’ve never for once gotten less than A1 in it since I got to Ss1 courtesy of the rigorous lecture of my mom, I could recite many numbers in Yoruba and when applying mark to depict how a tone should be pronounced, I’m a master in it, something almost all my former classmates couldn’t do. I sometime wonder how my mom was good in Yoruba when she always converse with me in English before we fell from grace to grass.

I was kinda crushing on Miss Awau then , not the harmful kind of crushing where you got all sort of dirty thought about different sex. I just appreciated her beauty, that’s all and wished I meet someone like her during my own time to serve Nigeria.

” good afternoon ma ” I greeted her smiling as I entered the class.

” ehn ” she said in Yoruba as she saw me meaning “what ”

I understood what she meant at once. It’s the common thing she always say when any students converse in English in her class. But in this case I wasn’t sure if she’s trying to remind me the policy or was shocked towards seeing me.

“Emabinu ma, eka San ” I said smiling as I head to my seat. I knew she’s also smiling and probably shocked because she wouldn’t have expected to see me attend such school.” don’t be angry ma, good afternoon ” Interpretation.

PS :- most of the conversation that occurred in the Yoruba class is in Yoruba language but I’m sure I’m not having only Yorubas reading the story . Writing and interpreting is sure a long way to go, so I’ll just write everything in English. My Yoruba peeps can do themselves the honour of translation. Thank you.

The class was scanty, by using my eye to take a swift count, I discovered that it was only seven of us that was inside the class. I made sure no eye contact was made between Happy and I as I made my way to my seat.

Azeezah smiled as I sat beside her, we held hands as the teaching continued. The topic was ‘Ayan Ogbufo’, the same topic we treated last in my former school. So I didn’t give it much of a attention like I was giving Azeezah.

” where’s everyone ” I asked her.

” converse in Yoruba please ” Miss Awau said in Yoruba to caution me.

” where’s everyone ” I asked Awau again in the local dialect.

” they’ve all gone to their language classes ” she replied me.

” so there’s a different class for Igbo and Hausa ” I asked her.

” yeah ” she replied.

” then why are you in here ” I asked her.

” are you a racist ” she asked me and was looking kinda serious about it.

” no I’m not, why are you asking me such question ” I asked her as the question seemed to get under my skin.

” was just trying to pull your leg and by birth I don’t think I belong to North and I’ve been a lover of Yoruba language since I was small because I get awed at people speaking it, so since my junior class , I’ve always been found in Yoruba class and why learn a language which is already my natural tongue ” she rounded her reply with a question, typical Azeezah I’ll say. But she sure know Yoruba much, she was speaking it like she’s a natural, not mistakening a word for another and not sounding weird like when Chris spoke Yoruba.

” I don’t see why ” I replied her smiling as I concentrated on Miss Awau.

She’s grown more pretty than she was then and all her asset are, hmm, don’t let us go there for now. I see it as a crime employing people like her as a teacher, the person who interviewed her didn’t put the male students into consideration before giving her the job.

” so did you get what you went for ” Azeezah asked me.

” class is on ” I said feigning a smile as I kept concentrating on miss Awau, I mean on the topic been thought.

” Ben, let me see you outside ” miss Awau said as she called it a day.

” what are you doing here ” she asked as I escorted her downstairs.

” I school here ” I said smiling.

” you’re yet to be sociable, thought I heard you talking to your seating partner before ” she said smiling .

” no, Azeezah’s my girlfriend ” I retorted smiling.

” wow, that means you’ve changed but when did you get here that you already got a girlfriend ” she asked staring at me.

” yesterday ” I replied her.

” wow ” she exclaimed.

” always known you ain’t a product for that school, everything about you scream Honorable but I don’t like prying into other people’s lives, that’s why I refrained myself from asking you what your story was and wouldn’t start asking now too, but be a good boy because the comfort of this school might try to make you otherwise and I don’t really think Azeezah is the best girl for you, she doesn’t have a stand to control her own life ” she said and if not that I already know about the situation, I would be left to keep thinking what she mean by that . Miss Awau might be a damsel but she would have fitted well in the pre-colonial era because of the way she always turn simple sentence into a puzzle.

” alright ma, thank you ” I appreciated her before I returned to class and by this time, the class had retained its missing digits.

” so enough of trying to avoid it, did you get what you aimed for ” Azeezah attacked me at once with her question even before my butt made pact with the chair . She must have known I was avoiding it by using the teaching as excuse.

” I think we should follow the idea you gave earlier and make peace with everything by leaving things as they are ” I said with a sombre expression .

” there’s something wrong here, even your voice lost its strength so it’s either your journey ended up in tears ‘disappointment’ or you really got a worse reply, maybe someone you didn’t think would be the perpetrator was the one who did it ” she said cracking up the whole puzzle.” did I got that right ” she asked staring at me. I shook my head to affirm positive to her question.

” which one was right, first or second ” she asked again.

” second ” I muttered and she suddenly kept mute and I could see her passing around stare among all the students in the class. I knew a detective work is going on in her mind and I didn’t bother her by saying anything.

” did he say it was Happy ” she asked me and I shook my head to affirm positive to her guess. She suddenly smiled and that got me kinda worried.

” he’s wrong ” she said.

” who’s wrong ” I asked her.

” Chris of course ” she said still smiling.

” why will you say that ” I asked her.

” because I know Happy well to know what she’s capable of and that, she’s not capable of ” she said boldly.

” how can you be so sure ” I asked her surprised at the level of her trust towards Happy.

” I’m not sure, it’s something I know, if you’ve been in this class with us since js3 , then you’ll know that Happy is not the type that you can bring yourself to hate, she’s too nice and sweet ” she said smiling.

” I still find it hard to think how Gina could be able to hate her, believe me when I say she’s of pure soul, or do you think she’s preparing herself to be a sister because she doesn’t do guys too ” she said and I couldn’t help but think how deranged she is and probably other students inside the class.

Have they not heard of a wolf in sheep’s clothing before, a devil could be posing as an angel just to gain people’s trust and lure them to hade.

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” just drop the whole detective stuff and let us return to our normal plan for today ” she said as she held my hand.

” okay ” I replied smiling.

” I love you ” I said and she looked kinda shocked.” what’s it ” I asked noticing the change in her expression.

She suddenly moved closer to me and kissed, it was a swift one but I liked it.

” I thought I wasn’t going to hear that from you before I fade away like the dew of a new dawn” she said looking fulfilled.

” I love you too ” she said and kissed me again.” I want you to do something for me ” she said looking all tensed as she disengaged the kiss.

” what’s that ” I asked her.

” it’s sort of hard and complicated but I don’t know if you’ll be willing to do it for me and I promised you it’s going to be my last request ” she said and I suddenly felt threatened by whatever it was she wanted to ask.

” I’ll try to do it if it’s in my capacity ” I replied her because she’s making it look like the request is gonna be a big deal and it sure was.

” I’ve been thinking of a way to have a little revenge against my dad ” she started.

” okay ” I said to fuelled her.

” and I think if with all his daddyish protection and all, my betrothed find my rose already withered. ”

” listen up everyone , it’s your emir on the line ” Philip said gaining everyone’s attention as he stood on his desk. AHe knew how to control the class well more than any teacher I’ve seen teach in the class .

” I’ve been thinking of a befitting way of sending Azeezah off and with the help and suggestion of my queen (Happy) , she helped me arrived at a decision that we throw her a party, normally we could have thrown her one here or in one of the school’s mini hall but I want the party to be one hell of a freaky one, so it’s going to be in my house and none of you is to miss it and you’re also free to invite your friends who are not part of this royal class.

Happy’s p.o.v

I wasn’t planning on going to the cafeteria but Philip practically forced me down there.

He said he wanted a gesture of goodwill towards Azeezah from the class but couldn’t get a perfect idea. I had to promise that I’ll join him before he let me off the hook and head to the cafeteria.

When I got to the cafeteria, I saw Ben and Azeezah at a spot, eating and chatting happily . Even before I sat with the boys, an idea had already crept into my mind. As much as I’m not a fan of their union, I thought Azeezah deserve to be with Ben more, even if it’s for few more hours.

I sat down with them and heard everyone’s suggestions thinking someone would have the same thing I had on my mind but none did. After much ado, I informed them of what I was thinking that we should organize a short party in the school for her and everyone seemed to like the idea but Philip been Philip only took the idea of the party leaving short and school behind as he reconstructed everything.

Ben’s p.o.v

The class was more happy about the party than the person who was the main objective why the party was announced.

” would you be able to make it ” I asked her.

” sure ” she replied smiling.

” cool, should I come pick you up ” I asked smiling.

” try to come with a bulletproof car if you’re going to do that ” she said smiling.

” I was just joking ” I said.

” what about what you wanted to ask before Philip interrupted us ” I asked her noticing the time for closing was running fast to catch up with us like a leopard closing in on its prey.

” maybe I should tell you at the party ” she suggested.

” please tell me now and what do you mean by withered rose” I pleaded with her and threw the question at her so as to manipulate her to talk . I hate to be placed in suspense .

” what I mean by that is losing my virginity ” she said confusing me.

” what do you mean by that ” I asked looking perplexed.

” what I’m saying is that if my dad found out that I wasn’t a virgin if I probably marry Mohammed and he claimed not to be the one to do it because I always turn him down no matter how hard he tried to manipulate me then that I should have sex with him, then my dad will suffer a blow too ” she said staring at me as I tried to give reason to what she’s saying.

” sooo ” I said staring at her.

” so I want you to disvirgin me ” she uttered and the alert went off for closing.

Was that closing alert or my sense of reasoning alert going off.