Gift Episode 28


I was scared but Ezekiel no even care, he zipped down his zipper and brought out his p—k for me to su-ck, he commanded me and I don’t know what happened to me and I agreed like aturu. I knelt and took his kulikuli in my mouth and started bopping on his full length, the anxiety and his loud groan made me enjoyed it.

Suddenly someone appeared from nowhere and it was Theo, one of Ezekiel’s friend. He threatened to report us if I didn’t allow him to do, jeez.. In church compound. I wonder which kind satan dey worry them, Ezekiel started begging Theo that he shouldn’t report us, he told me to allow him that he will not break up with me. I come foolishly gree, I no know whether my brain don rust or something dey control me with remote and the person dey always press my mumu button.

This one no be clear eye love again, I held the wall and Theo raised my skirt up. I promised myself I will not moa-n, even if he fu-cked me hard I will pretend I didn’t enjoy it. I no know say I go enjoy am reach like that kulikuli sweet sha…

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Theo find my we-t toto and penetrated his hard kulikuli, he stared knacking. I bit my lips and groaned as he maintain powerful thru-sts, going in and out. I started mo-aning loud urging him to give me more, kulikuli don take my senses na.

I no even know say Ezekiel even dey there again, our skins were just making the famous ‘kpaakpaa’ sounds. He groped my bre-asts and my sensitive ni-pples send wave of pleasure like electricity through out my body, I shuddered and urge him to continue. He cu-mmed deep inside me and I came back to my senses.

Theo: wow! Gift your toto sweet oh! I stared at Theo who is a pastor’s son and didn’t believe that is the Theo that always acted and behaved like the children pastor.

Ezekiel: you like am well well?

Me: no, I no like am I swear.

Theo: talk truth.

Ezekiel: you be ashawo, no near me again.

I was shocked by what Ezekiel said, both of them left me in that place and walked away. I was so ashamed to come out of that place, when day break I rushed and picked up my bible and ran away. Exekiel and his friends were just laughing at me, I got home and decided never to near that church again. I told Grace to chase Ezekiel away, but Grace will not hear she will come and be reminding me that my baggy boyfriend is in our house, I will lock my room and refused to come out.

The next Month after my fourteenth year birthday, my dad returned home. He bought me a phone, I was so happy. Suddenly I noticed I no see my Monthly flow, I saw Grace wiggling in pains. I was happy say I no see my own, the last time I saw it i wished I was a boy with kulikuli.

Me: chaiii.. No die oh!

Grace: em go stop to pain me.

Me: thank God my own don stop.

Grace: wetin you dey talk?

Me: the date wey you say I godey see am don pass since, I no see am.

Grace: Gift you get belle.

Me: Godforbid.

Grace informed my father about my pregnancy, he dragged me with gun to go for a test. My papa was so angry that he wanted to kill me with a gun, he dragged me like goat to the hospital and I was confirmed that am three weeks pregnant.

My papa asked me who get the belle, I no know who even get the belle sef. Abi na Ezekiel or one of his friends, my brain scatter. my dad don c–k em gun to shoot me if I no talk who get the belle, I confess say na Ezekiel.

Kulikuli go kill me oh!

Our Elder say tortoise will not know its shell can be cracked until it is put to test.