Gift Episode 27


Ezekiel started disturbing me for relationship, See wahala oh! how on Earth I go wan date priest, na wow oh. He was pestering me in every contact we made, he even informed me that the goodly spirit is the one that asked him to woo me, I no get choice na so I accepted.

Most of my classmates had boyfriend, but when they asked me about my boyfriend I shrugged. Ezekiel out-fit nodey presentable at all. Ezekiel was one of those in Church who fought earnestly against youths having boyfriend and girlfriend, I wondered why he asked me out and made me promised to keep it secret, hypocrisy.

One Saturday like that he invited me to his house to study bible with him since his parents have travelled, immediately I got inside Ezekiel’s room. He changed oh, he locked the door and removed his baggy trouser and remained only on boxer. He pushed me to the bed and climbed on top of me, I was shocked beyond repair.

Me: Ezekiel wetin you dey do?

Ezekiel: no do like say you never do am before, I don hear your saga well well for this Estate.

Me: commot from my body, I don change oh!

Ezekiel: *laughing* change ke, abeg leave that thing make we enjoy ourselves.

Me: na sin we wan commit so.

Ezekiel: forget that thing, we go ask for forgiveness later.

Me: stop.. stop .. I go scream oh.

Ezekiel: that mean say you go enjoy am well well.

Me: use co*ndom.

Ezekiel: condom, nodey sweet.

I no know how Ezekiel wey everybody take him as a virgin naked me oh! Before I know one of my leg is hanging on his shoulder, he started pounding me with his big kulikuli, smashing me hard and fast. making me to mo-an and sweat beneath him, he will grab my sweet oranges and squeeze them, smooching them. Groaning and ba-nging me hard.

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We changed style. He dug his nails on my waist and pound me from behind, loving the way my yansh shook in every thru-sts he made, I was just loving how he sp-anked my yansh while fu-cking.

We climaxed together and we slept off, from that day I noticed something different with Ezekiel, he stayed away from me suddenly. One of his friend started pestering me to be his girl, I told him am dating Ezekiel. He laughed and told me that he will tell me what Ezekiel told them if I visit him, I was curious to know wetin Ezekiel told his friends about me.

So I went to his house and met him with some of his friends, they left us alone since he will tell me secret na. I mumuly no run commot, he started telling me rubbish that Ezekiel said am a cheerful giver, that he wants to collect his own.

I slapped him and told him that he is very stupid, I wore a top and skirt. He started touching me, making me feel ho-rny. Telling me that he loved me more than Ezekiel, gosh! I no know when my shirt leave my body. He started su-ckling on my bre-asts. I was just mo-aning loving how he was su-cking me, telling me am very sweet. He sweet talked me till my skirt disappear from my waist, he started fi-ngering me, gosh! my eyes rolled off as he entered his sweet kulikuli from behind and pounded me mercilessly, giving it to me hard and fast.

He was so energetic, we went two rounds and on our third round Ezeklel bursted in, I was ashamed.

Ezekiel: so Gift, na wetin you dey do ehnn?

Me: Jojo rape me

Jojo: who rape you? no be you dey shout fu-ck me harder and faster here?

Me: no believe am abeg, Ezekiel.

Ezekiel: I go tell people wetin you dey do with Jojo.

Me: abeg no tell anybody, I go give you anything you want.

Jojo: Ezekiel no tell anybody for church oh! I no know say those idiots set me up, Ezekiel started manipulating me like a zombie, he will even asked me to give him money and I will do so, one day he we were having all night in the church. He took me to the back of the church and asked me to give him blo-wjob.

Our Elder say a chicken who flaps it wings always will not even know when it is flying or not.