One Call Away Episode 27


” we’re sure that Philip was trying to be his usual self, that’s why he’s in Art class but I can’t tell the reason for Happy and Gina but they’ve been stack enemy and competitors since we’ve been in ss1 that before anyone out of them will be called alongside Philip to participate in any competition, another separate exams must be set for them so that it won’t be called partiality for anyone that’s been called up to join Philip ” she said finally rounding up her long narrative.

” but how can you judge students by reviewing their marks especially when they’re in different departments ” I asked her.

I saw her gaze suddenly moved up and trailed someone, I had to check who it was and saw that it was Mohammed with his tray in his hand.

” Azeezah ” I called her name in order to get her attention.

” I’m sorry ” she said smiling.

” it’s alright, just that I want your whole attention like I gave you mine ” I said trying to sound casual.

” I’m sorry love ” she apologised.

” it’s alright ” I said smiling.

” what was your question again ” she asked me.

” don’t bother yourself about it again, let’s change topic, it’s already getting boring ” I said to her with a smile on my face.

” I heard you, just wanted to tease you ” she said smiling.

” since we’ve been in junior class, Philip has been the one leading every class with hundred percent, when Gina and Happy joined us in js3, Mohammed was always taking the fourth position after the three of them, even in our js3 entrance examination, it was accordingly with him coming fourth again after grading, so it’s been like that since and we’re sure if they’re all science students, his normal fourth position would have been stagnant with him ” she said showing how much she spite the partiality in her tone, maybe it was her hatred for him that aggravated it.

The reason I wanted to keep mute on the conversation was because I didn’t want her to start asking me question about my own percentage, everyone knows I’m always defending my eighty-five, eight-four and eight-three at then end of each term, I’ve never gone beyond that before but I was still seen as the third most brilliantly kid in my class and our overall class teacher had told me more than thrice that if I became more sociable and took maths the way I took other subject especially my literature in English, then I would even be nominated for a post of senior prefect when it’s time for us to be nominated.

Been senior prefect with my personality isn’t something that would meet on a parallel line and I’m very sure I’ve gone against many of the teachers in the board of selection, so it’s better to hold on to my attitude and they should hold onto their prefect post. But how will I explain to her that I was below ninety percent because I was a failure in mathematics when she’s telling me that some people are taking maths like it’s a crumb of bread.

Same reason I didn’t ask her about hers too, don’t throw stone when you’re living in a glasshouse.

But my had hell of brilliant students especially in science class.

I was a fast eater but I had to stoop low to her level so that I won’t finish eating before she does since we’re on a date.

We finally finished our meal fifteen minutes to the end of breaktime, I knew this through the two wall clock that was inside the cafeteria. Even some of the students that met us in the cafeteria left us.

I was the first to stood up when we were through, the same way I held her hand when we were leaving the class, was the same way I held her hand when we were leaving.

I saw Philip with his cohorts and Happy among them , already through with their meal but not ready to leave as they seemed to be having a conversation .

All of them winked at me while Happy had a smile on her lips .

I wasn’t ready to smile nor talk with her until she’s been acquitted that she’s not the snitch and I was ready to do that in order to swiftly acquaint her and get back to our normal life tho I’ve a great premonition she’s the one but I don’t want her to be.

I only feigned a smile as I walked passed them as we head outside.

” do you know js3 block ” I asked her as we got out from the cafeteria.

” why are you asking ” she asked using her usual way of reciprocating question with question.

” because I want to confirm something ” I replied her.

” about the leaked edited picture ” she asked.

” yeah ” I replied her.

” just let it go, we don’t need all that again ” she said as she looked sort of tired.

” are you tired ” I asked her.

” sort of, I ate beyond my limit today ” she said smiling.

I thought I was the only one sacrificing things for her but I was only conscious of my mind not hers.

” alright, point towards the block to me, I will come back to it after I’ve successfully escorted you back to the class ” I said to her leading the way back to class.

” no, you don’t have to do that, go, I know my way back inside ” she said pulling me back.

” that’s not in my vocabulary of one million ways to treat a beautiful queen, so it’s either I carry you in or you comply ” I said to her smiling.

” any other options left ” she asked smiling.

” that should be the one of me kissing you till you agree ” I said smiling as I was already trying to cover the space between us.

” naughty boy ” she said pushing me back.

” let’s go since you’re sure not to budge until I give in to you ” she said smiling as she pointed at the direction the building is located.

” you should have just agreed with the third option ” I said grudgingly as I held her hand.

” I’m not agreeing, don’t use kiss to end my life abruptly ” she said smiling.

” you’re funny ” I said smiling as we head back to our class.

” I’m not and I feel like also ending your life with kiss ” she said as she suddenly made a stop on the staircase leading to our class and before I could say jack , her lip has already located mine and we’re already kissing. I was sure the person monitoring the cctv will be having a hell of a day.

I didn’t know how long it lasted for but we disengaged it when we heard footsteps of students coming towards our direction.

We both smiled as we continued with our journey, I got her to my seat, pecked her on the lip before I continued with my journey.

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When I got to the building that’s consisting of the js3 classes, it was the same structure with our own and I saw a tag on the upper part of the building which indicated that it was for js3.

” did our own building also have that ” I asked rhetorically because I’ve not for once seen the label on the building.

Since we got the same structure and pattern for the building, I head to where I felt the cafeteria should be located.

Luckily for me, I saw some students coming out of the cafeteria , I swiftly accustomed one of them and asked him if he know any student that goes by the name ” Tokunbo Chris “.

” I don’t think I know anyone with such name ” he replied me.

” or are you talking about Bello Chris ” the boy asked and I was kinda perplexed about it until I remembered when dad was introducing himself to the receptionist upon my arrival at the school yesterday, he said he was ‘ Bello Tokunbo ‘. I should have thought about it because when mom was telling me about the past, he was mentioning Tokunbo like it was his normal name, same as Mr Popoola the school proprietor.

” yes, he’s the one ” I replied him.

” then follow me, we’re both in the same class ” he said as he led the way and I followed behind him.

When we got to his class, Chris was the first to sight me even before the boy could call him for me.

” brother Ben ” he screamed as he looked overjoyous on seeing me.

I waved at him and he came outside to meet me.

” did you come to check out my class ” he asked smiling.

” yeah and I also came to ask you something ”

“maybe you should ask what you wanted to ask because the time is already gone, maybe you should come for knowing my class tomorrow and I’ll be able to introduce you to my classmates so that they can know you’re my brother ” he said smiling. He seemed to be the most happiest person in the family about me joining them.

” okay, did you take any pictures of Azeezah and I kissing, during the time we were in the mall ” I asked him.

” did you kissed her ” he asked looking surprised.

” yeah, I did but did you take any picture ” I asked him.

” yes I did but I don’t remember seeing you kissing her, but brother Ben , you said it was only a hangout with a friend but you ended up kissing that friend ” he said laughing.

” it’s a tale for another day but did you show Happy the pictures ” I asked him.

” did she snap at you ” he asked me.

” no ” I replied him.

” good because I made her promise that she shouldn’t over react when she asked me to show her the pictures especially the part where the two of you seemed to be closed to each other near the snooker board ” he said and I felt my head kinda explode.

” did you show it to any other person or did she send it to herself ” I asked him trying hard to calm myself .

” I didn’t show it to any other person except her and she sent it to her phone and told me she’s gonna use it to tease you later in the future ” he replied me. ” is everything alright ” he asked me when he noticed my expression.

” nothing, you can return to your class , I’ll check on you tomorrow ” I replied feigning a fake smile.

” it’s already time for the break to be over, see you at closing time ” he said before he happily returned to his class.

I was been suspicious of the truth but having the real truth with me seemed like a time bomb, I don’t know if to diffuse it or not.

I was sure if Philip should hear about it then he won’t be able to do anything than do what he promised and the whole class would probably hate her, but she really deserve it. But funilly , part of my heart wasn’t ready to expose her but most of it wanted to and I think it’s good following the majority.

The alert informing the class about the breakover suddenly sounded and I head to my class, probably wait for the teacher who would have already been in the class to be through with his or her teaching before we use the remaining thirty minutes to settle her matter.