One Call Away Episode 26


Our lovey dovey continued as we settled down for the next class which was civic education, we held hands as we listened to what the lady was teaching. It wasn’t a topic that we’ve treated in my former school so I listened attentively. Gina was sitting at Azeezah’s seat, sometimes when I locked eye with hers, she will just winked and smiled at me.

After the civic education teacher was through with her teaching and left, Azeezah and I drifted back into our conversation.

” did you bring food to school today ” I asked her.

” nah, I was too heartbroken to even have my breakfast in the morning ” she replied me.

” that makes us two, I couldn’t take my breakfast after I saw the picture in the cafeteria, I stumbled out of the cafeteria angrily and that’s when I saw you inside the locker room ” I said to her.

” should I be proud of you or chide you for inflicting hunger on yourself because of me ” she asked feigning a confused look.

” you should be petting me ” I said humorously.

” you’re not serious ” she said laughing.

” since you didn’t take anything, can you do me the pleasure of taking you to the cafeteria at breaktime ” I asked her like a gentleman.

” since you’re insisting, it will be heartless of me to decline you ” she replied smiling.

” when did I insist ” I asked looking surprised.

” since you’re not insisting, I’m not eating that awful meal prepared in that cafeteria ” she said with a sulking expression.

” when did I say I didn’t insist ” I asked smiling.

” but you’re yet to reveal your main intention of the breaktime and without you revealing it, it’s a no ” she said smiling

” alright, will you go on a date with me ” I asked stretching my hand at her with my head gently bowed.

” yes, I’ll be your date ” she replied smiling

” thank you my queen ” I said smiling

” we would have been the perfect couple if not for my dad ” she said laughing tho I knew the laugh wasn’t an inch close to her heart.

” you don’t have to worry, you don’t know what the future have to offer, maybe this separation is even a good thing , because I once came across a fact that said mostly all teenager’s relationship doesn’t end in marriage at that moment but there’s high probability that it might lead to marriage in future ” I said to make her feel better.

” I hate anything that’s based on probability, it’s better to view it as zero chance, so you don’t need to make me feel better, especially at basing it on probability. ” she said feigning a smile.

” or can you proudly say to me that you won’t go for another girl when I’m gone ” she asked me staring into my eye.

” let’s just based it on zero chance because I don’t make promise which I’m not sure I’m gonna fulfil it ” I replied her.

” thank you for been honest with me but who knows, I might wait for you if I’m not able to see a guy that meet my expectations like you do ” she said smiling.

Happy’s p.o.v

I know if anyone get to read my story, some might be feeling sorry for me but on a honest note, I didn’t feel sorry for myself.

I was sort of shocked when I saw the picture when I get into the class mostly because the one Chris showed me wasn’t featuring any aspect where the two of them kissed , I felt sorry for Ben because he doesn’t know that ss2c is a wickedness in disguise, especially when it comes to Azeezah whom everyone has been wishing to cast which means either the person knowingly edited the picture to make the two look like they’re kissing, but Ben was claiming that they kissed leaving me in daze on who to believe . But I was more shocked when I heard he got into a fight with Mohammed, the supposed Azeezah’s betrothed.

I got sent to the uppermost level of shock when I saw him kissed her inside the class without feeling ashamed about it. But after I brought the matter down to a cool headed level of reasoning, I found out he’s the ideal type of guy I love, a guy who won’t be ashamed of me no matter the inconvenience, a guy who would fight and stand up for me in any situation, a guy who is the perfect definition of a gentleman. A guy who won’t be dumb nor will he be too razz. A guy who won’t because of what the situation hold break up with me irrationally but deal with it in a mature manner that even I, won’t be able to clear him out of my memory.

Ben possessed all this things, like when he was been set up by Oscar, he behaved like a gentleman and put on with his loyal term but I heard he landed a blow on Oscar before excusing himself from the locker room.

That’s the kinda guy I want, tho painful that Azeezah had to leave the school because of the incident but I also saw it as an opportunity for me to have Ben to myself again.

Since he might get lonely after Azeezah leave because he seemed like the one who’s overshadowed by love, so without waiting for a permission, I’ll try to increase our bond but the only problem was that he was looking at me with a kinda eye that was sending me an unpleasant message which I was yet to decipher. But all the same, whatever it is that is hiding behind his heart will be known to me before we get home.

Ben’s p.o.v

The alert for breaktime finally strolled in like the first attempt of snow in the winter.

I held her by her hand and stood up .

” let’s go my queen ” I said and she stood up magnificently.

Like they do in Korea, I made sure our steps was rhyming all the way down to the cafeteria.

I swiftly located an empty seat and took her there. It wasn’t hard to see one because we’re the first students to get there.

” what will you like to eat ” I asked without bothering to sit down.

” I’m okay with anything you get for me ” she replied.

” alright, I’ll be back soon ” I said as I head to the segment for meal ordering to get our food.

I would have settled for beans partnering with either plantain or rice but I knew most females ain’t a fan of beans, so I deviated from ordering it because I don’t want to ruin everything.

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” get me two plates of porridge and fried turkey ” I made my order based on she’s the type who love eating her mom’s meal and since she’s the local delicacy type, porridge should be among what she love eating tho I still had a silent prayer in my mind that I’m right with my presumption.

” thank you ” I said as I collected the tray containing the meal.

This time, the cafeteria was already getting filled with students.

” here my queen ” I said as I placed her meal in front of her first before I sat down with mine.

I love the setting of the cafeteria, every tables always have four sealed bottled water on it before the arrival of student, to prevent going back and forth of students ordering two meals like me. I didn’t noticed this before because I’ve not been to the cafeteria first.

” how did you know that porridge is my best food ” she asked looking excited.

” just a guess work ” I replied smiling.

” wow, you must be great at guessing ” she said smiling

” I just got lucky, nothing to be excited about it ” I said as I remembered I couldn’t guess that mom was going to remarry even with a lot of clue in front of me. But I was sure I would have guessed it on a normal day if it wasn’t my mom because like she mentioned, I’m great in guess work but I was mainly hiding from the truth.

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My mood changed when I remembered all the advantages I’ve gotten from the relationship.

” but for you, I’ll increase my knowledge about guessing ” I swiftly chipped in so that she won’t ask why mood suddenly turned sour and like the power supply we used in Badagry, it came up unexpectedly again.

” but that’s already late ” she said as she suddenly had a mood swing like I did.

” but I’ll be sure to enjoy and appreciate the little moment I have left with you ” she said swinging the mood again like I did.

” now, can we eat ” she asked me as she picked up the fork and spoon in her tray, jilting the knife which was meant for the white meat gracing our meal.

” your rival is in ” she said smiling, I tilted my head towards the entrance direction and saw Mohammed and his friends coming in. That’s the first time I even know that everywhere was almost filled with students. I was so much engrossed in my meal with Azeezah that I failed to notice when all the space were filled.

” this guy no get shame ” I said smiling. His face was already back to been recognisable but he’s got stitches on his face.

” why did you say that ” she asked me.

” if I was the one, I won’t be here to eat for a week ” I said smiling.

” that’s you oo” Azeezah said smiling.

He grunted with a threat portraying in the grunt as he walked passed me to go get his food with his friends.

” what’s his deal self ” I asked Azeezah as he was walking like he’s the one who’s paying the school fees of every students inside the cafeteria.

” you can say he’s the second most brilliant student in the whole of ss2 and that got into his head and he started misbehaving ” she replied me.

” who’s the brightest student in ss2 ” I asked her.

” that’s Philip, he might look playful but he’s extremely brilliant, while Mohammed is scooping in award for the science segment in most of the competition we’re invited for , Philip with either Happy or Gina are also scooping in award for the Art segment, tho many think Happy or Gina should be the second most brightest student but I think the teachers doesn’t want to make the science look shabby by having top three most brilliant students from Art class but we all know they’re smarter than Mohammed ” she replied me.

” but how can Art students be brilliant than Science students, three at that ” I asked looking perplexed.

” have you met those three geniuses at all, they haven’t gotten less than hundred percent in maths before, Philip hasn’t gotten less than ninety five percent after accumulation of All score at the end of term while Gina and Happy are always on the radar of ninety and ninety two ” she said pausing as she took a spoonful of porridge, chewed it finish before she continued.