One Call Away Episode 25


I took a swift glance at Happy and before I could read her facial expression my eye was already off her as I head to my seat.

” hmhm ” Gina grunted as I sat down with smile on her lips.

” why are you looking at me like that ” I asked her.

” how am I looking at you” she asked me.

” I don’t know, like you’ve got something to tell me ” I replied her.

” no, this is my face ” she said smiling.

” okay ” I said as I took my maths notebook and flipped it open to the last page which got inks on it.

On the board was the page number for the textbook, so it was easy for me to get along.

” I thought you’re only a casanova never knew you’re also a wrestler ” Gina murmured smiling but I didn’t respond as I focused my attention on the board.

The teacher might looked weird with his way of dressing but he was sure good with his way of teaching mathematics unlike my former maths teacher.

The topic he thought was the one been thought last week in my former school and I was still trying to wrap my head around it. But with a re explanation from Mr weird dressing, I was flowing with the topic with ease.

I was always the type that always begging the angel in charge of time to fastforward time during maths period which is always double period, each period consisting of forty-five minutes which makes it one and half hours for it and even after the period is over and the next teacher isn’t around to take over, teaching continues, only God knows the kinda energy booster maths teachers always take before coming to class to teach us because they’re always ready to go any length in teaching.

But I was surprised when Mr weird dressing dropped the marker and called it a day, that was when I remembered that teacher doesn’t use over their stipulated time and oddly, I was already one with the teaching like I always was during English language and literature in English teaching . And the most funniest thing about the teaching was that there was no classwork.

Even if time is against a maths teacher in my former school , he will still have a way to tell you to attempt questions under 12F in exercise 19.
The most stupid thing you could do is thinking that because he said ‘attempt’ and not ‘classwork’ you didn’t take it important and didn’t do it.

The next thing you’ll see on the next day you’re having the subject is some books in his hand and two slim canes, and verily verily I say onto you, maths teacher are always thought how to beat when they’re learning how to teach maths.

” why is he not giving us classwork or assignment ” I asked Gina.

” so I’m now visible ” she said smiling.

” who said you’re not visible before ” I asked her.

” then why didn’t you give a response to what I said before ” she asked me.

” what’s that ” l asked feigning not to know it.

” when you know what it is, then you can come back with your question ” she said as she stood up, took her books and head out of the class. It was kinda perplexing to me, why take her books with her when she’s going outside and there is a subject to go.

I turned to look at everyone inside the class to see their reaction but it looked like no one got my time. My eye and Happy locked with each other but I swiftly averted mine from hers as I picked my civic education notebook to go through what was thought, to see if I’m also a topic over what they’ve been thought or we were in the same shoe.

” Ben ” I heard a sweet voice called my name. Slowly I raised my head up to see who it was and it was none other than Azeezah.

” Azeezah ” I called her name with a surprised expression.

” can I sit down ” she asked me.

” ye, yeah ” I stuttered as I shifted to Gina’s portion.

She sat gracefully beside me and without raising my head up I could tell that all eye was on us.

” why are you sitting down with me ” I asked her.

” don’t you want me sitting with you ” she replied me with a question instead of an answer. Well, that’s Nigerian way of life and I’ve gotten used to it.

” nope, I’m just surprised because Gina looked like the Jezebel of this class and I don’t want you in trouble with her ” I replied her.

” you don’t have to worry yourself about her, already told you I’m spending my last minutes in this school with you and why did you think Gina took her books with her ” she asked me.

” she’s going to another class? ” I asked with a surprised countenance.

” no, idiot ” she said smiling.” she’s going to sit with my partner when she come in ” she added still smiling.

” Gina did that ” I asked with surprised countenance.

” yeah, I was also surprised that she concurred when I asked her for it ” she replied me.

” she’s really unpredictable ” I said smiling.

” yeah, she is ” she muttered.” and I even have something to ask you yesterday but I forgot ” I told her.

” what’s that ” she asked me.

” how did you slip your note into my locker yesterday ” I asked her.

” so you really don’t have an idea ” she said smiling.

” I wouldn’t be asking if I do ” I said trying to sound casual before she think I’m angry because of the stress in the sentence.

” I’ll tell you on one condition ” she said grinning.

” what’s that condition of yours my queen ” I asked her.

” a peck on the cheek in exchange for your answer ” she said smiling.

” peck ” I exclaimed.

” yeah or are you afraid that no girl will fall for you again in this class if you do it ” she asked me still smiling.

” no, why will I ” I asked her as my gaze was on the ceiling as I tried to check for the spots where the cctv cameras were placed but I couldn’t find any.

” so you’re afraid of been recorded on the camera ” she said smiling when she noticed my expression.

” me ” I asked. ” no I’m not ” I said waving my hand to affirm negative to her suspicion.

” I can see through you and I know you’re lying but don’t be scared of the camera, this school is trying to be a replica of foreign schools, so stuffs like that, even kissing and making out inside a secluded area in the school isn’t taken as a crime ” she whispered into my ear

” really ” I exclaimed.

” yeah ” she replied nodding her head.

” if that’s right, then I think I’ll go beyond that ” I said as I pulled her closer and before she knew what was coming, I locked lip with her for few seconds.

” wow ” I heard the class exclaimed.

Her eye were still shut even after I released her lips.

She opened one of her eyes first, I smiled staring at her.

” what was that ” she asked as she opened the second.

” that was to show you that I don’t care how anyone see me after you leave ” I replied and her cheek suddenly turned red as a smile graced her lip.

” but you didn’t do what I asked you to do, so I’m not telling you until you do that ” she said smiling.

” are you serious ” I asked staring at her.

” yes, I asked for a peck not a kiss ” she replied smiling.

” you must be the type of girl that will ask someone to send you two hundred naira so that you can complete the four thousand eight hundred naira to five thousand and withdraw it, but the person send five thousand naira and you’ll still call the person to tell him that he forgot to send the two hundred so that you’ll be able to withdraw ten thousand naira ” I said smiling.

” well, I don’t understand what you’re saying because I’ve never had anything below hundred thousand naira in my account before ” she said with a bragging tone.

” and the money I’m also having in my account is enough to employ Davido and Bill Gate as my gardener and gateman ” I retorted.

” Jesus ” she exclaimed shocking me.

” please are you a Muslim or Christian? ” I asked her.

” Muslim na but your lie can make anobi Mohammed (S.A.W) to change his religion ” she said smiling.

” but I’m not lying na ” I said feigning sulking expression.

” hmmm, so how much are you having in your account ” she asked me.

” I have one million naira in my account ” I replied proudly.

” just kee me “she said as she suddenly bursted into laughter gaining others attention.

She’s still laughing when I got up to stand in front of the class.

” I know I don’t need to introduce myself since I’m the most trending topic in the whole school now ” I said as the introductory aspect and I saw Philip smiling as he winked at me.

” I’m the Mr casanova of the school but let me tell ya’ll, I’m not going to be intimidated by any other names you deemed fit to call me nor will I let you treat me like kissing Azeezah was a crime, yeah I kissed her but whoever it was that took the picture missed that awesome moment and had to settle for a cheap editing and I want the person who did this ” I said meeting Happy’s gaze, paused for a while before I continued.

” that you might have succeeded in separating Azeezah and I, her dad is withdrawing her from this school because the person had the gut to send the picture to her dad ” I said and everyone suddenly exclaimed, I could tell they’re all shocked by what I said but Happy seemed indifferent about it.

” and I won’t ever forgive you for that because if you want someone to take down, then it should be me not her because her only sin is falling for a fool like me and she’s been with you people for a long period of time to deserve such treatment ” I finished my speech and was ready to return to my seat when philip suddenly called my name and stood up to meet me.

” this guy never cease to surprise me ” he said standing beside me.

” he’s a loyal person who wouldn’t snitch on someone he just meet and also a great lover, I’m sure if it’s another person that was involved with such scandal, he would have left the girl to take all the shit by herself but here he is defending her and I also heard he broke some jaws of Mohammed and his pals when they tried to harass Azeezah, another points scored for us ss2c, where else will you see a guy like that and which class do you really think deserve him if not the gallant ss2c, we may not be gallant in football ” he said and almost all the girls in the class bursted into laughter.

” we’re trashed yesterday another three zero by those goat when we’re supposed to be taking vengeance for the last three zero they trashed us but who knows if he join our football team, we might become gallant in football too, but not to drift apart from what I’m saying, with just his two days presence in the school, as the emir of the class, I’m already thinking of bestowing to him the best student of ss2c for this term but I won’t be impatient.

And to the person who leaked the picture to Azeezah’s dad, I’m telling you that I promise to catch you and we’ll evict you from this class because we prank ourselves among ourselves not among our parents.

” Azeezah ” he said facing Azeezah.

” I’m sorry that you’re been withdrawn from our midst because of this and if we had known such had happened, we wouldn’t have turn it to a trending matter, but you’re the gentle dove of this class and no one has been able to trend your matter except when we knew you’re betrothed to Mohammed when we’re still in js2, that’s why we wanted to trend it when we were able to, but know that we all will always remember you till we get out of this school and that’s why we won’t also relent until we get the doer. ”

” and you Mr casanova ” he said facing me.

” you think I’ll stop calling you that, tai, forget am, na lie, I won’t stop calling you that but you’re cool bro, thanks for choosing this class ” he said as he embraced me and everyone started clapping, some of the guys making whistling sound.

After Philip was through with his speech, I returned to sit with Azeezah .

” second time you’ll be standing up for me today, I think I’m really lucky to have your love even if it’s just for a limited time ” she said smiling.

” I think I’m the one who’s lucky to have your love ” I said as I pecked her.

” now, I’ve done what you asked, so how did you get to put the note in my locker ” I asked her.

” must you know ” she whined.

” yeah, I must so that such won’t happen in the future ” I replied her.

” alright I’ll tell you, I saw you inserting your combo when I told you that you don’t need the economic textbook and you wanted to return it ” she said smiling.

” ya a thief ” I said laughing.

” that’s why I was able to steal your heart ” she said as she kissed me.

I heard eruption of clap behind and I pulled Azeezah more closer to me as I turned it into a French kiss.