One Call Away Episode 30


Happy’s expression towards the news was something to write home about, she looked like it was a lot to take in as she stared at me blankly . But did I do anything wrong by informing her tho I felt like it was the right thing to do.

” why did she want that ” she was finally able to locate her voice box.

” because she wanted to get back at her dad and Mohammed by not been a virgin if they probably forced her to be with him at the end ” I replied her.

” so it’s all about revenge ” she asked staring at me.

” I think so ” I replied her.

” if it’s all about revenge, can’t she look for another guy to do that ” she asked slightly raising her voice.

” I don’t think apart from me she has ever love another guy and she doesn’t look like the kinda girl that will allow a guy who she doesn’t love to touch or do anything with her ” I replied her with an ounce of certainty protruding from my voice.

” she’s certainly that kind of girl, was surprised when she made advances towards you because she’s not the type ” Happy said as her lips enveloped into a smirk.

” she didn’t make any advance towards me ” I swiftly right her wrong.

” so her asking you to hangout with her was what ” she asked smiling.

” was to know me ” I replied her also smiling as I detected the foolishness in my logic.

” I hear you ” she said smiling.

” and I see you ” I retorted.

” what was your reply when she said it ” she asked me.

” I told her we will talk more about it at the party, if I’ll give in or not ” I replied her.

” hmmm” she sighed deeply.

” what do you suggest I do? ” I asked her.

” I will suggest you go with whatever decision you’ve got in your mind ” she replied me.

” what if what I got in my mind is a bad idea ” I asked her.

She sighed again as she stood up from the bed and dropped the plate in her hand with her meatpie in it on the bed. She walked closer to me with a smile on her lip .

She placed her hand on my bare chest precisely on the part my heart is beating from and it felt cold.

” I trust this and whatever decision you make from it ” she said staring at me. Time suddenly froze as we both stared at ourselves as her hand was still on my chest. A naughty thought suddenly crept into my mind and I shook my head to wade it off. I won’t give her a chance to call me a pervert again.

” alright ” I finally broke the silence as I gently took her hand off from my chest.

” how are we going to get to the party ” I asked her.

” we go on my tricycle ” she said as she returned to get the remnant of her meatpie and started munching on it.

” tricycle ” I exclaimed with a surprised countenance.

” so you mean you have a keke napep ” I asked her and she suddenly bursted into laughter like my question was funny.

” it’s not only keke napap, it’s bicycle napep, do I look like a commercial worker to you “she asked still laughing.

” when you said you got a tricycle, I couldn’t help but think it’s a keke napep ” I replied her with a low tone.

” it’s a power bike dad got me last year but it got two tyres attached to the rear of it more like a ski as a safety precaution and that’s why I like calling it a tricycle ” she said clearing my ignorance.

” oh ” I muttered.

” so who’s driving ” I asked her.

” me of course except if you can ride a powerbike then you’re welcome to ride it ” she said smiling.

” I know how to ride ordinary bike but not a powerbike, but I think both are ride in the same way and I’m confident I can ride it ” I said to her confidently.

” but do you know Philip house ” she asked me.

” no ” I replied.

” then you’re welcome to sit behind me, maybe you’ll get chance to have me sit behind you if you keep your eyes on the road and know the way back home ” she said smiling mischievously.

” okay, you won ” I said giving up.

” since you’ve accepted, I got some things to do before we leave, so see ya later ” she said as she stood up and made for the exit.

” what about your plate ?” I asked her pointing as her plate on my bed.

” I brought it so it’s fair if you return them ” she said laughing before she exited my room.

I scoffed as I ate the remaining meatpie.

” she can’t even bring a juice ” I said after my throat got a little irritated by the meatpie.

I took the two plates and head for the kitchen.

I saw Susan inside the kitchen frying some fish.

I dropped the plates and head to the fridge inside the kitchen, took a bottle water and drank half of the content inside it, dropped it back inside the fridge and made to leave before she called my name.

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” Ben ” she called out.

” yes ” I replied stopping on my track .

” why do I have the feelings that you’ve been avoiding me for quite some time now ” she asked me.

” because I have ” I replied her.

” wow ” she exclaimed, maybe she didn’t expect I was going to come clean about it like that.

” if I may ask, why? ” she asked staring at me.

” because you betrayed me ” I replied her.

” betrayed ” she muttered looking surprised. ” how ” she asked still looking surprised.

” you told Mr Tokunbo the conversations we had when we’re still on speaking term ” I replied her.

” no ” she exclaimed. ” I wouldn’t do that, I’ve never shared with him anything you told me ” she said with a surprised countenance .

” that’s a lie because on Sunday when you were off and we went on a picnic, he said I was funny just like you told him ” I said to her staring at her as I wait for what she had to say in her defence.

” oh, I remember but it was just a brief conversation, he asked me how you’re doing because both of us has been the one at home and I told him that you’re doing okay and you’re a funny and lively guy, that’s all, I didn’t tell him more than that ” she explained and I found reason to her explanation. Second time I misjudged a person.

” oh, so that was what happened ” I said as my vocal chord suddenly lost the strength it was wagering earlier.

” yeah ” she replied.

” I’m sorry, thought you snitched on me and I don’t like snitchers ” I said to her.

” it’s alright ” she said smiling. ” just happy that we could clear the differences soon ” she added still smiling.

” yeep ” I said smiling.

” care for fish ” she asked me.

” yeah ” I said smiling as I moved closer to her.

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She gave me a big fish out of the ones she has already fried.

” what are you doing now ” she asked me.

” have somewhere to go with Happy ” I replied her.

” alright, play safe oo ” she said smiling.

” alright ” I said with my trophy of fish in my hand as I returned to my room.

I made a stop at Happy’s room as I munched on my fish.

I knocked on her door and she asked me to enter.

On her bed was different types of clothes smearing it, she looked like she was going through trouble on getting the cloth she was going to wear to the party. I stood at the doorway as I enjoyed my fish and also enjoy seeing her going through the stress of searching for the cloth.

” why are you staring at me like that ” she asked me as she got away from her wardrobe .

” because it’s fun watching you and eating this fish joined with it, it’s yummy ” I teased her smiling.

” you’re not serious ” she said as she looked worn out.

” why not pick a cloth and save yourself all this stress ” I said to her.

” there’s this particular cloth I’m searching for but I can’t find it and I must wear it” she said as she sat down frustratingly.

” soothe yourself then” I said as I left her to my room.

I checked the time and it was already twenty two minutes passed three.

I made sure I ate the fish finish before I washed my hand and started making attempt to get dressed for the party .

On opening my wardrobe, I found out that it has been filled with more clothes. I smiled as I made a selection of an ash colour Louis vouiton polo and a black pencilled jeans.

I wore a black Nike shoe to match with the trouser, took a gold wristwatch mom gave me yesterday and wore it on it. I applied pomade on my hair then combed and brushed it.

After I was through dressing up, I checked the time and it was already forty four minutes past three.

On getting out of my room, Happy was also getting out of her room.
She was wearing a blue jean which had few cut on its knee and thigh side. She wore a black top which had the inscription ‘ amma loyal B—H’ written on it, and a black purse was in her hand. Even as casual as the dressing was, she looked pretty in it.

” so this was the special cloth you were looking for that made you tore apart your wardrobe ” I teased her.

” I’m wearing this because I couldn’t locate the cloth ” she replied as she started leaving.

” you’re pretty ” I said aloud, she turned to look at me and I smirked.

” you’re not looking bad too ” she said after accessing me.

We got to the sitting room and instead of us to go outside, she head to another door and when she opened it, we were inside the garage.

It was my first time entering the garage. I didn’t know when I mumbled “wow” when I saw the fleets on exotic cars inside it. Some that I had not seen before. I made a swift count with my eye and the cars inside the garage totalled nine, except the Sienna, all the cars all looked beautiful, clean and shining.

She head to where her tricycle was parked and I saw three powerbikes and four bicycles also parked there.

She got on her tricycle and brought out a key from inside the purse in her hand and inserted it into the tricycle keyhole, she turned it and it roared to life. She took the helmet hung on its clutch and wore it

” sit ” she ordered me.

” this is insulting you know ” I said staring at her. She opened the transparent glass on the helmet to look at me.

” what’s insulting there ” she asked.

” me sitting behind a girl on a bike to a party, please give me a perfect definition of disgrace if not this ” I replied her.

” are you sure you can ride on those ” she asked me pointing at the bikes parked. They all looked gigantic but it’s better to ride it even with less experience about it than sitting behind her.

” yeah ” I replied.

” alright ” she said taking her helmet off and exited the garage. She returned few minutes later with a key in her hand which she handed to me.

” it’s the key for this ” she said pointing at one of the black bike there.

” make sure nothing do it or else two of us are not sleeping inside this house tonight ” she said smiling as I climbed the bike. I inserted the key, held unto its brake as I ignited it to life.

” we’re good to go ” I said as I took the helmet attached to it off and wore it.

She also got on her tricycle and ignited it, she revved it for some seconds before she started riding it out of the garage and I followed behind her.

The gate was opened for us without any query and sooner than later, we were already on the road.

I made sure I was following behind her, making sure she’s in my view even tho I didn’t want to risk going on high speed with the bike because of my lack of experience.

She would some time increased her speed, I knew it was to tease me and all I could do was add little speed to mine and pray I caught up with her.

The journey to Philip place was a fast one . We didn’t use up to fifteen minutes on the road. His house isn’t that far from ours.

The gateman guarding the house asked us to identify ourselves before allowing us entrance into the house.

Every where was already filled with different type of cars, some having drivers inside it while some doesn’t have. I saw four bikes like mine parked, I also saw Azeezah’s car with the same driver that drove us to the mall in it. Happy and I looked for a free space to park our rides.
The house wasn’t that big but it looked nice.

” will his parents not complain ” I asked Happy as we made our way in.

” Philip live alone with his brother but his brother travelled out of the country last month to further his education, so he got the whole house to himself. ” Happy replied me. I was marvelled at that but I suppressed it. It’s really a miracle that someone with such freedom is still able to be the most brilliant student in the school. I was sure I would have gone rogue if I was the one.

On opening the door to the house, a loud wave of music hit us which got me wondering if the music was just switched on or the house was soundproofed.

I was sure the living room setting was changed to imitate a club.

Everywhere was sort of dark because of the dimmed colour bulbs that was on but I could still recognised some of my classmates I was seeing. Only a single sofa was available with some small plastic chairs which doesn’t have a brace to support one’s back.

I saw Oscar at a side with a DJ,s instruments in front of him and a big headset was on his ear. His hand was working on the disk jockey in front of him and a laptop which he seemed to be playing his music from.

Many students were inside the room gyrating to the toxical rhymes coming out of the two speakers placed in different angles.

I saw three guys wearing a black polo, they looked like barman as they had a hanger in their hands containing different types of non alcoholic drinks and red cups as they paraded through the dancing students.

” thought you’re not going to make it ” Philip danced towards the two of us with a red cup in his hand. ” go look for your queen, got to take mine ” he added as he held Happy’s hand and took her away from me.

Not wanting to be in the company of Azeezah soon, I mingled with the students dancing and started showing the poisonous move I got. I wasn’t much of a dancer but I was graced with a flexible body that makes me look like world best dancer any time I’m dancing.

One of the guys in black located me and handed me a red cup, he took one of the drinks inside the hanger in his hand and poured it into the cup for me.

” thank you ” I mumbled as I gulped down the drink at a go. It was sweet and tasted like an apple drink but I knew something was wrong with it but not wanting to lose the mood I was in, I swiftly tapped the guy and asked him to pour me another cup.
He looked at me with a kinda expression that showed that he was surprised but poured the drink per my order.

” an advice ” he said placing his mouth beside my ear.” you sip it, not drink it ” he said and disappeared into the crowd.

” what does he mean ” I asked rhetorically as I gulped down the drink again at a go. It was chilled and sweet, tho it tasted like an apple but it was sort of exceptional unlike anything I’ve tasted.

I wanted to call one of the guy to give me more and that was when I knew that I had successfully done myself, as my eye started getting dizzy and I felt my legs losing its balance.