One Call Away Episode 23



After she exited my room, I swiftly picked up my phone and powered it to life. A message from an unknown number appeared on it at once.
Seeing the content of the message I knew it was Chris.

I pulled out Azeezah’s note from my pocket and forwarded the address to her number indicating that it was from me.

I saved Chris number plus Azeezah’s own on my phone before I head to the wardrobe to get a perfect outfit for the hangout. I was still contemplating on which cloth to wear when my phone suddenly beeped.

I picked it up and saw that it was a message from Azeezah. She said she’ll be there in few minutes.

I dialled Chris number at once and told him to get ready as I also selected a cloth to wear.

After the selection of cloth, I took off my school uniform and took a quick shower before I finally wore the cloth.
I picked a matching sneakers to go along with the cloth and when I was done dressing up. I head to Happy’s room.

I knocked repeatedly on her door but she failed to open it. I wanted to leave her alone but I wanted her to check me out first. I placed my hand on the doorknob and pulled it down gently. I opened the door slowly and allowed my head in first to check if it was safe for me to enter, and it was as she was lying down on her bed with a headset on her ear, the reason she didn’t hear me knock on the door. In her hand was her notebook which she looked engrossed in.

I introduced other part of my body inside. She startling stood up when she saw me and took the headset off.

” hi ” I said smiling, staring at her.

” why can’t you knock before coming in ” she asked me looking kinda irritated.

” did that many times but seems the headset on your ear didn’t allow you to hear ” I said in my defence.

” alright, why are you here ” she asked me.

” how is my outfit ” I asked posing in front of her.

” wait ” she said looking kinda surprised . ” so you came in to ask me how your dressing is. ” she said with a disbelieving expression.

” yeah ” I said smiling.

” you look horrible ” she said as she picked her headset and returned it to her ear, picked her notebook and feigned to be reading it. I moved closer to her and removed the headset from her ear.

” ohh, what again ” she protested staring at me.

” just want to tell you that I think you’re lying and I’m looking dope more than any of your boyfriends” I said smiling, pecked her on her cheek before bidding her bye.

My phone rang the moment I stepped foot out of her room, a call from Azeezah. I picked it and she told me she’s outside of the gate waiting.

I dropped the call and called Chris informing him to meet me in the sitting room.

On getting to the sitting room, he was already there.

” are you sure you’re hanging out with this your crushee or you’re going on a date ” Chris asked as he saw me.

” why did you ask ” I asked him smiling.

” because you killed the dress ” he said raising a thumbs-up.

” and are you sure you’re just tagging along or you’re with a plan of obtaining the girl for yourself ” I asked him.

” why did you asked ” he asked with a perplexed expression.

” because you’re dressing more than me that’s tagging you along ” I replied smiling.

” let’s go ” he said heading outside and I couldn’t help but smile.

When we got outside, we saw a Toyota camry’s product mostly regarded as ‘Big daddy’ with tinted glass parked in front of our gate. Thinking it might be our ride, I walked over to the car and knocked on the glass. The glass was whined down revealing a man at the driver side.

” ohh I’m sorry ” I swiftly apologised after knowing I was mistaken.

” Ben ” I heard Azeezah’s voice from the back seat.

I smiled as I took three steps backward and she opened the door for me.

” aunty Azeezah ” Chris exclaimed on seeing her.

” what are you doing here Chris ” Azeezah asked looking surprised.

” bro Ben is my brother and I pleaded to him to tag me along tho I promise not to disturb the two of you ” Chris replied.

Azeezah looked confused but she asked us to get in without asking any more question. Chris sat beside the driver at the front while I sat beside her.

She informed me that we’re going to Ventura mall, tho I’ve never heard of it but I played along like it was somewhere I’ve been to many times.

I also got to know that the car was hers which I found amusing because I thought she had ordered an Uber.

” you look good ” I complemented her as a gentleman.

” you’re also looking great ” she reciprocated the complement.

When we got to the mall, I was amused by it, it was more than a mall, there’s a segment for shopping on different kind of items ranging from clothes to foodstuffs to electronic gadgets, phones and different kinda things.

Another segment was for meal and fast food and the most amazing segment is the games section. Ranging from different kind of video games to snooker, table tennis even to a mini rollercoaster.

We first head to the dining section where we ordered for a fast meal of Shawama, meatpie and pet drinks.
I blamed myself for joining them to order the Shawama, in order not to embarrass myself, I was swallowing it rather than chewing it because it looked kinda disgusting and I had to consume two pet drinks because of it.
I swallow and drink to flush it down.
By the time I was done with the Shawama, there was no space left in my stomach for the meatpie. But the two of them were eating it like it was normal meal and they seemed to be enjoying it.

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The worst part was that the two of them found themselves on the right path of conversation as I was too busy dealing with the wicked stuff they placed in front of me to join them on the path.

I didn’t know what Chris was saying that was making her laugh all the time. I didn’t know who’s tagging along between the two of us I couldn’t follow up on the conversation because I already got my hands filled.
When I was done with the Shawama, I brought out my phone and texted Chris informing him that he’s already gotten the whole attention of Azeezah and I won’t bring him along when next I’m hanging out with anyone.

He smiled on seeing the message and minimised his words so that I could tag in. After he’s through eating, he excused himself with the excuse of having other missions in the mall.

” why did you declined me coming to sit with you during the breaktime ” I asked her.

” nothing, I just felt like sitting alone ” she replied.

” I don’t think that’s an honest answer ” I said to her staring directly into her pupils.

” yeah, you’re right ” she said as she let out a subtle smile from her lip.

” in ss2a, there’s a boy named Mohammed, my dad and his have been best of friends even before the two of us were given birth to and by the time we’re given birth to, they made a pact that in order to even strengthen their friendship, they’ll get their children to marry themselves, which means Mohammed and I have already been betrothed to each other.
I was naive and stupid about this when I was young that I was proud of it.

We’ve been attending the same school right from daycare and everyone always seem to find out that we’re already married, only the ceremony remain. So in the whole school, everyone know that Mohammed is my boyfriend and if anyone see me with another guy, he always know about it and somehow my father will also know about it and that always get me in trouble . I don’t want the relationship again but no one is willing to hear me out ” she explicated with a somber countenance. I knew she’s fighting hard to hold her tears.
I moved my seat closer to hers, placed her head on my chest as I patted her shoulder.

” why can’t you tell your dad about it or better your mom, she should be able to understand you since she’s a female ” I told her after she’s calmed down.

” mom’s helpless when it comes to my dad, she knew that I’m uncomfortable with the relationship but there’s nothing she can do about it ” she replied me taking her head off my chest.

” you don’t have to feel sad, maybe one day, Mohammed might also get tired of everything and rebel against the decision and you’ll finally be ”

” have you met Mohammed ” she interrupted me. ” he’s head over heel for me, he wouldn’t even give me breathing space ” she added getting tensed up.

” no one will see a beauty like you and wouldn’t get head over heel for you ” I said smiling and I noticed her cheek turned red.

” stop trying to make me feel better, I know I’m ugly ” she said facing down.

” no, I’m not trying to make you feel better ” I said raising her head up so that I could stared into her lovely eye. ” my heart has never fluttered for a girl at first sight except you, same reason I think Mohammed doesn’t want to let you go ” I added still staring into her eye.

” did you really mean that ” she asked as her tone suddenly seemed to lose its strength.

” yeah, Mohammed is trying not to lose you because he’s not sure he will be able to come in contact with a beauty like you again in his lifetime ” I replied her feigning not to know what she’s saying.

” no, I’m not talking about Mohammed and can you please lay low about mentioning Mohammed ” she said almost in a pleading tone.

” alright, I’ll refrain from using the M word and what are you talking about ” I said still feigning ignorance.

” about your heart fluttering for me at first sight or this is you trying to add to your list” she said with a serious countenance.

” Azeezah ” I called her name passionately with my head few inches from hers. ” many peeps thought with my facial look and features, I’m a playboy who’s cool with manipulating girl’s heart with my words and look but everyone is always wrong about me, I’ve got a great mother who thought me more about the value of every female child, that they’re not meant as a plaything, I’ve never for once been a playboy and I’m not thinking of starting to be that right now with you, I’ve never dated a girl ever in my life because I’ve not seen the ideal type of girl for me not until I met you in the locker room today and my heart has been doing me somehow , I knew you’re the ideal girl for me just that it’s a pity that I’m plying on an already sailed boat ” I said getting a little bit emotional.

” and who told you that you’re after an already sailed boat” she asked me with a smile gracing her lip.

” you did, M has already spoilt everything for me until he’s got a change of mind which I don’t think is possible because if I’m M, I also wouldn’t want to lose you for anyone ” I replied her.

” what if I told you that I’m ready to drop M for you no matter what it requires ” she said shocking me.

” I don’t understand ” I said looking confused.

” then this might help to clear that “she said as she suddenly kissed me.
I didn’t know for how long because I lose the count of time, but by the time we disengaged our lips, I felt like the most complete guy on earth.

” what’s that ” l asked staring at her in awe .

” to tell you that my heart already fluttered for you the moment you stepped your foot inside the class ” she said smiling.

Present Day

I saw Gina without any partner, I waved at her as I went ahead to get a simple meal of fried egg and plantain.

” good morning ” I greeted her as I partnered with her.

” morning Mr casanova ” she replied smiling.

” why are you calling me that ” I asked her.

” because you’re casanova ” she replied still smiling.

” I don’t understand you ” I said with a confused countenance.

” really ” she said handing me her phone and on it was a picture of me kissing Azeezah.

” what’s this ” I asked, shocked to my marrow.

” it’s a picture of you kissing Azeezah the one and only wife of Mohammed ” she replied smiling.

It was the truth that I kissed Azeezah but not in that position. I kissed her when we’re still in the dining room but the picture showed that I kissed her beside the snooker board . I only made attempt to kiss her there after I finished pocketing all my balls before hers but she averted it and ran away. But in the picture it showed that I kissed her, so it’s either the picture was edited or the angle the picture was taken made it seemed like that.

” This picture was edited ” I said loudly and every eye inside the cafeteria turned to look at me.” and I promise to fish out whoever did it ” I threatened since I already got everyone’s attention.