One Call Away Episode 22


I met fleets of cars all parked inside the car park. I stood transfixed to the spot I was confused, staring at all the exotic cars parked there. Some were already leaving the park while some students walked passed me to get to their rides. I tried hard to see one of the cars which I knew belong to Mr Tokunbo but find none.

” could they have left me behind ” another thought crept into mind but it was kicked out by the honking of one of the cars inside the park.
I traced the sound and located the direction it came from. I started walking towards the direction, the car blared it horn twice again and I was able to pinpointed the car outta the fleet of cars. I paused on my track on seeing it as I heaved a sigh of relief as I saw the Mr Adamu waving at me.

” good afternoon sir ” I greeted as I walked to where the car was parked.
It was a different car from the Sienna and the Honda which dad used to convey us to school that morning. If not for Mr Adamu that waved at me to get my attention, I would not have know that it was the ride back to home.

I felt like going to its rear and checked out the maker but I didn’t want to look like a village boy, so I comported myself and got into the car after Mr Adamu replied my greeting. Happy was sitting beside Mr Adamu while Chris was sitting at the back seat.

” hello brother ” I greeted Chris smiling.

” brother Ben.” he called out also smiling.

” what took you so long ” he asked me.

” I’m sorry, was doing something ” I replied him.

” it’s okay ” he said as he brought out his phone.

Happy had a book in her hand which she seemed to be engrossed in that she failed to noticed my presence or pretending not to have noticed it.

Chris tapped me and handed me his phone. I looked kinda perplexed on collecting it from him because I wasn’t sure why he was giving it to me but my curiosity was cleared when I checked the phone screen. He typed a message on it which goes thus.

” what happened to aunty Happy? ”

” I don’t know, why are you asking ” I cleared the message he typed and input my reply and returned the phone to him.

” thought you two got into a fight because she’s been moody since she got into the car and I’m the one who like sitting at the front seat but I think she’s sitting there because she’s trying to avoid you ” Chris handed me the phone to read what he typed. I smiled after I was done reading it.

” I know what’s happening, don’t bother yourself ” I replied Chris.

” how was your first day at school ” Chris asked returning back to the usage of words.

” it was fun and cool ” I replied him smiling. ” I even have a question to ask you ” I said to Chris.

” ask it egbon ” he replied and I couldn’t help it but laugh with the way he pronounced the “egbon” like an Igbo guy that’s just learning Yoruba and I heard a subtle snuffle from Happy which means that she’s listening to our conversation, the book was just a camouflage

” why are you laughing ” Chris asked me.

” nothing ” I replied trying hard to suppress my laughter.

” do you know our house address ” I asked him.

” why are you asking ” he asked me.

” because I don’t know it ” I replied him.

” I’ve got a premonition that you’re not saying the truth ” he said smiling.

” see the way you’re calling me a liar in a coded form ” I said laughing.

” I didn’t call you a liar oo ” he said also laughing.

” I know you did but your premonition is right, one of my classmates want us to hangout and she’s going to pick me up after I text her the address ” I said to him.

” you’ve already gotten a crush in your first day at school, cool ” he said smiling.

” who told you she’s crushing on me ” I asked him feigning ignorance.

” and why will she want to hang out with you after school if it’s not so ” he replied with another question.

” I don’t know, maybe she want to know me well since we’re classmate ” I replied him. ” so do you know the address ” I swiftly chipped in before he make another attempt on trying to find out more. He’s smart and brilliant for a kid of thirteen.

” I don’t know yet but I’ll be sure if I know it on one condition ” he said smiling mischievously

” what’s the condition ” I asked him.

” if you’ll allow me to tag along ” he said still smiling. I was dumbfounded as I didn’t know what to say as I stared at him.

” Mr Adamu ” I called out as another idea crept into my brain.

” yes ” Mr Adamu replied.

” please do you know the house address ” I asked him smiling.

” yes ” he replied.

” noooooo ” Chris screamed as I started laughing.

” bribery and corruption isn’t good ” I said laughing as Chris sulked

” please take me with you na ” he said in a pleading tone.

” hmmm, okay, we’ll go together ” I said after contemplating about it for few seconds.

” yah ” Chris burst out in excitement.

” I’ll text the address to your number ” he added looking all excited.

Throughout the journey back home, not a moment of silence passed between Chris and me. With my change of environment, I was detecting other sides of me. Never knew I could be a talkative.

After getting home, Mr Adamu parked directly in front of the door of the house and the three of us exited the car before he drove it into the garage.

Happy’s p.o.v

Ben coming to my school was a total bad idea, another girl was already on a mission to get him but who could that be.

I blamed myself for trying to pull the kinda trick which Gina pulled. If I had sat down at my normal position, he would have told me who the girl was because I was sure it wasn’t Gina. She’s fully aware of where I’m staying and she knows that Ben is staying at my place so she doesn’t need address.

I had picked the Government note to revise inside the car since I was sure nothing out of what was thought made it way into my head and since I already took it to heart that I wasn’t going to speak with Ben, I’ll be able to read it. Same reason why I sat at the front seat, but it was a waste of time as I lost interest in the book and picked interest in the discussion of Ben and Chris.

Mr Adamu parked the car in front of the door as he usually do when dropping us from school and wheeled it into the garage.

” Happy ” Ben called my name as I was about opening the door and I froze. Chris opened the door and entered.

” which book is that ” he asked directing his gaze at the book in my hand.

” this ” I stupidly asked raising the book up

” yeah ” he replied with a soft smile gracing his lip revealing the upper part of his white teeth.

” it’s my government notebook, brought it home so I could revise what we were thought ” I replied him.

” wow, didn’t know that we can bring our books home ” he said looking kinda surprised.

” we can bring it home tho a pdf of all the note we wrote today would have been sent to our phone but I love revising directly from my notebook not on my phone ” I said and he was suddenly smiling which got me sort of perplexed as I swiftly went through all I said in my head checking if I made an error but none was found.

” why are you smiling ” I asked him but he just turned his back and went inside.

I stood transfixed to the spot I was, watching him as I was left in a confused state.

” what’s wrong with him ” I asked rhetorically before I followed behind him.

He didn’t stop and entered his room and I followed him.

” Why were you smiling earlier ” I asked as he sunk into his bed.

” is smiling a crime ” he asked as he sat up on his bed.

” no, yes ” I stuttered.

” really ” he asked smiling again. That kinda cute smile your crush will smile and you’ll feel your heart and wit bidding you bye as a strong urge will overshadow you to kiss him or her.

” if the smile is for no reason pertaining to the current situation ” I managed to say after managing to get hold of my wit but my heart was long gone.

” well the smile was for no reason ” he uttered staring at me.

” then why did you smile ” I asked him.

He suddenly stood up and closed the space between us, my head was directly below his chin and I could feel his breath brushing against my hair.

Time froze as I suddenly felt my heart pounding hard against my chest, I feared for the vein connected to it, with the rate at which it was beating fast, some of it might get disconnected away from it. I held my notebook tightly to my chest as I shut my eye.
I felt his hands wrapped around my waist as he pulled me closer to embraced him.

I was a virgin but not a saint, the atmosphere in the room suddenly got too hot for me and I felt my n—-e got erected, my first sign of been h—y. An experience I always experience most during my menstruation period , when I’m reading articles that contains explicit xrated stuffs on the Internet and when I’m also watching movies that’s extremely romantic on my phone or laptop. I’ve never been in such mood around any guy.

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With the fear that he could have felt my erected n—-e since my breast was pushing against his chest because of the embrace, with the little strength I had left in my body I pushed him away from me.

” what are you doing ” I asked him gasping for breath.

” nothing, I was also trying to see if you got feelings for me ” he said staring directly into my eye.

” what ” I asked feigning to be surprised. ” feelings for you ” I asked feigning to look more surprised. ” are you some sort of pervert that has just fallen off from the Pluto losing its abituary means of reasoning ” I said now getting angry for a reason oblivious to me.

” hey, chill ” he said trying to calm me down. ” why are you over reacting when you also tried the same thing ” he said as his facial expression suddenly changed and I could tell that he was also getting angry.

” was I over reacting ” I asked myself inwardly as I tried to avert locking eye with him. He was getting angry and I couldn’t help but blame myself for it.

” I’m sorry ” I mumbled almost in a whisper. ” not just in my right frame of mind ” I added with a somber expression.

” are you like this just because I’m dining on the same table with your arch enemy ” he asked me as he placed his index finger on my chin and raised my head up with it so that he could stared into my face.

” no ” I replied and I was sure he knew I was insincere with my answer.

” if you say that but want you to help me with something ” he said heading to his wardrobe.

” what’s that ” l asked staring at him.

” I’m hanging out with Azeezah and I want you to help me select the combo I should wear ” he said staring at me.

” Azeezah, that witch ” I mumbled in my mind.

” do I look like your wife ” I said as I exited his room at once.


Ben’s p.o.v

I was excited by the turn of event yesterday, I had a great time with Azeezah tho Chris wouldn’t give me rest of mind until I threatened not to tag him along another day. My day was completed when dad handed me an ATM card belonging to Guarantee Trust Bank, he told me he helped me to open the account and has deposited the sum of one million naira in it to cover for anything I want to buy. I was overjoyous and extremely excited.
I slept and had a dream that Davido was my gateman while Dangote was my gardener.

Happy and Chris ate mom’s meal but because I woke up late , I wasn’t chanced to eat.

After we alighted from the car, we bid dad bye, Chris head to his block while Happy and me head to ours. Happy head to the locker room while I head to the cafeteria because I’ve not eaten yet.

On getting to the cafeteria I knew something was off. Everyone who seemed to be my classmates inside the cafeteria all had a mischievous smile on their lips .

I saw Philip and he mumbled out ” Mr casanova ” quietly. I read his lips to know that, that was what he said.

I saw Gina without any partner, I waved at her as I went ahead to get a simple meal of fried egg and plantain.

” good morning ” I greeted her as I partnered with her.

” morning Mr casanova ” she replied smiling.

” why are you calling me that ” I asked her.

” because you’re casanova ” she replied still smiling.

” I don’t understand you ” I said with a confused countenance.

” really ” she said handing me her phone and on it was a picture of me kissing Azeezah.

” what’s this ” I asked, shocked to my marrow.