Gift Episode 24


Samuel started begging me touching me, convincing me that he will make me squi-rt, I was repulsive until he zipped down his zipper and pulled out his long thick sweet kulikuli. His kulikuli was very hard and big with plenty veins, jeez.. I stared at it and confirmed if the flesh is attached to slim-fitted Samuel.

He pushed me down on my bed and hovered all over me sweating and breathing heavily, he pulled down my skirt and p-ant. Then buried his face in my sugar-pot, he started fin-ger bleeping me, licking my cli-t. Gosh! making me to mo-an and wiggled under the influence of the afternoon service.

He naked himself and I removed the singlet I wore. He positioned himself in between my legs and plunged his sweet big kulikuli slowly slowly until my sugar-pot almost swallow everything, he grunted and started pounding me. Licking and su-cking my ni-pples, I was just loving the way he was massacring me.

I grabbed the bedsheet and scratched his back, he kept pounding me till I lost my voice and screamed loudly shaking as I released my Odele sweet water.

He stopped pounding me and caught his breathe, he started pounding me again, this time fast and hard making me to enjoy that his long kulikuli. He groaned like castrated pig and then poured inside me, roaring like exhausted lion.

He rolled off my body and started breathing heavily. He told me that I am very sweet that I have the sweetest puna that he ever tasted, from that day henceforth, Samuel will use every slightest opportunity to pull down my p-ant and b-ang me.

I was unable to continue my midnight romp with Okoye. He began suspecting Samuel of being greedy, see wahala my own sugar-pot. I was in my room when I started hearing loud voices in the garden, I rushed out and went over there to see Samuel and Okoye.

Okoye: I don tell you say make you leave that girl hand, I go beat you oh!

Samuel: you nofit do anything, Gift na my own.

Okoye: na your girlfriend ehnn? who go even gree date bone bone no flesh like you?

Samuel: leave Gift hand, manage your wife.

Okoye: repeat wetin you talk Samuel.

Samuel: you be useless man, why your worwor wife no do you?

Okoye swung his right hand and punched Samuel on his cheek, he staggered backward and leapt towards Okoye with his two hands pushed-forward.

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Okoye caught him in mid-air and slammed him on the ground, the thuds and noises they were making attracted my grand-mother and the maid to come and separate the fight, my grandmother chastise me for not stopping them from fighting, as if say I asked them to fight, see wahala.

The moment they rescued Samuel from been beaten to death his chagrin went upto one hundred percent, I nofit laugh he was looking like someone that a moving car ran through.

My grandmother reprimand them and asked them why they were both fighting, they lied that Samuel and him had disagreement on blablabla.. whatever, I didn’t care to know sef.

Later in the Noon some kids with 19’s coats and 18’s eyeglasses looking hilarious came to do ‘Happy Christmas’ in our house. Immediately my granny went with them claiming they are related to us, me I don’t know oh! Okoye and Samuel appeared in the garden where I was resting.

Samuel: Gift, abeg between me and this guy who you choose?

Okoye: abeg choose me, you know say I dey always last well well.

Samuel: no gree oh, I last pass am and my p—k big pass em own.

Okoye: you know say na my p—k sweet pass, no choose am oh! em resemble HIV patient.

The whole advertisement was very funny, they two were un-handsome from their teen age, I decided not to pick any of them and the two adults started acting like kids refused to give them sweet.

They started avoiding me and refused to give me their kulikuli again, after some weeks of staying away from my sugar-pot. They so much missed the sweetness that, Samuel rushed to my room while I was in the bathroom. He opened the bathroom door and I saw him naked with his hard rod standing hard and ready, he started fondling the sweet oranges on my chest, the door opened, I thought we both were caught until we saw Okoye.

Okoye: Samboy, you dey here.

Samuel: ehem na, I nofit leave this kind small pin charger.

Our Elder say uncovered food is the merriment of flies and diseases.