Gift Episode 23


He removed the left hand of my vex and cupped my fleshy br-east with his palm and placed his mouth on my ni-pple and su-ckled, I was just moa-ning rubbing his back.

He pulled away and pulled down his short. His short and agile kulikuli bounced out while I took off my vex, he helped me remove the bumshort I wore and laid me flat on the bed. He spread my legs and entered my we-t sugar-pot, he started fu-cking me, pounding me, caressing the small bre*asts on my chest. I was just moa-ning, grabbing and releasing the bedsheet.

He was panting and sweating while using his kulikuli to scoop sugar from inside my we-t toto. He cried out like Pig on heat and poured his warm akamu Jehovah inside my puna, he groaned and rolled off from me.

He smiled and told me that am a very sweet girl, he started caressing my bre-asts again, his kulikuli got up in between his legs like pole. A knock landed on the door. We were both startled.

Voice: Gift, you dey inside?

Me: I dey come.

Okonye: *with low voice* na the maid be that?

Me: *with low voice* go inside the bathroom.

Voice: open the door na, wetin you dey do inside?

Me: I dey come na, I just baf finish now now.

Okonye Took his short and ran into the bathroom while I opened the door, she just wan tell me say make I come eat. I hissed after she left, I helped Okonye escaped through the window. The funny thing be say em short tear as em wan jump down.

Every midnight Okonye will use my window to enter my room after everyone has slept, a night like that something happened. He came in with just his boxer and singlet, I was naked. He took it off before I could say ‘Jack’ He mounted in between my legs and started eating my potato, I was so we-t down there.

He then pulled out his short and mighty, then thru-sted inside my sugar-pot. He started moving in and out fast with missionary style making my eyes to rolled off, I felt the sweetness rushing towards my spine and I felt my body tightened and a very sweet feelings that I have never experienced before was making me to shake and scream out my voice, my pu-ssy walls tightened around his short mighty kulikuli and I felt him groaned and empty his spe-rm in me.

He pulled out and we started breathing heavily, after we rested a little. I opened the window and he climbed down, I was so tired. I wanted to sleep ’cause how I dey feel na ‘wow’. I started hearing noise behind my window.

Voice1: thief! thief!! oohh!!

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Voice2: Samuel, na me Okoye.

I got out of my bed and ran to the window, and I met the new gardener flashing his torchlight at Okoye just beside the flower attached to the wall of the fence behind my window.

Samuel: why you wear boxer and singlet dey waka upadan?

Okoye: I just dey hear noise around the house, I come say make I check wetin dey make the noise.

Samuel: why you come dey sweat for this kind cold hour?

Okoye: I dey always sweat whenever I sleep.

Samuel: you no wear slippers.

Okoye: my slippers cut when I been dey waka around, I don throw away.

Samuel: you dey smell somehow.

Okoye: I dey always get body odour for night.

Samuel: I see you when you climb down from oga’s daughter window.

Okoye: I see snake for the window, I wan try to kill am em come run.

Sameul: I hear her dey shout faster and harder.

Okoye: maybe she dey pound something inside her room.

Samuel: or na you dey pound am, ’cause I see ona two naked.

Okoye: abeg no tell oga, em daughter sweet well well… Just tell am, she go give you.

Samuel: you sure?

Okoye: yes, the girl na cheerful giver.

Gift you have suffered oh, I pretended I didn’t hear them and went back to bed. The next night I locked my window, Okoye knocked and made so many sounds like snake on my window but I didn’t open it for him, when em tire em waka go em security house.

Samuel was just all over me, telling me that he like me well well. Samuel is like skeleton, tall and slim I wonder if he really eat well. If he doesn’t have enough flesh on his body, na em manhood go come big.

One day I was all alone at home when he sneaked inside my room and proved that what I was thinking isn’t true at all, chaii… ‘Come see kulikuli na.

Our elder says is only a mad woman knows the kind of music she dances to.