One Call Away Episode 21


I’m Suleiman Azeezah ” she said smiling at me and I felt my heart fluttered .

” I’m Salako Benjamin ” I replied her smiling.

” I know your name already ” she said smiling.

” I know, just felt like telling you from my mouth ” I replied her smiling.

” why are you doing with the economic textbook ” she enquired on seeing the notebook and textbook in my hand.

” because we’re having economic of course ” I replied her.

” don’t bother yourself taking it, Mrs Bello doesn’t make reference to textbook when she’s teaching, in fact, she doesn’t make use of textbook at all ” she said to me.

” ohh ” I exclaimed as I opened my locker and returned the textbook.

” thank you ” I said to her smiling

” for what ” she asked looking at me with a perplexed expression.

” for informing me about the textbook na ” I replied her.

” you can’t be serious ” she said smiling.

” I don’t even know when I’m also serious ” I said to her smiling.

” are you done here ” she asked me.

” yeah, why are you asking ” I asked her

” so that we can return to class” she replied me.

” are you not going to eat ” I asked her.

” I already did ” she replied me.

” but I didn’t see you inside the cafeteria ” I said to her.

” yes and that’s because I don’t like the meals prepared in the school, so my mom always make sure I don’t come to school without my lunchbox or else I’m gonna starve myself throughout the day, so I always eat my mom’s delicious meal inside the class without having to visit the cafeteria ” she replied me.

” omo mummy ” I said teasing her.

” it’s sha my mummy ” she retorted smiling.

” but the cafeteria meal isn’t bad ” I muttered.

” that’s for you, let’s return to class before someone comes in here and see only the two of us together and start spreading rumour that we’re making out inside the locker room ” she said as she started heading for the exit.

” can someone really do that ” I asked catching up with her.

” you don’t know anything about this asylum you’re in yet ” she said with a smirk.

” asylum ” I muttered mesmerised by her use of metaphor on the school.

” this school is filled with madness, especially our class, it’s where the real madness reside ” she said smiling.

” everyday is for drama here ” she added as we thread on the staircase ascending towards our class.

” I love madness ” I said smiling.

” then you’re in the right place ” she said also smiling.

” what’s your plan after school today ” she asked me

” I don’t have any plan ” I replied her.

” can we hang out, bills on me ” she said smiling as she stared into my eye.

” you mean directly after school, in school uniform ” I asked her trying hard not to stuttered because the question hit me unaware.

” anyhow you want it, might be directly from school and if you want to go home to change, I don’t mind as long as you give me your address ” she replied me.

” I think I’ll go with the latter ” I said smiling.

” great and be careful around Gina, take that as an advice from a friend who like you ” she said smiling as she suddenly hastened her movement and entered the class before me.

” friend who liked me ” I said to myself smiling. She’s the second person to claim to be a friend that likes me that same day.

The class was scanty when I got inside with Gina, Happy and Philip missing.
Only three students were inside which included Azeezah, a guy and a girl. They’re both sitting together and the girl was resting her head on the guy’s chest as they eat from a big packet of crunchy biscuit on their desk.

I directed my gaze towards where Azeezah was sitting at and she smiled at me. I wanted to go meet her but she made a disapproval sign. Not taking it to heart, I smiled back at her and head to my sit.

I placed the notebook in my hand on my desk and started flipping it open and just like the other notes, it’s also been updated to the last topic. It was the same as the last topic treated in my former school.

I buried my head in the notebook as I revised on the topic . Few minutes later the bell was jingled from the speaker inside the class habitual , the class was already filled with students by this time but some were still missing and in that category was Gina, Happy and Philip.

” hello class ” a teacher who I presumed to be Mrs Bello greeted as she entered the class. No one responded and I also make sure my teeth clumped my lips together so that I wouldn’t make the mistake I made in the morning.

Not up to two minutes of teaching by Mrs Bello, Gina, Happy, Philip and two other students entered the class but Gina and Happy looked kinda roughened up. Gina looked angry as she sat down beside me, I knew at once that something was up and I was dying of curiosity to know what it was.

Happy glanced back and I was kinda lucky to meet the glance. She smiled as our eyes met each other before she returned her gaze to Mrs Bello, this made me more curious. Gina wasn’t talking or couldn’t talk as her head was buried on the desk.

Philip already seemed to be passing the rumour of What transpired between the two girls but the rumours didn’t get to me.

I didn’t listen much to what was thought and at the dot of 1:30, Mrs Bello dropped the marker and called it a day with her teaching.

” Gina ” I said feebly tapping her on her back.

” I’m tired, just let me be ” she said not taking her head off the desk.

” what’s wrong, did Happy hurt you ” I asked her.

” why not ask her ” she said still not taking her head off the desk and I could detect anger in her voice.

” because she’s not my sitting pal, you are and I don’t think it’s wrong to care about you ” I said not sure if I was sincere with it.

” really ” she said as she took her head off the table. She stared deep into my eye and I couldn’t help but think if she’s psychic and trying to read my mind if I was been sincere with what I said.

” yeah, did Happy hurt you ” I asked her.

” you can’t actually say that, we just had to swiftly settle a matter at hand ” she said as smile finally managed to grace her lip.

” but why did you looked like a loser of a fight and she looked like the winner when you both entered.

” hahahaha ” she suddenly burst into laughter.

” do you think she can handle me, impossicant ” she said still laughing.

” she just happened to point out to something and in as much as I want her to be wrong, she’s awfully right ” she said losing the laugh.

” care to share what that is ” I asked her.

” don’t want to share but I have a question for you ” she replied.

” what’s that ” I asked her hiding the fact that I was displeased with her not caring to share what it was but I was sure that I’ll squeeze it out of Happy’s mouth .

” What’s your relationship with her ” she asked me.

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” my relationship with her ” I repeated after her.

” yeah ” Gina affirmed.

” I don’t really know but she’s a friend of mine which I kinda like ” I replied her.

” like or you love her ” Gina asked me staring at me as if her life depend on the answer I give her.

” you make me laugh ” I said smiling.

” but you’re not laughing ” she retorted smiling.

” semi laugh ” I countered her as I patted my lip a bit.

” bad guy ” she said smiling but I noticed she was staring towards another direction with a satisfactory look. I traced her gaze and it led to Happy’s seat.

Happy had returned to her moody self and that was when I got hold of what Gina was doing. She’s getting her revenge for whatever it was that transpired between the two of them during the breaktime by using me.

I feigned not to notice anything as I swiftly averted my gaze away from Happy’s direction.

” so what’s your plan after school ” Gina asked me.

” none ” I replied absent minded.

” oops, my bad, got someone to hangout with ” I swiftly said as my wit located me.

” Happy ” she asked staring at me.

” hahahaha ” I laughed hysterically.

” it’s not Happy ” I said still laughing.

” then who’s the girl ” she asked me.

” why do you think it’s a girl ” I asked her smiling.

” because you looked like the playboy type and many girls will be at your disposal to hang out with ” she said aching her brow as she tried to avoid eye contact with me.

” pssst ” I muttered without trying to clear her wrong.

” am I wrong ” she asked now looking at me.

” I don’t know oo ” I said stressing out the “oo” .

” bad guy ” she said smiling.

We talked, talked and talked that I forgot about the existence of time until the loudspeaker inside the class blared out its god forsaken siren sound.

” it’s closing time ” Gina said rudely bringing the gist about her last vacation which was in Switzerland to an end.

” time to go home ” I said smiling.

” yeah ” Gina said as she stood up looking all excited which made me wonder why she’s so happy about going home when the school isn’t different from home itself.

” do you have something that’s important to do at home ” I couldn’t help but ask her.

” I’m not going home ” she said as she left class leaving me all perplexed about her incomplete sentence.

” hmmm ” I sighed as I took my economic notebook from the desk and stood up.

” don’t tell me you’re leaving now Mr casanova ” Philip said intercepting me from leaving from my seat.

” as you can see, yeah ” I said showing him my book.” and why are you calling you me casanova ” I asked staring at him.

” do you know how to play football ” he asked me avoiding my question.

” I think I can ” I replied him.

” we’re having a friendly match with ss2 D and since you’re in this class,you should also feature ” he said to me.

” I’ve got a ride to catch today maybe another day”. I replied him.

” okay, won’t force you but next time you must be on the team and good job today, you surprised everyone especially me ” he said smiling.

” including myself too ” I said smiling.

” you’re cool and make sure to take care of my queen till the time I’ll move my palace down to your place ” he said in a humorous manner and I got a glimpse of what’s happening but not sure about it.

” okay your lordship ” I said smiling.

” come on boys, let’s show them that we’re ready for them today ” he said aloud clapping his hands to motivate the guys as he left me.

It was like a magic occurred because no girl was inside the class again except the guys, even Happy was nowhere to be found.

” we’ve got to show them that the three zero they trashed us last time was a mistake ” I heard philip say as I was walking out of the class . I couldn’t help but smirk on hearing it.

I hastened my movement to the locker room as I didn’t want to be the one delaying whoever it was that was going to take us home.

On getting to my locker, I inserted my combination and opened it, I noticed a note on my books which I was sure wasn’t there when I was there an hour and few minutes ago.
I picked it and unfolded and the content in the note goes this.

” send your address to this phone number 070158*****, Azeezah ”

I had forgotten for a moment that I was hanging out with her and she asked me to give her my address.

” how did she even know my pin ” I asked aloud as I dropped my notebook inside the locker, changed my pin again before I exited the room.

I head to the car park with a prayer point on my mind that I was not left behind tho I know such wouldn’t happen. I had a smile on my lip as I saw all the students going to and fro.
They all looked extravagant and walked with dignity , none was rushing unlike my former school, sometimes, when going home, I’m always forced to look behind me if a masquerade is chasing everyone.

I got to the car park and I found myself in another problem.

Guess what?