One Call Away Episode 20


Happy’s p.o.v

If I’m given a chance to change one of the decisions I’ve made in my life, it will be the decision of falling in love with Ben. Loving Ben had became an addiction to me, I’ve become a junkie of love and if I had known from the start, I wouldn’t have started it.
A one sided love really s–k but I couldn’t stop myself from getting over it. Even many years apart from him didn’t stop me from loving him, his love in my heart keeps growing everyday and it would have really been a lovely thing if I’m able to get half of the love I’ve got for him from him.

I forgot to mention about the initiation trial to him when I was telling about the school and my class.

I had plans to tell him that morning if he’d come into the cafeteria. I changed my mind about telling him when I saw that Gina had become interested in him.

I know who Gina is to know when she’s got interest in a guy. She’s always not that frenzy with a guy especially a guy that they ain’t friends before but with Ben, she’s different.

Who wouldn’t fall in love with him, he’s got the perfect height and physique for a guy, a smooth fair, kinda babyish looking face with a cute pink lip. His smile is really intoxicating and I strangely always find some fulfilment in it. No doubt, he’s the new most handsome guy in my class, Philip held that position before.

I was sure he was gonna fail the test because I was sure Philip must have seen him as a threat because he’s always fond of boasting himself as the most handsome guy in class and with Ben around, he won’t be able to do that. Tho no guy in my class is less attractive but everyone got his level of attractiveness.

During the time Azeez { Gina’s former boyfriend} left the school, we’ve got three cute guys, more cute than Philip from other art classes that wanted to join us but they were all evicted by the initiation trial and the test they all had undergone was all Philip idea.
I wanted Philip to have him evicted because of Gina. With him in another class, I won’t have to keep having headache everyday over them.

Ben wasn’t smart enough to notice Philip discreetly passing a folded paper to Gina when they’re discussing but I saw it because I happened to steal a glance at them at that moment.

When the whole drama started, I was tempted to tell him it was all a prank because I felt like he was gonna hate me if he knew that he was evicted from the class because of a prank which I know about and failed to tell him. When we got to our locker room and I opened my locker for them to see that the phone wasn’t inside, I exited the locker room at once with Oluchi and head to the cafeteria to think.

I couldn’t eat the food I got just like in the morning, my heart was beating faster as I expect the whole charade to have ended and Ben sent to ss3 E where they’re yet to complete twelve inside their class.

Oluchi wouldn’t stop asking me what’s wrong with me but I was afraid to tell her anything. Oluchi used to be my third choice when I was still friend with Gina but after the whole separation stuff with Gina, she became my bestfriend. I trust her but I was always careful with her because I didn’t want another Gina on the loose. So I share less of my secret with her.

” seems he passed the initiation test ” Oluchi said to me, capturing me back to earth, as I was already long gone in spirit to another planet to distract myself.

” who ” I asked looking surprised.

” the new guy of course ” she said pointing at Ben and Gina and they’re directly sitting opposite to us eating their food.

” I’m coming ” I said to Oluchi as I stood up to go meet them

” Ben ” I called out his name as I got closer to him and Happy let out a loud hiss staring at me but I didn’t say anything .

” Happy ” he called out on seeing me standing beside her.

” I need to talk to you but not here ” I said to him staring at him.

” okay ” he said as he made to get up from where he was sitting.

” don’t go anywhere Ben ” Gina said swiftly grabbing his hand.

” what’s going on here ” Ben asked with a surprised expression passing a glance between Gina and I .

” nothing ” Gina was the first to reply.” it’s a bad etiquette to leave your food for a chat, you can talk with her when you’re through with your food ” she added pulling Ben down to sit.

” I understand what you mean Gina ” Ben said smiling at her.” but Happy here is my ”

” I’m his close friend ” I swiftly intercepted what he’s about to talk which I was sure is ” Happy here is my sister “.

I wanted to keep it a secret that we’re technically brother and sister in case I got a chance to finally start dating him. And since our surname is different, no one can know that we shared a little bond through his mom and my dad.

” close friend ” Ben muttered looking sort of perplexed but his expression suddenly change.

” yeah, she’s my close friend and I’m even staying in her place right now ” Ben added smiling as he winked at me.

” what ” Gina exclaimed looking surprised and I sure loved the expression on her face. Now she know that the chance of anything happening between the two of them is tiny.

” see you later dear ” he said to her as he stood up, held my hand and went outside.

” why didn’t you tell me about the initiation trial ” he asked me when we’re out of the cafeteria.

” I forgot about it and I would have told you this morning but you’re busy having a nice time with your new girlfriend and I didn’t want to disturb you ” I said trying to sound less jealous but I knew I s–k at it.

” which girlfriend ” he asked smiling at me.

” I don’t know oo ” I replied also smiling.

I knew at that moment that Ben would finally be the end of me.
I would never believe that I’ll be able to smile again throughout the day if someone had told me that. I’ve been moody since morning because of him and here I am smiling as if my day started on a perfect note. He’s my everything and I wished he could see that.

I felt like telling him about my feelings but I didn’t want to ruin everything. I don’t want him to see me as a weirdo because he looked like he’s already accepted me as a sibling tho I wished I was wrong and everything was a camouflage to please his mom. That’s the only way anything can work out between the two of us.

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” jealousy jealousy ” he teased.” I know you have a bad blood between the two of you and you’re jealous that I’m getting closer to your enemy ” he added smiling.

” how did you know, did she tell you that we are enemy ” I asked him.

” no ” he replied.” from what you told me about your class yesterday, I already sensed that you two ain’t on a good side and judging from what has been occurring since I got into the class, I confirmed my theory ” he added staring into my eye like he was gonna placed his hands on my jaw and kissed me.

” well you’re right, we’re not on good term ” I said as I averted my eye from his before I do something silly.

” and why did you claimed inside that we’re friends and not siblings ” he asked me.

” and why did you flow along with me ” I reciprocated his question with a question.

” because I thought you don’t want anyone to find out that we’re siblings, so give me your answer ” he replied me.

” because to me, you’re not a sibling, but a friend which I like so much ” I replied stylishly informing him of my feelings.

” seems the feeling is mutual ” he said and I felt the world paused for a moment and the words kept replaying in my head. He just confirmed that he also didn’t see me as his sister and I took that as a great improvement.

I wanted jump up for joy but I held it in and let out a hearty smile staring at him.

” but concerning Gina ” he said and I lose the smile on my lip as I focused on his lip ” I’ll continue been friend with her, I wasn’t here when you two had your share, and she’s my sitting partner so better get used to it and stop been moody ” he said surprising me.

” who said I was moody because of the two of you ” I asked trying to sound less astonished.

” I know because you’ve not been yourself since I got into the class ” he replied smiling.

” you’re not serious ” I said feebly hitting his shoulder.

” and the new guy is trying to steal the queen of the emir . ” Philip said standing behind Ben with Oscar and James

” that’s Philip abi ” Ben said smiling without turning to look at the person.

” you’re right ” I replied him smiling.

” and who’s your queen ” I asked smiling.

” are you trying to deny your emir ” Philip asked smiling.

” idiot ” I said smiling.

Oscar and James left him and entered the cafeteria.

” let me leave before you’ll order my beheading ” Ben said smiling as he also entered into the cafeteria.

” do you know him before ” Philip asked me.

” yeah, he’s my friend and we’re living together ” I replied him.

” Jesus ” Philip exclaimed. ” living together, as in under the same roof” he asked with a funny expression.

” yeah ” I said smiling.

” hope you still got vacant room in your place ” he asked.

” why are you asking ” I asked staring at him.

” so that I can also move in to protect my queen ” he replied and I bursted into laughter.

“It’s not only move in, it’s move out ” I retorted smiling.

” any Moving is allow, as long as it has to do with your house ” he said smiling..

” hope you didn’t tell him about the initiation trial beforehand ” he asked.

Ben’s p.o.v

I returned into the cafeteria smiling, but met Gina not looking like Gina.

Both our foods was at the level it was when I left with Happy.

” what’s wrong ” I asked smiling as I sat down.

” nothing ” she replied standing up and made to leave .

” you didn’t eat your food ” I said as I swiftly held her hand .

” I don’t have appetite again ” she said as she pulled her hand from mine and head outside. I felt like following her but I was hungry and wasting food wasn’t in my principle.

” why won’t she leave you when you left her to go flirt with her enemy ” Oscar who was sitting with James at a seat closer to mine said laughing.

” who said I was flirting with anyone ” I said smiling as I continued eating my rice.

Philip and Happy didn’t enter the cafeteria again.

After I was through with eating my meal,, I head to the locker room to check the subject I was having.
It was Economics, I took its textbook and notebook and also changed my pin to a more complicated one.

While I’m changing my pin, the door to the locker room suddenly open and a cute girl entered, she looked like Tope with her posture and some of her features if you know what I mean ? . I had seen her inside the classroom before.

” hello ” she said waving at me as she moved closer to me.

” hi ” I reciprocated her greeting.

She started inserting her pin into the monitor on her locker which was the one next to mine.

” what you did earlier was great ” she said staring at me as we’re just few inches away from ourselves.

” thanks ” I said smiling.

” I’m Suleiman Azeezah ” she said smiling at me and I felt my heart fluttered.