One Call Away Episode 19


4,3,2,1 ” I inserted my pin on the small monitor on my locker and open it.
And magically, a phone which I was sure I didn’t put there was on my book having a nice time there .

” f–k ” I muttered loudly.

” so you’re a thief ” Philip said as he took the phone from my locker and confirmed that it was the phone he was searching for.

Everyone was looking at me like I was guilty, even Gina wasn’t supporting me again and Happy had magically disappeared from there.

” I don’t know how it got there ” I said boldly.

” it crawled into there right ” Philip asked now raising his voice.

Oscar was inside there but he was avoiding an eye to eye contact with me. I was sure he was the one who did it but the reason he choosed my locker was what I didn’t know.

” I don’t know anything about any phone and if you think I’m the thief the y’all can f—–g sooth yourselves. ” I said now getting angry.

” chill bro, you can’t be a thief and still got pride and in this school, nicking things isn’t taken with leniency, even if the school tryna cover it, I’ll make sure they don’t succeed ” he threatened me.

” do your worst ” I said confidently as I made my way through the students and head for the door.

I suddenly paused, turned back to look at Oscar and our eye met but he swiftly lowered his head, I knew he’s guilty but I wasn’t gonna reveal his secret tho I wasn’t also going to ever forgive him because he had spoilt my reputation in the school.

” do you have an accomplice that you want to blow his or her cover open or why are you staring at us like we’re the guilty party ” Philip asked.

I shook my head as I continued with my journey outside.

” look at the arrogant bastard, he can’t even apologize for what he did ” Philip said and I halted my movement again.

” I only apologize when I’m wrong ” I replied him without turning back.

” then who’s wrong here, are we the one ” Philip asked raising his voice.

” I didn’t say that, but I’m sure whoever did it is among y’all and he or she already know that it’s wrong to do that ” I said raising my voice too.

” you sound like you’re been set up and you know who did it, maybe I might let this pass if you tell me the person ” Philip said walking closer to meet me.

” I don’t know who did it but I’m certain I’m not the one ” I said as I opened the door and exit the locker room.

I returned to the class and sat on my seat. I placed my head on the desk as all the event started replaying in my head. I felt like going downstairs to pinpoint Oscar as the perpetrator of the act but I controlled myself. I’m not gonna go against my code no matter how tempting it is.

Back in my former school, I was beaten mercilessly by a teacher because I refused to pinpointone of my sitting partners as the perpetrator of a deed, he said a vogue word when the teacher was teaching and the teacher pointed at me as the one who said it, I only said I wasn’t the one without mentioning my friend but the teacher said he was sure it came from our side and asked me to tell who the real offender was but I kept mute and received the reward for the act on my own.

I knew I was gonna scape through with the kinda connection I’ve got in the school but I’m not sure about him, and I already made him a promise to him, tho hard to uphold but my mind wasn’t in alliance of snitching on him.

I heard someone coming closer to me but I didn’t raise my head up to check who the person was.

” Ben ” I heard Gina’s voice as she placed her hand on my back.

” what ” I asked raising my head up.

” did you take the phone ” she asked rather accusingly.

” I don’t have time to explain myself but I didn’t take it and it’s left to you either to believe it or not ” I replied her.

” I know you didn’t take it because you don’t look like a thief but I think you know who did it ” she said staring at me.

” I didn’t take it and I don’t know who did and since he already got his phone, why not shut the matter off ” I said as I suddenly felt all my inside boiling. I was getting angry and my angry side is very ugly, so I placed my head back on the desk.

” you don’t know Philip, his dad is a powerful man and he might turn it into a bigger case using us as his witness and I also think Oscar stole the phone because I saw him rushing into the locker room earlier in an unstable state like someone guilty of a crime and I saw you staring at him inside the locker room and he’s trying very hard to avoid your gaze, so will you mind telling me if he’s the one so that I can help you ” she said with a tone that depicted that she cared.

” like I said before, I don’t know who did it and no matter what you do, my answer is no ” I said as I lifted my head off the desk. I took my books and stood up.

” tell your emir or whoever he claimed to be that he should change his act first if he want people to famz with him, loyalty and as for me, I’m outta this class ” I said as I started heading out of the class.

” Ben ” Gina called but I didn’t reply her.

” and where do you think you’re going ” Philip and his crew intercepted me on the doorway.

” none of your f—–g business ” I said angrily as I tried to make my way through them.

” you apologize first ” Philip said pushing me back into the class.

” and if I don’t ” I asked angrily, dropping my books on the nearest desk to me.

” you’re gonna feel sorry for yourself, you f—–g thief ” he lashed at me furiously.

” just let me get out of here before y’all regret what’s gonna happen next ” I said calming down a bit.

” look at this thief with pride ” Philip said laughing mischievously and the rest of the class joined him. ” when I’m through with you, you’ll know that I’m not someone who you can do rubbish with ” he threatened me.

” are you done ” I asked him.

” no, I’m not done until you apologize ” he said to me.

” then you’re gonna turn to a Methusalah waiting ” I said smiling as I took my books from the desk and made to get out but he intercepted me again.

” get out of my way ” I said getting angry.

” apologize to him first and let peace reign ” Oscar said and I went off at once. I dropped my books on the tiled floor, head straight to him and jacked him by his collar and landed a punch on his face.

” no one should tell me to apologize to him again or meet the same fate ” I said angrily as I returned to get my books and started heading outside.

” stop there ” Philip screamed as I got to the doorway.

I didn’t wanted to stop but everyone suddenly started clapping which got me wondering why and I had to stop to confirm what was happening.

” are y’all entertained ” Philip asked loudly as they all keep clapping.

” yeah ” they all chorused.

” have y’all see anything like this ” he asked.

” nooo ” they all chorused.

” what’s happening here ” I asked looking confused.

” you just passed your initiation trial ” Philip said staring at me.

” what initiation trial ” I asked still looking confused.

” darling ” Gina said walking closer to me.” this is the only class in this school that many students want to be part of but we’ve got rules and standard which always drop them out but you just surprised everyone because you’re the only one who have passed it successfully after Oscar did in Ss1 ” Gina explicated to me.

I was dumbfounded as I stared at all of them in awe.

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” you’re great bro, my own test wasn’t even as hard and tempting as your own but you scaled through ” Oscar said as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder. ” but your punch has weight ” he said smiling as he placed his hand on his cheek.

” now you’re officially welcome to ss2c, the only joy of this school ” Philip said offering his hand to me for a handshake.

” wait first ” I said gaining everyone’s attention. ” so, what y’all are saying is that everything was planned and how did you even know the pin to my locker ” I asked and Philip suddenly started laughing.

” you didn’t give us hard time to decipher it, 4321 ” he said still laughing.

” you must have inserted it there with the aim of changing it when next you go there because you can’t swiftly think of a better pin to use ” he added and he was right.

I changed the pin to 4321 because miss Tife asked me to change it at once and I couldn’t think of a better pin yet, so I was planning to change it on my next visit to the locker room.

” you guys are mad ” I said smiling as I exited the class.

” Ben, wait for me ” I heard Gina’s voice behind me.

” are you angry ” she asked as she caught up with me.

” no ” I said smiling. ” I actually find it fun, tho it was an expensive joke ” I added smiling.

” yeah I agree with you, but we can’t allow a snitch or someone who isn’t bold among us ” she said also smiling.

” I love the cooperation among you guys, I’m sure you’re part of the whole thing ” I said staring at her.

” where are you going ” she asked trying to shut down the discussion.

” I’m going to the cafeteria, after everything y’all put me through, I deserve to eat to replenish my energy ” I said smiling..

” do you know how to get there ” she asked me.

” no, I don’t ” i replied her.

” so how did you plan on getting there ” she asked.

” by asking other students ” I replied her. ” and are you part of the whole charade ” I asked her.

” can’t you just let it be ” she asked frustratingly.

” no oo, I must know if you’re part of the planner ” I replied her.

” I was the one who unlocked your locker and placed the phone inside together with Oscar, happy now” she asked smiling.

” you’re a devil ” I said making sure I sound less insulting.

” thank you ” she said smiling.” and we’re here ” she said as we entered a big hall. it had more digit at breadth than in length.

” she’s right ” I said to myself remembering what miss Tife told me.

The cafeteria was set up as a imitation of the united state school settings.
I’ve watched many American films to know the setting of their school cafeteria.

” not bad ” I said, sounding like someone who’s been to a more advanced school cafeteria.

” ss3 cafeteria is finer than this one ” she said smiling.

” you mean every class has their own different cafeteria ” I asked her looking surprised.

” yes of course ” she replied sounding like it was something casual.

” this cafeteria is meant for all ss2 students, other classes have their own, you can’t expect a senior dining with a junior, that’s an insult ” she said irrigably.

” you’re right ” I said to flow with her. If I’m able to keep it a secret that I was from a public school from one semi advanced town, then I will do so

I saw Happy sitting with Phillip’s partner as they eat, she looked unhappy and also like someone without appetite. But she didn’t see me.

” what are you going to eat ” she asked me as we head to the section where students are getting their food.

” I’m eating whatever it is you’re eating ” I replied her.

” I’m drinking garri ” she said smiling.

” I’ll also take garri ” I replied her smiling.

” you’re not serious ” she said as she feebly hit me.

We ordered fried rice and chicken from the different sort of food we saw.
Tho I wasn’t okay with the food, the porridge there looked more sumptuous to me but I already told her I’m ordering whatever it is she order.

We located an empty space but it was in front of Happy and her partner.

” now tell me about yourself ” Gina said as we settled down and started eating.

” really ” I said smiling.

” Ben ” I heard someone called my name and Happy let out a loud hiss.

” Happy ” I called out on seeing her standing beside me.

” I need to talk to you but not here ” she said to me staring at me. she wasn’t the same Happy I knew before as she looked pale. She looked like she’s sick.

” okay ” I said trying to get up from where I was sitting.

” don’t go anywhere Ben ” Gina said swiftly grabbing my hand.

” what’s going on here ” I asked with a surprised countenance.