One Call Away Episode 24


I lost my appetite and couldn’t take anything out of the sumptuous meal in front of me. Gina should have had mercy on me and allowed me to finish eating my food before she show me the picture . I stood up angrily and left the cafeteria and head straight to the locker room to check the subjects for the morning and also to get the stuffs for it.

On getting to the locker room I met Azeezah there but she was facing the wall and probably absent minded to know that someone entered. I moved to where she was standing and gently placed my hand on her shoulder.
She startling turned to see who it was.
Her face looked all puffy like she’s been crying for a long time. She embraced me at once as she suddenly started sobbing.

” it’s alright ” I said patting her shoulder.

” it’s not going to be alright ” she said still sobbing. ” the picture got to my dad’s phone yesterday even before I got home ” she said as she stopped sobbing.

” what ” I exclaimed as I wanted to disengage the embrace so I can look her in the eye and know if she’s joking or been serious but she didn’t release her hold on me.” how did this happen ” I asked her.

” I don’t know, only you and me know about this and I don’t think Chris would ever do something like that ” she replied.

” Chris ” I muttered.

” but he could have taken the picture right ” I said trying to think the probability of him doing it and probably gave it to his sister who could have edited it and send it to everyone including Azeezah’s dad.

” I don’t know, I don’t know what to know, all I know is that right now I want to be with you because it might probably be my last time ” she said getting me all confused.

I unwrapped her hand from my waist not minding her not letting go. Her beautiful face has been smeared with her tears. I used my hand to clean the tears from her face

” why did you say that ” I asked her after getting the tears off.

” because dad said he’s withdrawing me from this school and going to enrol me in a Muslimat boarding school which comprises of girls only ” she replied me as a tear escaped her eyelid.

The door to the locker room opened but I didn’t bother myself about who it might be and the person respected him or herself by getting what it is he or she came for and left.

” did he really have to do that ” I asked her.

” he said it’s something he should have done since my entrance into js1 but because he wanted Mohammed and I to be together, that’s why he allowed me to get admitted to this school ” she replied

” what about your mom ” I asked her still trying hard to assimilate the whole incident. How the hell in the twenty first century could literate parents still be behaving like that or could they be from the North. Because that’s the only place family still offer each other their kids and the kid won’t have a choice about it.

” already told you that she’s helpless when it comes to my dad ” she replied.

” are you from the North ” I couldn’t help but ask.

” by birth I’m a Lagos citizen but my parents including Mohammed’s parents are from Kano state but relocated to Lagos in search of greener pasture which they both discover together by doing business together ” she replied me.

” it’s really painful Ben, I’ve always wanted to rebel against this union for a long time but I didn’t have a tangible reason to but when I finally got one which is you, I wasn’t given a chance to fight for it ” she added as tears were strolling down her face uncontrollable.

I pulled her into my embrace. I don’t like it when female cry around me.

The door of the locker room suddenly barge opened with force.

” well well well, so it was true “I heard a voice said behind me.

Azeezah startling pushed me away from her. I turned to look at who it was that could have made her do that as the first thought that came to my mind was that it was her dad. I heaved a sigh of relief when I saw that it was just three guys that was standing in front of me.

” how may I help you ” I asked boldly.

” you don’t have to worry yourself about them, just leave ” Azeezah said holding my hand.

” maybe you should take the s–t advice and leave so that you won’t get hurt ” the guy in the middle whom I presumed to be the Mohammed Azeezah has been telling me about said with a wicked grin clustered to his lip.

I pulled my hand away from Azeezah’s and made to leave and they passed beside me to meet Azeezah.
I shut the door which they fail to do when they came in like thugs.
I knew they’re oblivious of my present inside the locker room as they all descended on the innocent girl like a pack of wolves.

” after everything I did for you, you decided making out with a new guy is all I deserve as a reward ” the guy in the middle whom I presumed to be Mohammed screamed at Azeezah

” did I asked you to or haven’t I tell you many times that I don’t want you nor do I love you ” Azeezah screamed back at him to confirm that he’s really Mohammed.

” can you hear this insolent wretched s–t ” Mohammed said to his cohorts who stood behind him like bouncers.

” I’ll make you regret ever trying to let go of me ” he said raising his hand up to hit her but I was swift to get hold of it in the air before it landed on her.

” why not pick on someone of your size or didn’t your momma told you that it’s lame to hit a girl especially the one you want her love ” I said smiling mischievously.

” you must have a death sentence hanging around you ” he said trying to get his hand from my hold.

” you should have seen the undertakers dancing with your casket firmly placed on their shoulders the moment you stepped in here ” I said as I swiftly lifted him up and smashed him on the tiled floor. Not waiting for a further invitation, I was already atop him landing heavy blow to his face.

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His cohorts was trying to lift me away from him but I didn’t stop, when they see that pulling me wasn’t working, they started hitting me but I made sure that I was reciprocating their hits on the scapegoat in my hold.

I could hear Azeezah’s voice asking everyone to stop as she was crying but none of us listened to her until she ran outside and asked for help.

Few minutes later, we were inside the principal’s office, precisely inside miss Tife,s office but Mr Samad and Mr Adeniran are there also to judge our case after going through the evidences they had.

Mohammed whose face looked all battered courtesy of my beating looked more like the guilty partners. What I didn’t know about the school was that there was cctv recorder in every nook and crannies of the school tho I found it weird because cctv recorders should be visible to eye but I saw none and there is a law in the school that claimed that under no circumstances should a guy hit a girl except when the girl goes beyond her boundary.

According to the interpretation of the footage of the cctv by the principals, they claimed that I was only petting Azeezah because she’s emotionally down and if not for my swift interception, Mohammed and his gangs would have beaten her up as that seemed as their main motive of coming into a locker room which wasn’t assigned to them.

He was asked to tell Azeezah he was sorry and I was also asked to tell him sorry after which he was asked to go to the sick bay in order to get himself treated. I really did a wonderful job on him and I was proud of it.

But I was surprised at the way the case was settled, I was sure if it was in my former school, two weeks suspension and a week of bush cutting would have been our portion, only Azeezah would have scrape through unscathed.

After everyone was excused, Miss Tife asked me to stay behind.

” what really happened ” she asked me after offering me a seat to sit down.

” it’s like we told you and what the cctv recorded ” I replied her.

” are you lying to your school mom who had to manipulate the decision so that it will be in your favour, and Azeezah’s dad called this morning that he’s withdrawing her from this school and following today’s incident, I think it’s revolving around you ” she said looking like a detective who’s gotten a criminal on a thin rope which he can’t escape from.

I smiled as I stared at her thinking of a perfect way to avoid her question.
” was I at fault with what I did ” I asked her.

” you’re partially at fault because of the way you beat him up, you could not have been at fault if you had let him hit her even if it’s once, but you did that to him before he could commit the crime he could be hold accountable for but don’t worry, the child of a mother who is among the server in a party doesn’t go hungry in such party ” she said and I found her proverb kinda funny.

” so before you divert all attention from the main question, now answer me ” she said foiling my plan.

” ughh” I grunted and she smiled.

I explained everything to her including the kiss and the faked one that’s been circulated.

” who do you think did it ” she asked me when I was through with my narration.

” I don’t know yet but I think it was an inside job ” I replied her.

” an inside job ” she muttered.” you mean it was someone close to you ” she asked.

” yeah but I don’t have any evidence to prove it yet ” I replied her.

” I hope you do but after this incident, I think you should lay low for a while, not all new students get tangled up in a scandal upon their resumption so the matter might keep making wave for some time and also be careful concerning Mohammed, he’s popular for his violent conduct ” she advised me.

” alright ma, thank you ” I appreciated her smiling.

” are you sure you’re not a playboy ” she suddenly asked me .

” why is everyone always assuming I’m a playboy ” I said loudly.

” maybe everyone is assuming you are because everyone here possessing your kinda facial features are all playboys but the reason I’m asking you is because I’ve known Azeezah for quite some time and I’ve never seen her with a guy not even the ones that they’ve gotten acquainted with themselves for a long time but here you are out of the blue and she’s already fallen head over heel for you to even kiss you on your first date which occurred on the first day which she met you ” she said staring at me.

” it wasn’t a date ” I retorted.

” then it’s a hangout ” she said smiling.

” yes ” I replied also smiling.

” please don’t break the heart of our girls because I don’t trust you oo ” she said smiling.

” trust your son mom, I’m not a playboy neither a heartbreaker, just happened to find myself unlucky with someone I love ” I said to her as I stood up.

” try visiting the sick bay on your way back to class ” she said to me.

” no need, it’s just a few bruises, I’ll be okay ” I retorted as I made my way out of her office.

I head to the locker room to check the subjects for the morning and also get my notebooks and textbooks.

” not this ” I grunted as I saw that it was mathematics that’s for the first subject and civic education followed next. I’m not on great term with mathematics, if not for mom’s effort, I won’t be able to boast of my usual c5 in it.

I took all I need and shut my locker.
I wasn’t out of the locker room when I heard the alert for the beginning of the first period.

With my head up I head to my class.
The teacher was already in, a man who should be in his late fifties and his dressing is kinda weird, everything he was wearing is oversized including his shoes which looked like the measurement was taken from goliath’s foot.

I didn’t bother to greet the teacher upon my entry, something I wouldn’t dare to do in my former school. They wanted a bad boy, they’ve successfully gotten themselves one.