One Call Away Episode 11


Happy’s p.o.v?

Who said wish is just a mere word offered in mind to stay inside the mind only, because it doesn’t get granted?

The person I will say is freaking wrong. I made a wish and it was granted within forty eight hours. Hug him, have him closer to myself as we smooched. I did it all even tho my life was on the line for it to come to pass but I wouldn’t think for a second if asked to go through such risk again in order to be able to experience what I experienced.

Apart from my wish coming through, I’m not the type who love undergoing risk, same reason I’d been declining my dads proposal to teach me how to swim but with Ben been in the sea with me while we battle the wave, it was freaking fun.

We had fun time together with the family before we exited the beach. We decided to leave early because of traffic jam which is the common definition of Lagos.

Mrs Salako sat with me so that she can help me lose my braided hair which the beach sand was prominent in it.

We’ve gone a long distance as we gist about different things we saw on the beach and it was fun before Ben called for attention and dropped another heart shattering words.

I became uncomfortable when he called my dad “dad”.

” I’ve decided to change my surname to yours ” he said shocking life outta me.

” what ” I exclaimed looking surprised but no one seemed to care about my reaction. Dad didn’t say anything nor Mrs Salako as everywhere suddenly became quiet.

” you see Ben ” dad said breaking the silence that had engulfed the van, while his hands still work the steering.

” I’m very happy right now ” he added smiling.

” your mom had already told me that it might take you a very long period of time before you accept this family but what you said means that you’ve finally accepted the family and I’m happy and contended with that only ” dad said and I could see him smiling through the glass attached to the upper part of the van’s windscreen.

” you don’t need to change your dad’s name so as to feel a sense of belonging with this family and I’ll want you to also keep it so that his legacy through you can continue to live on ” he said and I couldn’t help but smile as he took it onto himself to save his only daughter’s desire.

” okay dad, thank you ” Ben appreciated.

And that’s how the danger was averted. I was happy throughout the journey home. I couldn’t imagine been close to what I’ve been desiring for a long time, then a wrong speech negating it, I would have been in so much pain.

Y’all can’t imagine how happy I was when Ben said that he ain’t claiming my surname. I know it’s gonna be hard getting him to have more than stepbrother stepsister love for me because he’s ready to acknowledge me as his family but it was still better than not having any chance because I will never claim him as my blood family. Nope, not with the amount of love I got for him running in my vein.

Ben’s p.o.v

We got home few minutes past five. Dad asked us all to get a shower before returning for dinner at six thirty pm.

I joked with Happy till I got to my room.

” you better don’t even try to be a minute late from six thirty or I’ll come in and drag you out ” I joked as I got to the door guarding my room’s privacy.

” I’ll really love that ” she said smiling as she opened the door to her room and entered.

I dropped on my bed lazily, smiling as all the events that occured on the beach started replaying itself in my head.

” was she really smooching me ” I asked myself rhetorically when I got to the part when the wave dumped us on the shore.

I had not felt her tongue swirling against mine when we were fighting for our life inside the sea but I felt it when we got dump on the shore. Her eye was tightly shut, her hands clung tightly to my neck and her tongue was exploring my mouth.

” maybe she didn’t know that an ordinary lip lock is enough for the deal ” I concluded in my mind smiling.

I picked my phone and opened the gallery inbuilt app on it. I’ve not seen any camera like the one with dad before. On our journey back home, he gave it to Chris and asked him to transfer all the pictures we took to our phones and this was done through xender which shocked me most. I didn’t know that a camera could possess xender.

I scrolled through all the pictures smiling. I selected two out of the ones which was just a single shot featuring me only.

I switched on my data, I used one out of the two as my WhatsApp display picture and login to Facebook to update the second as my profile picture on it.

The uploading wasn’t yet complete when the messenger chat head suddenly pop-up on my phone screen.
I got the messenger app from Chris and some other apps from him in the morning on our way to the beach.

I clicked on the chat head and the message was from Tope, my former school crush. She’s part of the people I sent friend request in the morning. I concluded she must have accepted it, that’s why I was able to receive her message which had the content.

” hello dear “.

I strained my eyeball on seeing it and a soft smile eluded my lip.

” I’m fine babe ” I replied the message. Her head appeared below the message at once meaning she read it as it got deposited. Three dot started blinking on the screen of my phone on the left side meaning she’s already typing.

” why did you leave the school in such manner, you should have told me that day rather than making me see it on the board and make me cry ” she texted.

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” wow ” I exclaimed on seeing the message ” you cried ” I asked rhetorically ” we ain’t close and why did you cry ” I asked tho I knew it’s because she had feeling for me and I kinda made my intention shown that I was gonna ask her out by giving her five hundred naira to get snack at the tuck shop on the day I was dropping out of the school .

” the way you wrote the message was so emotional ” she texted. ” I wasn’t the only one who cried, even tho you didn’t relate well with everyone but you made sure everyone like you on the day of your departure ” she sent another message before I could reply the one she sent first.

” I’m sorry, but I wasn’t close with you guys to deliver a speech that I’ll be dropping out of school and are you sure it’s because of the way I wrote the message that made you cry ? ” I replied her text.

” you can’t really say that it was because of the message only ” she replied.

” so what’s the other reason ” I asked her.

” because I like you and I thought you also do ” she replied.

” ugh, why didn’t you tell me” I asked her.

” will you even approach yourself to tell yourself anything with the way you always act in school ” she asked and I smiled. She’s right.

” funny fact, you’re kinda right and I also like you but it’s just gonna remain as like forever now ” I replied her.

” why ” she asked.

” because I’m not attending government college anymore and I’m also not in Badagry again, so a relationship can’t work out again ” I replied her.

” where are you now ” she asked.

” I’m now living in Lekki ” I replied her.

” wow ? ” she texted with the wow emoji attached to it. ” but I saw the display picture you updated now and it looks like it was taken from sultan beach ” she texted.

” yeah, you’re right ” I replied her.” my family and I were there for picnic today and right now, I’m back home ” I sent to her before she replied the first one as the three dot was already blinking.

” alright but don’t you believe in long distance relationship since we’re both still in the reach of Lagos ” she texted.

” I’ve never try it before, I’ve not even dated any girl ” I replied her.

” that’s totally believable ? ” she texted while I was still typing the concluding part of the message I got for her.

” if we’ve been dating before I left there, I would have love to give it a try but now, I don’t think I wanna settle for any long distance relationship ” I concluded my message.

” ????? ” I smiled on seeing her message. If she had open up her feeling to me when I was still in Badagry , things would have worked out differently.

” but we can still be good friends ” I texted her.

” I don’t wanna settle for friend only ” she texted.

” what do you now want to settle for ” I asked rhetorically.

“” can I be your bestie ” she asked .

” with benefit ?? ” I asked

” yeah ✌ ” she replied

My gaze suddenly move to the upper part of my phone screen and my eye made contact with the time.

” thirteen minutes past 6 ” I exclaimed on seeing the time. Time do really fly when you’re on Facebook.

” chat ya later, gat to go now ” I texted her before I switched my data off and quit the app.

I hurriedly took off my clothes and rushed into the bathroom. I hung the shower pipe up so that the water could pour directly on my head and wash off any remnant of sand still lurking in my hair.

It didn’t take long before I got out of the bathtub, took my towel from where it was hung to dry the water on my body. I wrapped it on my naked butt and exit the bathroom.

” feck ” I exclaimed on seeing Happy on my bed. She’s sitting down and my phone was in her hand. She’s wearing a navy green bumshot and a pink armless top which looked like a singlet. I could easily tell that she wasn’t wearing bra beneath the top. Her hair was neatly bonded into a ponytail and it was sparkling.

” why do you look like you saw a mermaid ” she asked smiling.

” what are you doing here ” I asked her as I stood transfixed to the spot I was.

” I came here for you ” she said as she stood up from the bed, dropped my phone and her phone on the bed and started moving closer to me.