One Call Away Episode 10


” what are you doing ” I asked her as I swiftly regulate the tempo at which my heart was breathing. Her lip was just few inches away from mine and her eye was shut.

” it’s not that ” she said looking disappointed as she opened her eye, and stopped moving her head closer to mine.

” it’s not what ” I asked her looking at her with a confused expression.

” I thought maybe you’ve fallen for me, that’s why you hate me so that you won’t hurt the family but it seems it’s not that ” she replied.

” fall for who ” I asked as I freed my hold on her waist.

” me na ” she replied placing her hand on her waist smiling.

” never, you’re not even my type ” I retorted also smiling..

” I know that’s a lie, this is the kinda shape all guys love, do you even know how the guys in my school always stare at me, wishing they have me all to themselves ” she said smiling.

” I’m not all guys, I’m Ben and it might surprise you that I’m not always on the majority queue ” I said with a smirk, displaying my upper teeth only. ” and concerning the guys in your school, I will advice they visit an optician, they really need it ” I teased her smiling.

” what the heck ” she muttered opening her mouth widely. ” you’re dead ” she said as she started chasing after me and I ran. She suddenly stop, her hands on her kneecap as she seemed to be battling for breath.

” is she asthmatic ” I asked rhetorically as I ran back to where she was. ” what’s wrong with you ” I asked bowing my head so that I could see her face.

” got you ” she said laughing as she swiftly wrapped her hand around my neck.

” that’s cheating ” I protested as I feebly tried to set myself free.

” your definition of cheating please ” she asked laughing.

” see ” I pointed my hand at the oncoming wave. The wave was whirling like a tornado , roaring like a lioness whose cub was nowhere to be found.

” Jesus ” she exclaimed in a humorous manner and swiftly freed me as she tried to run away but I was fast enough to grab her from behind and started heading to meet the wave. She tried to free herself, screaming loudly but I was too strong for her.

” Ben ” she screamed as the wave hit us furiously.

I dropped her in the water when I was sure it’s plenty enough for her not to hit sand and she swiftly grabbed my leg. The wave was now retreating with her in it but she held tight onto my leg as she struggled not to get drawn away by the wave.

When the water was no where closer and we’re on the wet sand again.
She freed my leg as she coughed vigorously, spitting out the little amount of water that got into her mouth. I stood beside her laughing.

” you’re not good ” she said smiling when she’s relaxed.

” that’s how star do ” I said mockingly as I laughed loudly.

” then star should also have a taste of the earth ” she said as she suddenly pulled my leg and I fell down. She swiftly got on top of me and took a handful of wet sand and splashed it on my hair, the remnant on her hand, she used it to smear my cheek.

” and now, I present you the sandman from the star nation ” she said smiling when she’s through with her deed.

” and I present to you the aquawoman ” I said smiling as I held her tightly to myself as I saw the wave coming again.

She turned her head and also saw it, she tried to free herself and I swiftly flipped her gently and I was on top of her.

” please Ben, let me go, I promise you that I won’t trouble you again ” she pleaded as she continued struggling to get herself freed.

” no no no ” I said laughing .

” you have to get your own title too ” I added laughing hysterically.

” nooooo ” she screamed loudly not closing her mouth before the water buried us inside it.

I saw that she’s taking large amount of water into her mouth and water was still entering her mouth as she seemed unconscious . I swiftly locked lip with her so as to stop her from taking in water, I placed my left hand on her waist as I tried to swim out of the water with my right hand. She opened her eye but shut it back and I continued with saving us.

By the time our heads was out of the water, I find out that we’re far away from the shore. She opened her eye and coughed out water. She suddenly took notice of her surrounding.

” mummy ” she screamed childishly and she swiftly held on to my neck.

” and the aqualady is scared of water, what an irony ” I teased her laughing.

” I’ll kill you when we get out of here ” she threatened me.

” and living we shall continue to live here ” I retorted smiling.

” awn, okay I won’t do anything to you, just get me out of here ” she said with a pleading tone.

” Ben see ” she screamed looking terrified as she pointed at the wave which was rushing to us like a anaconda.

To be honest, I was also scared, I always swim in ocean most and when I was swimming in sea, I hadn’t gone deep in like I was with Happy inside it.

The wave looked more big and it rose to a high lenght, looking down at us like we’re some prodigal that need chiding. It was like watching an HD movie.

” I can’t breath under water ” Happy said looking terrified. I knew she’s been honest because she’d proven it to me. And the frustrating thing was that the idiots on the shore were busy playing with themselves, some chit chatting with their partner to notice us.

I knew the wave was going to come down any time soon and I was really scared for Happy because of her short knowledge about water. Tho it was weird because there’s a swimming tool in the house.

” hold onto me tight ” I ordered her and she obeyed.

” kiss me and don’t let go of me ” I said as I thought of that as the only solution for her to be able to breath inside the water.

” what ” she exclaimed with a shocked countenance..

” do it now ” I screamed in a low tone at her. She stared at me for almost three seconds before she locked lip with mine and shut her eye and I also shut mine. The wave dropped on us at once as if waiting for us to be through.

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I held her tightly to myself as the wave took over, turning us rigidly inside the water and I tried to apply some pressure with my right hand to control the direction it lead us to.

Its rigidity finally subsided and I felt myself on a hard surface and I could hear the rumbling of people. I peeped open one eye and saw that we’re on the soil. Happy’s eye was still shut as our lips was still locked and I could feel her tongue moving against mine.

I tapped her lightly and she opened her releasing her lip from mine.

” we’re back on the shore ” she screamed happily as she got off from my body. People closer all shifted their gaze to her but she didn’t care as she was so excited. I stood up from the ground and my body had already been smeared by sand.

” there they are ” I heard my mom’s voice.

” dad ” Happy screamed happily as she ran to hug him

” looks like you really enjoy your swimming training ” Mr Tokunbo said smiling.

” yes dad ” Happy replied laughing.

” it was fun, intense and cool, I so much love it ” she added smiling heartily. ” I’ll love to try it again ” she said.

” looks like you’re good trainer ” Mr Tokunbo said referring to me. I smiled as I dust off the sand on my body.

” I’ve wanted to teach her how to swim inside the pool at home but she’s always scared of the water and wouldn’t enter without a floating tube ” Mr Tokunbo added smiling.

” hope you guys had fun ” my mom asked.

” yeah, we did ” Happy replied her first and she was still excited.

She didn’t show any reaction that we had kissed throughout our escapade inside the sea which was wierd, I thought things was gonna become awkward between the two of us but she seemed d–n excited about the whole thing.

” dad ” Chris called pointing at the oncoming wave and we all ran away from its reach laughing.

Mr Tokunbo brought out a small camera and we all snapped picture from different posture. He also begged a stranger to snap all of us. He had earlier told us to drop our phones inside a safe in the vehicle, claiming that salt water was going to spoil it if it come in contact with it.

Apart from what we brought, we also brought some things from different joints, like barbecue chicken and fish, suya, palm wine but we’re only allowed to take small quantity from it and also different things and they all tasted nice.

During the moment we spend on the beach, I got to taste what I’ve been lacking for the past three years. One happy family. Tho I was happy with mom but it wasn’t complete without the real fun aspect which we only have once or twice in a year. My introvert complexity started because I hated the situation I found myself in but with an elevation, I find myself wanting to relate more with people. Like when mom gave me five thousand naira on my last day in school, I transformed into my real self who’s always fun to be with.

Mom was right, going into the family was the right thing for her to do for me. I thought I was now ready to get myself initiated into the family fully.
The picnic was really the best to get everyone together like mom claimed.
I’ve developed brother sister intimacy with Happy who I thought I was not going to have anything to do with and Mr Tokunbo was not bad too. He’s great to be honest.

When we were on our way home, mom sat with Happy, helping her to lose her braided hair because of the sand and water that romanced it when we’re in the sea. I sat with Chris at the spot we sat in the morning .

” mom, dad ” I suddenly called and I could tell everyone was shocked, especially mom. That was the first time I called Mr Tokunbo dad. She knows me to know that I was not suppose to start calling him dad anytime soon.

” yes son ” Mr Tokunbo replied and I could detect from his voice that he was happy.

” I’ve decided that I’m ready to change my surname now to yours ” I said heaving a heavy sigh.

” what ” Happy exclaimed looking surprised.