One Call Away Episode 12


what are you doing here ” I asked her as I stood transfixed to the spot I was.

” I came here for you ” she said as she stood up from the bed, dropped my phone and her phone on the bed and started moving closer to me.

” you deserve this ” she said giving me a subtle knock on my head

” what’s that for ” I protested with a smirk.

” you threatened to drag me out if I was a minute late and here you are, you aren’t even dress up yet ” she replied smiling.

” I didn’t take notice of the time, I was engrossed in what I was doing ” I said to her smiling.

” with your bestie with benefit abi ” she said stressing the last word.

” this is a private property ” I said as I picked up my phone from the bed held it to her face.

” I wasn’t the one who asked you not to put a lock on it, and since their was no lock on it, I thought it was for public use ” she said smiling mischievously.

” ya mad ” I said humorously.

“I’ll make sure I setup my lock now ” I said dropping the phone on the bed.

” good for you ” she said smiling as she picked her phone and head for the door. ” call me when you’re through ” she said as she opened the door.

” and ” she said stopping at the doorway “alright my sweet bestie, chat you later, that’s what your lovely bestie replied the last message you sent her ” she said smiling before she exited my room and shut the door.

” crazy girl ” I said smiling as I head to the wardrobe to select the cloth I was going to wear. I put on a simple dress of a short and white polo.

” hello aqualady ” I said as I subtly knock on Happy’s door.

” hello sandman ” she replied from inside before opening the door. ” you don’t look bad ” she said accessing me as she came out of her room.

” I’ve never looked bad ” I said proudly.

” cocky bastard ” she said smiling.

” why are you going for the dinner, thought you always eat inside ” I asked her as we walked on the passage creating boundary between our room.

” you’ve also been eating inside, why are you going for the dinner today ” she reciprocated my question with her own question.

” because today seemed like a special day ” I replied her.

” then replicate your answer for mine too ” she said smiling.

” I shake head for you ” I said smiling as we exited our block.

By the time we got to the dining room, everyone and the table was already set.

” thought you’re both skipping it ” dad said smiling as he saw us.

” might miss the rest but we’re in for this ” Happy said as we sat on the two closest chairs to us.

” we ” mom said smiling.

” I knew they’re gonna be best of friend ” dad said smiling.

The dinner went well and I ate to my fill. We chitchated for some minute before Happy and I excused ourselves from the room.

” how is my new school ” I asked Happy as we returned to our rooms.

” yOu mean Hibiscus valley ” she asked stupidly.

” no, I’m talking about Rose kingdom ” I replied her in a mocking tone.

” you’re not serious ” she said subtly hitting me on arm.

” when you’re asking me stupid question ” I replied as I held her hand.

” I’m the one asking stupid question abi, you’ll get your answer when you get to the school ” she said in a sulking mood as she head to her door but I swiftly dragged her back to me.

” oya I’m sorry ” I said smiling.

” apology accepted ” she said smiling.

” let’s go to your room so that you can gist me about it ” I said as I placed my hand on her doorknob.

” no ” she screamed as she swiftly took my hand off the doorknob making me to wonder the reason for her reaction.

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” alright, let’s go to my room ” I said as I changed my direction and we both head to my room.

She gisted me about things that I didn’t even ask her. About every students in her class but I noticed she focused more on a girl she called Gina and I think she’s her major competition in the school.

She was cut short when mom knocked on my door and enter.

” brother and sister gisting ” she said teasingly as she entered and saw the two of us sitting on the bed talking. ” I think you’re gonna need chairs here self ” she said as she glanced through the surrounding.

” yes and some other things which I’ll give you the list later ” I said to her.

” okay, since my two kids are already here together let me wish the two of you goodnight together ” she said as she came closer to peck the two of us and exited the room.

” and make sure you both sleep early because you’re going to school tomorrow ” she said as she made a stop on the doorway before she exited the room.

I checked the time when she’s out and it was already some minutes past eight.

” so we’ve talked close to an hour here ” I said on seeing the time.

” time always fly by when you’re with your soulmate ” she said jokingly.

” it’s not only soulmate, it’s damatol ” I joked.

” I think it’s time we call it a night ” I said to her.

” why ” she asked in a protesting tone.

” I’m allergy to been woken up from sleep ” I replied her

” Which kind of allergy is that ” she asked looking surprised.

” I don’t also know, but I react irritably to it and that’s why I must sleep early in order to be able to wake up early by myself and prepare for school ” I said to her and she showed sign of displeasure.

” I’m really enjoying my time with you but there’s nothing I can do about it ” she said frowning her face as she stood up from the bed.

” goodnight ” I said to her but she didn’t reply as she exited my room.

I smiled as I took my phone and placed it on vibration before I dusted my bed because I could see sand on it.

I slept peacefully and woke up as early as six fifty seven AM .

I login to my fb account to check the amount of reactions and comments I got on my profile picture which I uploaded.

I had over two hundred reactions and fifty three comments.

I didn’t go through the comment as I drifted to my wall because of time. I could see that I had over ten messages but I didn’t bother checking them before I’ll close my eye and open it and find out that we’re already in the morning.

I dropped my phone as I head to the bathroom to take my bath.

By the time mom came to my room, I was already done dressing up. I wore a black timberland boots which I found inside my wardrobe and it was very beautiful .

” I can see that you’re already set ” mom said as got inside.

” yeah ” I replied her.

” okay, let’s go, your siblings are already in the car ” she said shocking me.

” in the car ” I asked looking surprised. ” what if I’ve not woken up or not yet done ” I asked her.

” then you’ll join them in school since you’re just a new comer ” she replied me.

” you’re right ” I said. ” what about my school bag and books ” I asked her.

” that’s not necessary ” she replied me.

” not necessary ” I repeated after her.

” yeah, you’ll find out when you get to school ” she said as she started leaving and I followed behind her.

” so you’re already awake dickhead ” Happy said as I got inside the car.

” good morning sir ” I greeted dad who was behind the wheel, ignoring Happy’s teasing. I also noticed that none of them have their school bag with them.

” morning son ” he replied me smiling. ” hope you’re set for your new school ” he asked me.

” yes dad ” I replied him smiling.

” goodbye my jewels ” mom waved at us as dad ignited the car and drove us out of the compound.