Ogechi And I Episode 30


The girl refused to say anything. The cops threatened thunder and brimstone, yet, she said nothing. She kept looking at everyone angrily and spitting out angry words and threats. She was arrested and taken to the station for further questioning and investigation. This Mariana of a girl was tall, skinny and beautiful. I didn’t understand why she stooped so low to do such a thing because of a man. Or was it because he was a star?
I quickly demanded that the video be deleted, but the cops insisted for it to be kept in case the whole thing became a matter for the court to handle. It would serve as evidence. I agreed but insisted on keeping the video to myself to prevent it from spreading, and so was it. The cops left with the girl to the station and got I and Ck’s contacts in case they needed our attention, and also to keep us posted on the situation of things. It was just I and Ck left afterwards. We took convenient sitting positions opposite each other, looking firmly into each other’s eyes.
“You know Mariana is going to say something sooner or later, don’t you?” I asked Ck.
“So?” Isn’t that what we all want?”
“Stop fooling around Ck. We all know you recorded that video. Maybe she stole it from your computer or something, but you recorded it, and the cops will come for you as soon as she talks.”
“I thought we’ve been through this before?” Ck flared up. I didn’t do anything. I didn’t take any video! Can’t you understand?”
“Hey stop screaming at me?” I retorted. If you didn’t do it, then how the hell did she get a video of me on the day you called me huh?” its better you tell me everything, and I might just decide not to press charges against your sorry a-s.”
“I’ve had enough of this madness! Since you don’t want to believe me, then suit yourself!”
Ck walked out on me and I followed behind him nagging. I just wanted him to tell me the truth. Was that too much to ask? I wasn’t even going to sue him for it if he told me the truth and why he did it, but he wouldn’t. He kept telling me he’s innocent. Because of his actions towards me, I despised him and prayed that Mariana tells the cops the truth so they could arrest Ck for committing such a blonder.
I paid Mariana a visit to try and persuade her to talk to the police. As far as I was concerned, Ck recorded the video. She was just a victim of circumstance. I didn’t need any further prove. All I wanted was for Mariana to let the cops in on the truth so that Ck would face the consequences of his actions. Instead, Mariana kept cursing me and telling me how my presence in the US ruined her life.
 According to her, she had worked so hard to gain Ck’s love over the years, even before I came to America for the first time. But my coming to America distracted Ck’s attention from her. And the only way she thought she could get back Ck’s attention was eliminating me, but she wouldn’t shed the blood of another, so she resorted to blackmail.
I kept persuading her to say more. I wish she could just skip to the part that linked Ck to the video. I had my phone recorder on, recording our conversation in case she told me anything she wouldn’t tell the police. “You ruined my life”, she continued. I curse the day you came to America. I hate myself so much for having not put that video online. At least by doing that, neither you nor I would have Ck, because I don’t think he would want anything to do with a girl whose nude video trended on the internet. Now here I am. No Ck, no video, and I gonna go to jail. She started crying as she was lamenting and I took great pity on her. I understood her position. I too am a woman. I knew exactly how she felt. It was then that I got emotional and started telling her I wasn’t in love with Ck. I told her everything about my Prince and made her understand I was only freely hanging out with Ck because my Prince was nowhere to be found.
I succeeded in getting her to believe the truth about everything, and I could see relieve in her eyes. All the while she thought I was the devil, but now she knew better. She apologized for her actions, explaining to me that she was acting out of frustration. I accepted her apology and consoled her with encouraging words. But then I told her Ck doesn’t deserve a lady like her. “If he had the nerve to record such video of me, who knows what he might do to you if you guys get together?” I asked. She paused and was speechless for a while, and I asked; why are you like that?
“Ck didn’t record the video” said Mariana.
“What?” I exclaimed with a confusing look. “What do you mean Ck didn’t record the video? C’mon, he called me. I saw his face stuck to the screen. Why would you say that? Are you that crazy for him? Even with the situation you are in because of him?”
“I’m crazy for him, YES. But that’s not the point. I know what I’m saying. He didn’t record the video.
“You expect me to believe that? If he didn’t, who did?”
“I did”
I was with Ck the day he called you. He and his friends were out swimming in his pool when I came visiting him in the company of my friends as well. We all jumped into the pool and started playing volleyball. It was almost like each of his friends had each of mine to hook up with. I had Ck to hook up with as well. Of course I wouldn’t do so with any other but him. The fun was blazing hot when Ck hopped out of the pool and went inside. I thought he went in to get a drink or something, but when he stayed longer than usual, I decided to check on him only to find him all dressed and ready to leave for a destination unknown to me.
 He didn’t notice my presence behind him in his sitting room when he rang you to probably have a word or two. After several ignored rings, he left his PC and entered inside to get his car keys. I stood there frustrated and angry that the guy I was yearning for, left me to call another girl. That was when I thought of calling you to warn you to stay away from him. But when you picked up the call, I saw you bathing without even saying a word. My heart was filled with rage and jealousy at that point because I thought he called to watch you display your beautiful body to him. I thought he called to flirt with you, and seeing you naked made me think you were all ready and waiting for his call. 
It really seemed like you two had been doing that all along, judging from the way you picked the call and left it running without even checking to see who the caller was. It appeared as though you knew it was no one else but Ck.
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That was when I decided to record the call and use it against Ck. I programmed the call to show his picture instead of video to prevent you from seeing who was really on this other end. I then transferred the video from Ck’s computer to my phone. Like I said, my original intention was to use the video against Ck if he continued to treat me like he wasn’t noticing the feelings I made apparent to him. It was when you landed at the US again that I thought otherwise.
 My friends advise me to put the video online. They said that would make Ck see you as a s–t and get rid of you. But I thought it wise to warn you first before doing that. That was why I called you. It was back at Ck’s house the day I got arrested that I knew you and Ck weren’t doing what I thought you were doing. Now I hate myself for everything.
I was stunned to hear that from Mariana. So Ck wasn’t guilty after all. It was Mariana all the while. As much as I wanted the perpetrator of that act to be brought to justice, I couldn’t bear to see Mariana suffer because of something she did out of jealousy for the one she loved. I told Mariana I was going to withdraw my charges against her. She didn’t believe me when I said that. “The cops won’t let it slide just like that.” she said. “Don’t worry, I’m going to tell them it was just a misunderstanding and that there was no video.”
 “That won’t work, not when they have the video” she replied.
I gave a cool smile and Mariana asked what was funny. 
“They don’t have the video, I do.”
Mariana was glad about the whole thing. But she asked why I was doing all that for her after all she did and intended to do to me. I replied telling her that a woman would go to any length to keep the man she loves. Mariana broke down in tears and thanked me profusely for understanding the reason behind her actions. I consoled her again, and we began scheming on what to tell the police and make them withdraw the case.
 “Where’s the video” Mariana asked. 
“In my phone” I answered. 
“Why do you ask?” I asked. 
“Delete it” Mariana said sharply. 
“Good idea” I replied and brought out my phone and deleted the video. Finally, there was no such video again in the planet.
I called to the cops and demanded the release of Mariana. They questioned me and I told them she hadn’t done anything wrong to me and doesn’t deserve to be in custody without any prove of the crime she committed. 
“What about the video?” the cops asked.
 “What video?” I replied. 
It was clear to the cops that I had withdrawn my charges against Mariana and gotten rid of the evidence that proved her guilty. What they didn’t understand was why. So they concluded we had discovered ourselves to be lesbians during the course of our conversation and couldn’t afford to be apart from each other. D–N LESBIANS! They called us.
We went straight to Ck’s place from the police station. Luckily for us, he was around. His eyes were filled with amazement on seeing I and Mariana together. He was short of words, while I and Mariana where just discussing and laughing like childhood friends. he waited for an explanation without asking for it, but we continued our little chit chat right in front of him like he wasn’t there. Then suddenly he broke his silence;
“I’m kind of lost here. Can someone be kind enough to tell me what’s going on?”
“I was almost beginning to think you weren’t gonna ask” I replied.
“Alright, I have, now start talking.
Everything was explained to Ck’s understanding, and I seized that opportunity to finally declare to Ck that I wasn’t in love with him and couldn’t be no matter how hard I tried. I brought the issue of my prince to the table again, and this time, Ck saw how inseparable I and my prince really were. Right there he apologized to Mariana and professed love to her. What? Was I really the one standing between them? I thanked God for the turnout of things. At least everyone was happy at the end. Everyone but me.
 My price was still miles and miles away from me. I prayed that I find him soon. I’m still hoping to receive the answer to that prayer.
After Ck professed love to Mariana, he held her by the hand and led her away to some other part of the building. I stood there watching them as they walked romantically away. Mariana turned at intervals to smile at me. She then whispered the words “I OWE YOU” to me. I gave her a buzz, and before I knew it, there were lost from my eyes. Where in the world was he taking her to? Well, good luck to them.
To be continued.