COMING UP SOON "Serpent's Love" 


 “Serpent’s Love” 

“all i asked of you is to be consederate And what i get is “we are done”. Your greatest wish is to hate me and mine was to earn your trust eventhough i never lied to you. 
Even in your worse moment i tolerated you and tried to make you laugh, Even When you insulted me and hanged up on me, i forgave you because i know we all have our limits and so do i. 
You won’t forgive me, neither will you trust me or love me. But my love is pure and just. 
You made sacrifices and i appreciate and cherish it and so did i, yet i was silent about it bcos i dont want it to be justifed. 
We never dated yet i gave you a reason enough not to trust me.i know i am not a good man, but i am  not also an ungreatful person.
 You made sacrifices for me, i say thank you. You gave me a reason to love again, i am also thankful for that but there is a wound you have left behind and it will never heal.
 I hate that moment i fell in love, and if only i can turn back the hands of time, i wont think twice about that. i love u”- Elorm.
watch out for more “Serpent’s Love” comes out on Monday.